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  1. When did Del Taco start selling condoms? 🤔
  2. (* Not showing the full photo out of respect *) @Flojomojo You forgot one Flo! Mull, we actually cellebrate on Sundays mate. Why you ask? The Taco Time Zone map courtesy of @Flojomojo some time ago.
  3. Mmmmmmm, I don't know Tommy Beefy. This bag fan looks pretty sweet! Hold on! A shot from the other side of the room reveals another one. TWO big fans? I'm impressed. Lastly, I know it's a little digression ... but here is what proper news looks like. CLICKTY-CLICK
  4. Cute. No idea! Anyway. Continuing my PAL 2600 cart hunting. Stoked to get this little bundle today. All the carts are mint, other than Cookie with some adhesive plaque, although it is unused still sealed in the bag with manual. Puts me at 223 unique carts. All smiles.
  5. Those shoes must be bloody uncomfortable Tom! ... at the Ataco IGG Jacuzzi, the usual suspects are once again affected by the bath salt fumes. I think ole' Brandon has been in all day! 🤨 And ....... just saying.
  6. ... and not a spring or gear in sight.
  7. ... and I don't want to see an animated gif of that whatsoever Nath! 🤮 A true test ..... Maybe they should ship Von Werner off to the Ashoebox production factory. That'll give them one big extra Tool on the floor!
  8. And if my AA peers are on the jury, I'm f#cked! I'll get at least 4 years hard dish-washing at the local Tacoria.
  9. Hah! I thought they were suitcases for the development teams trip to China. Wow. The Shreddit shils, like Colonel Werner, really need to learn how to cook tacos properly. All they're doing is making one big mess and leaving the innocent pigeons with no dinner and cleanup duties.
  10. Wow. Did't jump on the thread again for 24 hours ... and had to put on my slippers, set my alarm clock and make a full pot of coffee to catch up. Yeh. I smash JP fairly hard at times, on a jovial note mind you. Definately a harmless fanboy that deserves more than a shoebox that runs off a 12 volt battery. Well, that would be because of who and where they've produced this prototype ... .. and that at this years Atari Annual Meeting of Shareholders, just held on 30th Sept, it was pretty much a unanimous decision to do so! Damn. Sorry to hear Curt ... and thanks for the disgracefull story. What a f#cking douche! Hope that ticker is still going strong. Likewise my Vader ... .. and yes sir, it does ..... and it runs off mains! Jesus Shaggy, please don't set-off Brandon and John again you bastard!
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