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  1. Please add me as well, Lynx 1 here.
  2. I got a very dirty IIc locally. The initial memory test showed a bad RAM chip, which I've replaced. The self-test now reports "System OK," which is great! The only problem is that after replacing the chip, the keyboard (which worked before) now does nothing. No keys register, and the cursor sometimes either blinks VERY fast or shows an "alternate" character, a cross in reverse color, which isn't even supposed to be in the IIc's character set. Any thoughts? I've piggy-backed a keyboard encoder chip with no change. Maybe a bad character generator rom?
  3. Looks like it's a plain old dead drive. Shame, the old Conner 40mb laptop drives are getting pricey. Partitioned and installed to an external Fujitsu 230MB MO drive with absolutely no trouble. Got a disk stuck in the UniDisk and had to disassemble it to clean the eject mechanism. That part, at least, is the same as old Mac!
  4. So the RAMFast doesn't seem to want to save its configuration. Every time I save and reboot the next boot I'm greeted with "Incompatible Configuration Data." Worse, I tried to partition the Connor 40mb drive in the SCSI Expander. First shot got a Fatal Memory Error with no code. Shut down, reseated the chips on the board, tried again. This time it was an MLI Error 2F. I gather that could mean anything. Cabling, termination, bad drive, who knows. I'm going to try again with a known good external drive and see whether I see any improvement.
  5. Well, it looks like the previous owner wiped his data and so there are no active partitions on the disk. I have a set of IIgs system disks, I guess I'll see if I can get a bootable system on there.
  6. This is an easy one. The Apple LCD Display I got with my IIc+ had the internal display cable exposed at the screen end. This is a quick run-down of how to fix this problem. It's not absolutely necessary to remove the screen stand, but it makes the process easier. The long flathead screw is unscrewed with a flathead screwdriver, and then a little poke with an awl at the nut end will push it out enough to remove. The four screws in the back come out, and there is a tab at the middle of the top edge that needs to be released to open the case. Removing the two screw on the cable shield inside the rear case lets you pop off the cable retainer on the back. The offending cable clip. This will slide off the sheathing if it's tugged too hard. Open it up a bit, reposition back on the sheathing, and then fix in place with a careful squeeze of your pliers. Pop the cable retainer back on, screw the cable shield back into place, pop the rear case back on and screw it closed with the four screws, and wiggle the long flathead back through the screen stand to reassemble. And viola! Your LCD screen is as illegible as it ever was!
  7. If I find that many it sounds like I'll have to take a few years to sell them all!
  8. My "new" IIgs has a RamFAST SCSI card installed with a lot of other goodies. I've never seen this card before. The system starts up and I'm greeted with these screens. Nothing I do seems to allow me to boot - open to suggestions at this point, it's been about 29 years since I last touched a II series computer.
  9. Where would an Echo+ fit in? I have one with the installation disk.
  10. I'm an old Mac guy, my knowledge of II systems is very very limited. If the Mac Plus hadn't been in the lot I might not have even bought it! This IIgs boots up to the SCSI screen but complains of "Incorrect Configuration Data." I'll post some screen shots later tonight if anyone is brave enough to help me get to a booted system. It looks like partitions and a RAM disk are identified in addition to the ROM itself, but as far as I can tell none of them are bootable. The ProDOS partition looks like it's booting (loading symbol scrolling in and out) but I never get to a desktop or command line. I am reluctant to any more digging, compared to what I'm used to this setup makes it look like I could easily wipe a partition out of dumb-dumb ignorance. I found a CP/M card with a Z80 on it in a box as well, a couple of sound cards, and more things I can't identify. More pics to come.
  11. This is the *first* IIgs I opened up. I'm seeing a memory expansion card, an accelerator, a SCSI controller, a 2400 baud modem, a Fingerprint screen cap card ... I've never seen such a heavily upgraded II in my life!
  12. I found an entire box of cards, I should be able to post a partial inventory tomorrow. Also found an SE PDS PC Drive card with, unusually, the matching 5.25" PC Drive! I suspect this is one of those super-rare but completely worthless items.
  13. Oh I know. Some of them are pre-marked with labels saying that boards or keys are "bad." I'll be able to hunt down the problems with a multimeter and a microscope I suspect.
  14. I will go through everything, verify its working status, and then let people know what I've got. I'll be repairing / recapping at least some of this stuff, assuming it's non functional. So far I've only had time to test the IIc+ which works great but I'm willing to bet that at least some of the IIgses are ready to go. Yeah, working systems with LC PDS slots aren't exactly thick on the ground these days!
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