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  1. So this is what our deputy PM thinks of the youth today!!! (Listen to what he says at the 30 second mark) http://t.co/Q8jouBkq via @youtube

  2. Strange I never saw this thread before, even stranger that I found out about these 'electronic novels' last night. Thanks to Sio2OSX, I am going to give the one not mentioned yet a try, Brimstone. If anyone is interested, I'll post my thoughts in this thread when I've had a chance to really get to grips with it. Like Gunstar, I would also like to get hold of originals of these, but I've never seen them in the wild.
  3. Here's my first attempt: 10650 Quite proud of that
  4. Thanks for confirming that for me Dan. I wasn't sure if the DLI would also work with the PMGs, but now I know.
  5. I'm playing Bounty Bob right now, and I just did a 'head-count' of the number of sprites that are definitely PMGs. I count 6. Now, I know a fifth player can be created by combining missiles, or even 2 small sprites by making 2 pairs of missiles, but these appear to be full size players. Am I right in thinking that this can be achieved by creating multiple copies of the sprite image in a single player, then changing the horizontal position of the player by using a DLI? or doesn't this apply to PMGs?
  6. I'm getting better at this: H.E.R.O. - 55780
  7. That is a nice mod, and a great idea.
  8. I have some DS games that only allow one save per game. It's a royal pain when my son wants to play the games.
  9. I have a US Doubled 1050, but I rarely use it. For convenience, and space saving, I use Sio2PC with Sio2OSX on my Mac.
  10. First attempt at R.O.T.O. R.O.T.O. : 526
  11. Here are my suggestions: 1. Mr Robot 2. Yoomp! 3. Jet Boot Jack 4. BoulderDash 5. Leggit! 6. Frogger II - Theedeeep! 7. Tiger Attack 8. Ardy The Aardvark 9. Moon Patrol 10. Desmond's Dungeon
  12. I think this is a bit better: HERO: 33055
  13. Welcome on board Pengwin There's still plenty of time to improve at H.E.R.O.; it's all about participating (then there's making the points scoring places, a top ten finish, winning the odd round and finally world domination to aim for ). If you (or any of the new players) want to suggest some games to play this season then checkout the Games List post p.s. There will be a catch-up round (or two) this season for anyone who has missed a game. I'm not too concerned about making any impressive scores, I've never been able to do that. I'm just in this for the laugh. Plus it allows me to look at games I would normally never play (H.E.R.O. for instance). So I shall do my best to provide the kind of score that will make everyone else feel good about their own :-)
  14. Thought it was about time I started paying in the HSC. Didn't do too well, I'm afraid, but today is the first day I have ever played H.E.R.O. H.E.R.O.: 12075
  15. I finally found the ads that made me curious. Anyone else remember these?
  16. During my self-imposed retro gaming exile, I am strangely addicted to Mr Robot and His Robot Factory :-/

    1. Grig


      Gaming goodness - love that game. Nice music, too.

    2. Zedex


      Atari XL/XE or C64?

    3. Pengwin


      Atari XL, of course ;-)

  17. I'd have to agree with you there, a great film to watch. Nintendo have a very interesting history, founded in 1889. From Wikipedia:
  18. Title says it all really. Not concerned about box or manuals, just after the cartridge.
  19. Spending the week playing nothing but retro games on my A8. Absolute heaven!

  20. I remember an add for dBase (maybe dBase II) for the Atari 800XL back in the 80's. Does anyone know if this was actually released?
  21. Things are up and running now, so my apologies for to the sysops of the BBS's, I am like a kid in a sweetie shop :-) (Had to change that, the whisky is affecting my typing)
  22. Thanks Marius...it works now...not sure what I was doing wrong
  23. Has anyone managed to connect to a BBS using Sio2OSX? I've been trying tonight with BobTerm and can't seem to get anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Just had another look at v7... to be honest, I'm not 100% sure if it is 'skipping', I have been looking at screens so much today for work that my eyes could be playing tricks. If nobody else can see it, then it must be me.
  25. A few years back, I had a moment of insanity and decided to have a clear out and get rid of my retro stuff. Fortunately, I didn't get rid of it all, but some of the items I did get sell took me an age to find in the first place and I would love to replace them, including: AdventureWriter, Kyan Pascal, Turbo BasicXL and a number of books. I keep my eye open on ebay with the usual searches, but I figure it'll take me a while again.
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