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  1. 14,230 I don't care for this one. Just posting a score this week.
  2. Reindeer Rescue - 30,650 Toyshop Trouble - 10,011 Gingerbread Man - 16,437 These were fun!
  3. Not sure if I agree with some of the post a pic bonus submissions. Are they all 'games'? Some of those top listings are listings of games. Even Lord Innit seemed to question it and posted a second one just in case. Just going by the rule as written. If I'm wrong no big deal as it's only a point or 2 but just making sure we're all on the same page.
  4. 2906C3 Not sure I want to play much more. Interesting that it works with stick or paddles. Weird how this one I find easy but sucked at Kangaroo and Gopher bashing!
  5. So much better than the stupid gopher game. Lol 21058A
  6. Zero appeal to this game for me. And must be an absolute grind to get a high score. I'm always amazed at the couple of guys that grind out these high scores. This game would be more fun with paddles I think. I'm settling for participation points this week. Bring back Rock N Rope! Lol 2,600
  7. Thanks. I'd like to upgrade to a BVM one day.
  8. 324,000 At least I get 3 bonus points for the zeros. I'm in the minority as I've never been a Dig Dug fan although this version is far easier than others I've played.
  9. Rock N Rope (great game!) - 40,210 Crystal Castle - 5,230 Wish I started playing earlier in the week. Especially since Dig Dug is next and I'm not a fan of that at all.
  10. Kangaroo - 12,700 I can't figure out how to reliably jump on screen 2 so I got as many points on screen 1 as I can. I did not have fun with this game. Didn't like the arcade game either back in the day.
  11. It's only a single point but for Defender I tied for last place but 2 others with the same score got 2 points and I only got 1. Seems everyone with the same score should get the same points. Or was I assessed a 1 point penalty for disliking Defender? Lol
  12. Defender - 3,150 Mouse Trap - 1,347 I need to get scores posted. I hate Defender but I'll keep trying Mouse Trap.
  13. 18,935 - Demon Attack 0:22 - Fire Fighter Happy enough for this week. Didn't want to put the time in for Demon Attack.
  14. Original 4-switch RGB modded. Original stick with gold boards. Sony PVM - 1943MD Game 1 B / B - 13,030 Game 5 B / B - 1,134
  15. 6,650 I have trouble playing this game due to tendonitis! Probably won't try again.
  16. Just wasn't in the cards. I can only play in small spurts anyway. Good luck in the next round.
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