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  1. Glad you discovered the trick. It was common knowledge back in 1981 when everyone had this game.
  2. I have quite a list of games here with bgm. Here goes: Big Bird's Egg Catch, Cookie Monster Munch, Oscar's Trash Race (quality tunes for Atari's Sesame Street lineup) Bump n Jump, Pengo, Phoenix (all three utilize difficulty or color/bw switches to turn off or on) Congo Bongo, Crossbow (jungle level), Holey Moley, Jungle Hunt (Cannibal Camp level), Mr. Do's Castle, Omega Race, Pleiades (1st level), River Patrol, Roc n Rope, Xevious - latest prototype (arcade conversions Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park, Peek-a-Boo, Secret Agent, Shooting Arcade, Telepathy (fish level), Pursuit of the Pink Panther (prototypes) Bugs, Fire Fly, Gauntlet, Krull (1st level), Piece o' Cake, Sorcerer (weird and questionable) King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark (when holding flute), Sentinel, Sneak n Peek (interesting as there is only music, no sound effects), Tunnel Runner (when monsters are close) Challenge, Farmyard Fun, Forest, Lilly Adventure, MegaBoy, Mr. Postman, Panda Chase, Parachute, Peter Penguin, Pizza Chef, Ski Hunt, Ski Run, Stone Age, Treasure Island, Walker, Zoo Fun (foreign releases)
  3. I found a few more games to add: Atom Smasher - VideoSoft (also one of the view games you can watch 2 computer opponents play each other) Confrontation - Answer Software Cubicolor - Rob Fulop Extra Terrestrials - Skill Screen Games (2 player only) Frog Pond - Atari Heart Like a Wheel - 20th Century Fox prototype Lost Luggage - Apollo Games (2 player with suitcase control variation) Miss Piggy's Wedding - Atari Racer - Atari (Roklan prototype) RealSports Basketball - Atari Rescue Terra I - Venture Vision (2 player modes offer simultaneous 2 joystick control scheme of one ship, left player moving left and right, right player moving up and down) Super Football - Atari
  4. I owned Shark Attack, Infiltrate, Final Approach and Wabbit back in the day. Out of those four, my favorite was Shark Attack. It has the tricky maze maneuvering that was frustrating sometimes but I liked the unpredictability of the shark and Nessie. Infiltrate was ok for short bursts. I really wanted to like Wabbit but found it kind of dull. Graphics were good though. I bought Final Approach for my dad since it was a more relaxed title that I thought he would enjoy, much like Bowling and Bridge, that he only played. We ended up both hating it.
  5. Just consoles only? Because there are many ports to the 2600 from arcade games to computer systems. Almost all of the M-Network games are ports of Intellivision games, but many of them are renamed i.e. Super Challenge Baseball instead of Major League Baseball.
  6. A Misterious Thief (play as "Fingers" according to the manual)
  7. Also the arcade version of Tron was ported to the Game Boy Advance with the title Tron 2.0: Killer App.
  8. Got this game titled Dishaster at the Northridge mall in California that was in a large bin of games, along with Tanks But No Tanks. I should have gotten Tanks instead. Dishaster is appropriately named. Pretty yawn-inducing and I can easily roll the score.
  9. My top 5 games that I would like to see dumped for emulation playing: Anteater Loco-Motion Pursuit of the Pink Panther Birthday Mania Seal to Whales
  10. Man, I even tried rolling the score on the children's version where the speed doesn't go that fast but it was taking so long I was falling asleep. Takes about 3 walls (20 minutes) just to score over 1000 pts. I'm good.
  11. I used to have this game after I bought it at a Kaybee's store in the Northridge mall. I thought it was pretty fun, except for the annoying music. Here is a link for many Atari 2600 game manuals, including Stuntman: http://www.thevgatv.com/styled-3/ That third screen is difficult, but doable. You have to grab the string of every balloon to change them into demon faces. Once they are all changed, you go to the helicopter to complete the level. Regards, Emulator
  12. I believe the game you are looking for is Twerps by Sirius Software. It also came out for the Atari 8 bit computer.
  13. Jumpman (loved the Randomizer option) Gateway to Apshai (on cartridge - played it a lot to see if there was an ending - never found it) Spelunker (actually beat it - very satisfying) Rick Dangerous (couldn't beat the third scenario - very fun) and the number-one time killer back in the day: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar - the first and only game that I stayed up all night playing Regards, Emulator
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