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  1. This lot is currently located in central CT near Hartford area. Total weight of all items is 160 pounds so shipping is not an option. I currently have everything boxed up in 4 cardboard boxes (carts, floppies, cables, manuals, etc) except for the PEB and one of the main TI-994/a units which is in the original box.
  2. Here is a picture showing the cartridges that are labeled. PacMan is on top of the stack but has no edge label. It has a label on the top. Tunnels of Doom is not pictured and is missing it's edge label and has black plastic case.
  3. Well, I am forced to part with my gear after many years because I am downsizing. This year I have been working on a long distance move from Connecticut to Florida and I am mostly done with the move but I still have some stuff in storage in CT. I cannot ship this because there is just way too much stuff and the weight and cost of shipping would be hundreds of dollars. So hopefully, someone in CT or FL is interested. My collection includes the following: TI-994/a computer (steel) TI-994/a computer (plastic - with original box and packing materials) Peripheral expansion box with disk controller card, 32k memory expansion card, RS-232 interface card and floppy disk drive Extra floppy disk drives (one external use and one for PEB) Cassette recorder with interface cables Two speech synthesizers Set of TI joysticks Two power supplies Two RF modulator boxes for TV 28 cartridges: Adventure, Alpiner, The Attack (x2), Car Wars, Disk Manager, Editor/Assembler, Hangman, Home Financial Decisions, Household Budget Management (x2), Hunt The Wumpus, Microsoft Multiplan, Munch Man, Pac Man, Parsec (x2), Personal Record Keeping, Personal Report Generator, Physical Fitness, Terminal Emulator II, TI Extended Basic, TI Invaders, TI-Writer/Word Processor, Tombstone City, Touch Typing Tutor, Tunnels Of Doom (missing label) and Video Graphics Disk Fixer Multi cart loader 11 packs of misc floppy disks with various homemmade programs and stuff from 99er or other sources 2 boxes of programming books for the TI, back issues of 99er/Home Computer Magazine, Original TI binders, etc (the rest wouldn't fit in the pic) This collection is my own stuff combined with a neighbor's collection that I got several years ago so that's why there are some duplicates. Everything is in CT now and available to anyone interested there. When I ship the rest of my stuff from CT down to FL, I can make it available to anyone interested in FL. I just don't have a date for that yet. Please let me know if you are interested and we can talk details. Thanks.
  4. Still discovering all this site has to offer. These forums and membership are pure gold. Thanks for sharing this huge cache of TI gems!
  5. Thank you Lee! I have zipped up the FIAD and DSK versions of the game here. Moria.zip
  6. Actually, that didn't work because it says I'm not permitted. Maybe someone can assist me?
  7. Thanks for the follow up. Here is the attached file for Halls of Lost Moria!
  8. I just talked with Michael Veprauskas today on the phone. A few years ago, he sent me a copy of the really well made Halls of Lost Moria game he created with John Behnke's TOD editor. I asked him for permission to post it on here and he said OK but I can't seem to find a way to attach the file in the post. Can anyone help with this?
  9. Fritz, that TOD editor is a work of art good sir! Thank you for sharing. Matt, thanks also to you for Forest of Ruin. This is all great fun and I'm really enjoying this site. You guys are awesome!
  10. Back in the early 80s my friend Justin and I would spend hours on end playing Tunnels of Doom. Waiting 200 seconds while a 10 floor dungeon was being built and stocked and listening to the game's perfectly scored theme song, then off into the tunnels fighting monsters, cracking vault combos, finding quest objects and treasure! Oh man, those were great memories. I am so happy to see people still talking about this game and sharing info to keep the legend of TOD alive.
  11. I only just found AtariAge this year and I am blown away by how awesome this site is. This thread right here is a prime example of said awesomeness. Thanks for sharing the info, links and files. Great site and great community!
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