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  1. Maybe a KEYCON by Junger can also help somehow... Personally I found it useful solving keyboard problems in some cases. Excellent also for troubleshooting. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=https://atariage.com/forums/topic/270312-new-tiny-project-keycon-keyboard-adapter-for-xlxe/&share_tid=270312&share_fid=4675&share_type=t&link_source=app
  2. Fortunately, I was able to find some cards used from a known source in UK...
  3. Just for display: https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-ULTRA-Compact-Flash-Cameras/dp/B019CUVFK2 Of course not at that price! I bought from eBay at around 12 euros each. Working in all my retro projects flawlessly...
  4. There are many options of course. I will not advise on what to choose, it depends on your approach on how to enjoy your Atari. Instead, I will say what I thought about it as a newbie myself: Sooner or later, if one wants to run recent releases and demos, a memory expansion is needed. So, this expense is to be considered too. Having this in mind, best option for me was Side2 with U1Mb installed. Pretty much it can run almost everything that exists out there... SDX with APT and FAT16 partitions on the CF is also something that you will love for sure if you will use your Atari for more than gaming...
  5. No, it is not detecting the card because of memory conflict issues with Side driver, as Jon explained in another thread when I asked the same question.
  6. As far as the partitions is concerned, you can't run the FDISK with only 64kb. I had the same problem and (before installing my U1Mb) I solved the situation like this: - took an image of my cf with win32DiskImager - used Altirra to mount this image as cf of Side2 device - prepared the partitions - had the image written back to the cf with same program
  7. I remember I used the Side2_full. I first updated SDX then the Loader, as described in a relative YouTube video.
  8. Well. I received yesterday my Ultimate cartridge. Seller stated that it has the latest firmware loaded. I know that nevertheless this firmware is out there available for a long time so I believe you may have updated too. My Antonia board has also the latest firmware available by Jacek, as he informed me. All tests good. I loaded many bin, rom, car files as well as xex files. No problems. All loaded fine. @SS what kind of incompatibility issues do you have? With certain files or in total with the Ultimate menu?
  9. There is a table with all available A8 loading devices in this thread. For sure it can help to have the big idea...
  10. dimfil


    Any link for the pdm player? I found only an "alpha" version, I don't know where to find the latest...
  11. Here is a bootable MyDOS 4.5.3 atr file that I created for my personal needs and also shared with some friends here in Greece. Nothing fancy, just ant.exe v1.4 with latest versions of MyBIOS and LiteDOS. Also included a version of OmniminXL and Atari Basic revC. All tested working. You can use RespeQT to view/change contents if needed. Antonia_dimfil.zip
  12. I was a little bit worried about this. I couldn't find any relative info but my Side2 works just OK, so I took my chances. Ofcourse I will report back when I receive it. If there are compatibility issues with this combo, then probably I will have to make some small rearrangements between my 600xl and 800xl...
  13. Sorry my friends... I made a terrible mistake. I was talking about alternative OS roms... I rephrased my question above... Thank you for your answer. So it would be safe to say that alternative OS rom does not have much to offer when talking about bi/rom/car files... OK, me too have not faced any problems at the moment, it's just a matter of experimenting and having fun learning.
  14. Oh God! I just realised that just one letter can make a great difference! I completely misspelled! I wanted to learn about alternative OS (that can be installed in rom slots of Antonia or U1Mb) and not alternative DOS... So the question (maybe) can change to this: is there any point to install an alternative OS rom (in particular MyBios and OS A/B) in Antonia or U1mb rom slots to be used with Ultimate Cartridge or Side2? Will this affect compatibility for old titles, either in rom/bin/car of xex format? Sorry my friends for the misunderstanding...
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