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  1. Just wanted to follow up with this. Support stated even if it's out of warranty, they'll fix it for free.
  2. Yes, but haven't gotten a response.
  3. It's frustrating that I can't find anything official from Analogue on this.
  4. Yeah, thanks for all the replies on this. So, I have the first Noir that was sold, and the second I bought for my son who lives on his own. We just aren't going to use them until I know what the best option is to do at this point.
  5. Anyone familiar with the NT mini Noir having some defect; like something to do with a sponge, and being shocked or feeling tingling when touching it?
  6. I have the q5 ready to install. Prolly going to get it done tomorrow morning lol. Super [email protected]
  7. The Super NT isn't playing so well with the GBS-C AIO. However, the DAC is looking nice!
  8. I got it all sorted. I'm guessing the firmware was just too old. Updated the GBS-C AIO firmware, and all is good now.
  9. I must be doing something wrong lol. Trying to use my Super NT, hdmi out obviously, to a portta hdmi to component box. Then component out from portta to the GBS-C AIO > VGA/BNC to BVM-D20F1U. Can't get it to work lol. Works properly going from Super NT to Analgoue DAC to bvm. Any suggestions? Settings are working for Nintendo Switch to portta > portta to GBS > BVM via vga/bnc.
  10. Got it all sorted lol. OOOOOHHH It's glorious!!
  11. Ugh. Finally got around to using the DAC. It was so pretty opening the box lol. Anyways. Going from Super NT > DAC > Sony BVM-D20F1U via BNC Component with external sync connected. Using the HDMI cable from that I've been using with the SNT without issue. However, doing through the DAC I'm getting the NO SIGNAL blocky letters. I've tried it with five other HDMI cables and still the same issue. All cables work with the SNT to LCD. Any suggestions? I tried looking for a possible firmware update, but didn't find one. Posted this in the discord analogue help section. Hopefully someone can help.
  12. I mean, definitely a bad pick for the name.
  13. Mine came in earlier today.. Fed Ex, on a Sunday! Driver said his area is working seven days a week.
  14. Now we know where the shipping costs go lol.
  15. I pre-ordered knowing that if it wasn't something I wanted to hold on to, I could sell it at cost or profit without any issues.
  16. I wanna jailbreak my DAC to use with non-Analogue devices.
  17. I would be surprised if it was 500 units only, but I doubt it. It took way too long on the pre-orders for it to only be 500; I'm guessing.
  18. Still able to pre-order it as of this post.
  19. This pretty much hits nail on head very well.
  20. That $10 separately is going to run you $30-$40 after shipping is tallied up. smh When the shipping costs twice as much as the product.. well, you get the idea.
  21. Of course it is. $27.45 for shipping to South Carolina. I did a pre-order first time, haven't received my shipping info yet.
  22. Here's in the arcade cab. Needs some monitor adjustment for sure.
  23. My plan for tomorrow (well "today" Monday) is to get Kraut Buster in the cab and get some real-time offscreen footage. /crosses fingers. I might also get to put it on the Sony PVM if I get my HAS up and running (Alternative is to use the RetroElectronic system) and get some footage to compare with.
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