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    Vintage Video Games, and the Underdogs of course. My fav systems are the TurboDuo, 3do, Jaguar, Lynx, Nes, Genesis. Old school i guess you could call me.
  1. Theme Park and Iron Soldier have sold
  2. No I'm actually not. I purchased that lot and more from him off craigslist and the only items I wanted was the Turboduo and the Amiga 1200 the rest I'm selling to recoup my expenses. Don't go making accusations about me because I got the deal you fell through on, I've been a member here since 2004
  3. If you buy more then one game and live in the USA then yes I'll ship for free
  4. Photos have been added. Dont mind the wrinkled sheet, didn't want to just lay them on the floor.
  5. All gone, items that were not sold I traded out for a couple Jamma board
  6. adolobe


    Yea was in the same boat, I had to drive over an hour to a out of town Gamestop just to acquire this one
  7. adolobe


    Last bumb on these if they dont sell today or have a pending offer then I'll be moving them to ebay tomorrow
  8. Added a price, its just hard to determine what its wroth as the two currently on ebay are in the several hundreds of dollars. But looking at previous sells it looks like that go for around 125-150 shipped.
  9. Just taking offers no real set price.
  10. I recently upgraded to the newer XRGB Mini so I have for sell my original XRGB 1. Comes with all original cables and power supply. I might still have the manuals and box but I will have to do some serious digging so thats a maybe Will ship USA/Canada. Maybe UK/Euro but I think the cost of shipping wont make it worth it $125 shipped in the USA If no interest between now and Friday then it goes on ebay
  11. adolobe


    Added a few more items and will now accept paypal as a payment option but at a 5% fee Preferred payment is still via Credit Card or in person pick up
  12. adolobe


    added some additional photos of the A600 as requested by a few members
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