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  1. Pac-Man - Game 1 B/B 4,181 Played on: Original 'Vader' (Batari S-Video mod) / cx40. PAL cart. Season 10 begins Thanks again to Dr Vocelli for running the show. Legend as always Sorry to the Season 9 voucher winners. You have not been forgotten. Delays behind closed doors. Money waiting to be sent! The family had some bad life cards dealt a few days ago, so not interested in playing anything. BUT, I promised the Dr I'd make an effort to play the whole season. I'm glad I did!! I gave myself 2 games to get a score. TBH, I reset my 1st game about 1 min after dying. 😇 So that makes 3 games. Cheater!! Ms. Pac-Man - Game 1 B/B 20,240 Played on: Original 'Vader' (Batari S-Video mod) / cx40. PAL cart. 2 games only.
  2. @chewy I'll leave you alone now. Good sport. 😎
  3. @Prizrak Thanks. Interesting. @Tempest
  4. Don't worry mate. I did't think you were being sarcastic at all. It just read like you were talking to yourself. Simply funny! 👍
  5. Absolutely. I mean .... they had fricken towels made, which for me is the funniest thing. Props. 👍 The interwebs mentions their earnings would have been around $60million US around that time.
  6. @JayAreNice little history lesson. Cheers. 👍
  7. I read that statement, "Knowing what we know now, not sure what were thinking at the time.", and it immediately makes me think of these.
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