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  1. Sorry to hijack this thread.


    ... and cc65 is available straight from fink :) (<me> Hits control-C on the Terminal window running build of cc65 from source !)


    I used to have cc65 installed on my G5 Mac. I have recently upgraded to a brand new intel iMac, and I can't for the life of me remember how I installed cc65. I have followed the instructions to install cc65 with DarwinPorts, but where do I put the atari specific libraries?

  2. I'm glad you're again with us!


    Never totally left, just not been active although I have watched AA from afar.


    You can thank my son for getting me back, he reminded me of a game he used to play where he was a cat that would jump onto a fence and then through windows. Of course, he meant Alley Cat, which prompted me to start playing some other games as well. :)

  3. I've not been active in the A8 scene for a year or two, so I missed the original sale of this.


    Whilst I would love to have a boxed copy of Yoomp, the postage on this is too high for me. Still, it is great to be able to see the magnificent work that has gone into the boxed version.

  4. Like others in this thread, I generally prefer the home versions of some games. My particular favourites are:


    Donkey Kong (800XL)

    Atari Invaders (800XL) - compared to Space Invaders

    Frogger (800XL)

    Pac-Man (800XL)

    Donkey Kong Jr (800XL)

    Mr Wimpy (Oric Atmos) - UK Burger Time clone


    Although I have yet to find a home port of Asteroids or Battlezone that beats the original arcade versions.

  5. According to the statements from Walter Day, there was quite a bit of creative editing in that movie which not only caused Billy Mitchell to come off in a bad light, but various events have been moved around, distorting the timing, and therefore relevance, of certain facts.


    But saying that, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

  6. Hi Pengwin,

    Long time, no see.


    I liked that documentary too. It interesting to read the Wikipedia article and follow the links to see just how much was spliced and edited to make it looks like there was a lot more drama going on than there really was. It also got me to thinking about if there's any one game I might be better at than anyone else in the world (and how much effort if any I'd be willing to expend to make sure I was recognized as the best.)


    Anyway, fun movie. Last time I checked TG it was still those two going back and forth on the DK highscore list.


    I checked out Twin Galaxies for hi scores I might attempt. The best I have managed so far is about 500 points short of the Atari Invaders high score.

  7. Thanks mimo, good to be back.


    I figure Atari is like an addiction, you never get it out of your system completely, it's just the length of time between fixes that varies. :D


    Although i don't have the room for my 800XL to be set up here , I have been taken such a trip down memory lane, that the emulator by Atarimac has been working overtime recently.

  8. Hi people,


    Yes, I am still alive, just been away from the Atari retro scene for a while.


    Anyway, I recently watched King of Kong (details here on Wikipedia), and it has got me revisiting a LOT of retro games, not just Donkey Kong (the A8 version is still my favourite), but also Atari Invaders, Millipede, Donkey Kong Jr, and others.


    It's also rekindled my interest in retro games and retro platforms, as always the A8 is at the forefront of these.


    So anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone and good to see a lot of familiar faces still here, I also hope to be much more active in the forums in the future.

  9. Been a long time since I posted in AA, but i couldn't help adding an answer to this post.


    I also had an Oric (Atmos though) and a Spectrum. I also agree that the Oric version of Mr Wimpy was far better than the spectrum version (in fact I am creating a remake on my Mac based on the Oric version). I also noticed recently that the spectrum version has a problem with collision detection, but that's just an aside.


    I personally think that the Oric was a superior machine to the Spectrum, unfortunately it was too late into the market to gain the support achieved by Sinclair, Commodore or Atari. If software companies had paid it more attention, i think the machines, and the company, would have lasted a lot longer than they did. It wasn't as powerful or useful as the A8 range, but it was still a damn fine computer.

  10. Hi Pengwin, I am sorry to hear that you will have to sell all your precious software and hardwarre stuff. I hope you will still come to this forum. Will your site remain as it is?


    I'll still be around the forum. Although I may be selling my h/w and s/w, I will still have emulation ;)


    My site may undergo yet another change. I have some other projects that I will be concentrating on in the near future and I will be posting stuff about them on my site.


    The chat room will be staying, but the retro stuff will probably be going at some point.

  11. and if you were in the US I would snag all the magazines :(


    And on that - what's a sensible offer for the magazines? Not being smart - I truly don't know how many there is in the whole lot?


    Just to clarify, there are 43 magazines which was the entire run. A couple have had their order forms cut out and 2 or 3 have some loose pages, but all the pages are still there. Volumes 1 and 2 are also in official Atari User binders.

  12. I was hoping to snag a floppy drive from you but I didn't see one listed or did I miss something ??


    If you search around my web site, everything associated with retro computers is up for sale, hardware, software, books and magazines.

  13. Well, I'll still be using Atari800MacX to get my fix of certain titles (Yoomp!), but I don't have the room to set up my 800XL and rather than let everything sit in the loft, I'd rather it went to a good home where it can be appreciated.

  14. I'm really sorry to hear that.


    Out of curiosity, are you not even going to keep any of your retro stuff which is most important to you?


    Nah, it's all going to go. Even my prized copy of Kyan Pascal and my Atari User collection.

  15. I'm sad to say that I am selling off all my retro computers. I just don't have the room for them, and I could do with the money.


    Therefore, I plan to list ALL my Atari stuff on eBay by the end of next week, however, if you would like to make me a sensible offer on anything that is on my website, I would be willing to sell directly to AtariAge members.


    One disclaimer though, I do not have time to test anything. If you decide to make an offer, I will let you know the condition of the item(s) to the best of my knowledge.


    To see what Atari items I have, please visit: http://www.krazypengwin.co.uk/atari.php




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