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  1. Well this is ni Well this is gravedigging, sorry for the late response. changed email so didn't get any notifications of AA, and was offline for a while. Some things left, PM sent.
  2. The only thing I noticed when I tested it (very briefly) is that the ball went out of lane when it was in the lower side lanes, probably a bug, other than that it seems very close to the production version. Didn't dump it, nor really compared it on details though.
  3. I'm currently selling the remainder of my Vectrex collection with some rare and special items left: Spinball Proto (Eur 225) + GCE Custom 220V system (offers > EUR 500) These two items I acquired from the son of the product manager of MB Germany, responsible at the time for the introduction of Vectrex MB. GCE Custom modded a US system to be able to run on 220V for testing/ demo purposes and also included an early working prototype of Spinball. Sold together or seperately. NIB system (looking for EUR 500-600 offers welcome) This is an unused French Canadian MB unit. The box has been opened though and the outside box has some moist marks. Inside everything is pristine. So that's with sealed manual /overlay and matching serials of course. NIB GCE controller EUR 175 - still originally sealed inside GCE overlay EUR 75 - an aftermarket shipped overlay from GCE in its original envelope Display stand backdrop EUR 75 - from a french/canadian stand Presskit EUR 90 - rare presskit folder material GCE handed out to retailers Vectrex Magazine EUR 225 - the illusive Vectrex magazine Pictures can be found here: postimg.org/gallery/2202u6i2/ postimg.org/gallery/1jzvm8ii There's no pictures of the GCE unit there yet, I'll be happy to provide when interested though (basically a GCE unit with a different power cord ) All prices are excluding shipping. If you have interest in any of these items, please contact me through PM and we'll work something out. cheers dgo
  4. playing D3 on console; gotta love dat loot :D

  5. Selling out of my personal collection (all boxed) - Squish (pocketsize) - Super Mario Bros. - Manhole - Mario's Cement Factory - DK Jr. - Popeye - Mickey Mouse - Fire - Turtle Bridge - Fire Attack - Snoopy - Pinball some loose double screens will be added the coming days.
  6. Just purchased Humble weekbundle for Magicka, seems great fun!

  7. Years of hardcore collecting and focus Fairs, trades, buying, selling.... getting to know people.. you rub my back, I rub yours.. and so on
  8. Updated: - Added Spinball proto - MB Carry Bag - Spinball NIB - Vectrex Magazine
  9. I love browsing around in Kickstarter projects, it's such a nice way for anyone really to get his game, or whatnot, into the world Nice reading al your discoveries. I recently discovered 7 days to die, it's already in alpha and very playable, think minecraft meets zombie survival fps.. build your defenses and mine for resources, really cool game, multiplayer already running, and more to come. Also, a bit older, but still interesting, Grim Dawn, from the makers of Titan Quest. I'm waiting for that to get a bit further in developement, as the early alpha access is a bit steep (don't like that trend although it might be understandable in this case).. Also, did you notice the way Steam is hooking into the indie devs, kickstarted or not, with Greenlight? pretty interesting move.
  10. What a beauty.. If I ever have an original arcade again, this would be it
  11. It's been aaaaages I played MC seriously but I'm having a look right now
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