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  1. Thanks guys! I recovered some of the code, although unfortunately the latest versions of both games are nowhere to be found. Still, that's something. Thanks again!
  2. Yup, it's the first thing I did, but it was weird - at first I only could find one thread (hence my post), then I tried again and again and the search started returning more results out of the blue, and now I found even more - maybe there's something wrong with my browser or I got sucked into an alternate dimension for a while.
  3. Hi guys! Most of you probably have no idea who I am, but over ten years ago I dabbled in 2600 programming and I wrote two prototype games, Aotm Afos and Chronicles of Airata. I even got noticed and the latter is still listed as "in development" here: http://atariage.com/development_page.php?InDevelopmentID=81 Of course, real life happened and due to various convoluted circumstances nobody wants to hear about I pretty much abandoned all kinds of programming, including cycle counting and racing the beam. Now I'm trying to get back to programming and maybe become a web developer, but that's not the point. The point is that I wanted to revisit my beloved atari source code and maybe do something with it. Problem is, I've lost everything. All my code, all assembled roms, everything. I've changed computers, had several hard drive wipes and I can't find my atari stuff anywhere in my backups. Now I posted a lot of my stuff, including source code, to this forum. So I hoped I could retrieve it from here. Unfortunately, I can't find any of the threads. I was also in the homebrew mailing lists, where I posted my sources, but I'm no longer subscribed and I don't have any email archives. So that sucks. Here's my question: are there any archives of the mailing list? Or, in the unlikely event that someone maybe perhaps downloaded any of my source code from the forum or the list - could you let me know that you have it? I really would like to retrieve it somehow... Thank you guys in advance.
  4. That's exactly what I'm planning to do, 80% however is way too much (I've done some experimenting already). That's a very good idea and I think I might do something like that if I decide to enhance it to 2k or even 4k. Thanks very much!
  5. Thanks for feedback, I certainly will do some more improvement on this game, I've already pumped up the difficulty, as the game seemed way too easy the first 100 points. As for variety of enemies, I was thinking about that, but I think I'm gonna keep it under 1k, and I already have another game in mind, which happens to be a space shooter too (man, I love space shooters, they're my favourite classic games). As for the chronicles, there's a problem. I haven't been tinkering with the code for so long, that when I printed it I couldn't understand a thing of what's going on So I'm afraid I'm going to end up rewriting the game from scratch. But I wont let it die, don't worry
  6. OK, it's been a while and I had to re-learn almost everything about the programming, but still I'm progressing on my way back into the action. As for now, I sort of "remade" my first game, so that it's 1k and still better Well, here it is: aotm2.zip
  7. Everyone's talking about Battlezone, but IMHO Robot Tank beats it to dust!
  8. Sad to say, but I have to leave this project for a while. I wanted to finish it, as well as take part in 7800 homebrew contest, but now I have a lot (I mean A WHOLE LOT) of work at my university - and I have to leave cycle counting for things like C, or even... Java (yuck!). When things get better, I'll be back PS. Actually, I like programming in C pretty much And lately, I had to learn some Fortran, which got me another goal to accomplish - write a game in Fortran 77
  9. Indy 500 uses driving paddles, which are special (full 360 degrees control, and one per controller jack). Personally, I like Breakouts and Night Driver pretty much. Don't know why, but I also enjoy playing Canyon Bomber from time to time
  10. Man, you don't even know what you missed! Most paddle games ROCK Here are some: (of course) video olympics (pong), Breakout, Super Breakout, Kaboom, Night Driver, Action Man (GI Joe in States), Circus Atari, Warlords For more, go there: http://www.atariage.com/controller_page.ht...&ControllerID=2
  11. Finally, I found some time to do a thing about the game. Here's a version without the bottom-floor-shifting-down-by-one-scanline error, and a bit optimized (you probably won't see it on the screen, but I saved around 300-400 bytes of ROM, by doing one simple thing which I won't tell anybody 'cause I'd turn red ) Also, if you'll spot poor Sir Pixel hanging on the platform by the head again (or something equally stupid) let me know - I tried to repair it. And also, I messed with colors, which is problematic, because... I'm colorblind Could anyone tell me if these colours are good, or bad, and if they're bad then which of them should be there (numbers please)? So that's all for now. I'll be trying to do some improvements on game play. If there are other errors, let me know. Thanks! chronicles.zip
  12. Comparation between looks of Combat or Outlaw, against Solaris and Radar Lock. The difference between what they thought VCS will do and what it actually has done.
  13. There is nothing special about the fireball, believe me: it's just a plain line being shot But at higher levels monsters begin shooting too. And after that they become invisible and appear only when they try to hit you. And after that.... okay, there's one more monster's magic power, but I'm not sure if there are some levels that have it in this version. It's implemented and working though. Thank you all for your feedback! I'm glad that you like this game (I didn't really expect so much feedback) And those enemies aren't influenced by Archon, however when I think of it, you're right:) Actually, their shape is not very thinked out, just written some 0s and 1s to display something
  14. And here's the latest version with updated controls. Now: FIRE + DOWN = cast healing FIRE + UP = cast fireball or invulnerability, depending what you got last. Is it better? chronicles.zip
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