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  1. I was going to do a "Flojo" and break down Fred's replies, but I don't think I could do him any justice. Hence, I'll just post my thoughts ....
  2. IndieTaco sock-puppet comments still dribbling in .... $390 is a big deal for some Richie Rich. As for your consoles, which you obviously store in your clothes drier, I still have my original 1st Gen PS1, PS3, PS4 & Wii. All working fine. Sure, the Unconsole & it's alleged solid state storage will likely be more resilient, so have comfort in knowing you can safely play all eight 2600 games whilst it's being used as a door stop.
  3. Definately AA label. I just tested it with Ms-Pac. Circled areas match the marks on the AA label. It's actually good that the pic is low res, as it over exagerates the label marks highlighted. No doubt the others are the same. Amusing, if anything.
  4. As was predicted here .... the pigeons are now preparing to bust out of the coup. "Can't show you this." "Can't tell you that." "Just trust Us"! We're knocking on the August door FFS Fred! The pigeons are still in the dark, with one curtain slightly open, for the December release. And you didn't thing a revolt was nigh? Also, I bemoan social media, hence not on it. Thanks to all for the links (such as Flos above). Makes it so much easier for me to follow this clown car closely! 👍 Sadly, their behaviour on Social Media, Indietaco, Chipboard HQ, E3, the Courts, truly shows the only thing they care about ....... Make sure you prep for the brother-in-law ....
  5. Nutari's spell checker must be wigging out. It's "invisible", not "transparent" ..... It's "invisibility", not "transparency". Biff and JP in the same place ... at the same time !! ........ just because! At least they're consistent.
  6. Sooooo ... you got banned ... for typing an '@' symbol? These monkeys must be a hoot at parties. God help you if you double dip the Pâté!
  7. What a dipshit! Forget the end label daughter did it time travelling shenanigans. With his close up shots of the cart, you'd think he'd at least try and get the main label correct. *cue fail gif*
  8. I recall my wife and her friend were having a few drinkies and ended up playing Maze Craze for ages. Laughing their asses off whilst at it!
  9. No Mr Wiener. We're discussing this "platform" ......... and waiting for said "platform" to possibly collapse under the weight of many bread-laden pigeons. But trust me. If Team Unconsole delivers their Tacoberry Pi, and it works in some form or other, I'll be the first one to eat my speaker-less hat. No bah-humbug. No crying. No losing sleep. I .. and the others .. will simply move on and continue to enjoy our interactions and discussions at the real home of Atari. And you know where that is. 🌮
  10. You rub this stuff on your eyebrows? One tough son-of-a-bitch!
  11. Your "Quick Step" was distributed in Australia by HES, in a Blister Pack. HES was based in Sydney Australia. As @Rom Hunter quoted many moons ago, "HES got permission from Imagic and Activision to release their games down under." This cart is Common down here in OZ. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-quick-step_15644.html Your "Ocean City" was distributed in Australia by Action Hi-Tech. It's the same as Zellers Ocean City Defender, which in turn is a hack release of the original 'Atlantis'. I find it not as common as the Quick Step, but it's still not that hard to find it in the wild in OZ. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-ocean-city_8233.html As for the 'Ocean City' label. It's linked to the lazy "Skull Island" series of hack releases. They all used the same label. Atariboxed.com Database "Skull Island" series data. @Rom Hunter will no doubt chime in if any of this info is wrong. 👍
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