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  1. Thanks @carlsson! I could've done my times/info less slapdash so I'll try to make it easier for you next week. I played the arcade version of Ghouls N' Ghosts at our local Skaggs Alpha-Beta when I was a kid- my folks while they were checking out on grocery day would give me a handful of quarters so they could keep an eye on me. I really stink at those games, lol.
  2. i can't vouch for the Japan-specific ones, but the Western/English ones are pretty spot-on from what I remember from either the machines themselves or MAME. Thanks! (The conspiracy theorist in me would say that Capcom is just using the same romsets that you can find in MAME, lol)
  3. My games played are pretty much the same as last weeks- I think Mrs. Digdug is getting really sick of Fire Emblem. I started a THIRD playthrough because I didn't like how it was going and she was like 'will you just finish the damn game?' 😂 Still plugging through SM3DW. I'm stopping my forward progress on this one, though, because my son wants to finish a game before his dad for a change, lol. My lineup should change a little bit next week since Bravely Default 2 should be releasing on Friday. Switch: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 423 minutes Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 2464 minutes Stardew Valley - 401 minutes Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - 495 minutes
  4. I hear you on Majora's Mask- I think that was the only Zelda title I played and gave up on after a little bit because of the (to me) weird gameplay.
  5. My times for Classic Gaming are going to be a little odd because they were in a collection but ROMs- (Capcom Arcade Stadium). The total was about six hours so I divided the time between the games I played. @carlsson - if you'd like me to post these differently that's no problem at all. Arcade: 1941 -- 28 minutes 1942 -- 28 minutes 1943 -- 28 minutes 19xx -- 28 minutes Battle Circuit -- 28 minutes Carrier Airwing -- 28 minutes Commando -- 28 minutes Final Fight -- 28 minutes Ghouls n' Ghosts -- 28 minutes Ghosts n' Goblins -- 28 minutes Gigawing -- 28 minutes Progear -- 28 minutes Senjo no Okami II -- 28 minutes
  6. I did get it reasonable looking but it took me a few minutes to get things 'just right'. So far, still enjoying the set.
  7. I've said my piece- I wish you and your company well. Cheers, Nathan
  8. Once again showing everyone how ignorant I am? Check out my post history on Atari Age and across the 'net- I'm an ardent gamer like anyone else is and I like to talk about games. As I stated above, it's my opinion, and you know what they say about those. Also, my country is your country too, and in the United States and specifically where I live very few people follow best practices. I can give you my personal/current work experience working in the tech industry and also closely working with supply chains as anecdotal evidence to support my opinion about the state of manufacturing in 2021. Again, going back to the subject of this thread I'm not surprised in the slightest at the delay, but I feel like that using the pandemic to shift the goal posts is a strawman argument.
  9. personally i think this is an utterly ridiculous statement based on current prediction models. cases and deaths are both still trending upwards- i don't see any reason for the trend not to continue into the summer at the earliest. folks in the US still continue to ignore all best practices and instead adopt the 'if i pretend it doesn't exist, it won't anymore' strategy. tying back to the release date, businesses are still running and manufacturers are still manufacturing- while COVID is minorly impactful, at this point hanging any delays on 'the 'rona' is at the least a convenient excuse.
  10. i was kinda hoping for like maybe a collection or similar, but we'll see how it goes. maybe there'll be a surprise announcement, lol
  11. no worries- i know i can get it done with a little persistence. i'm up to like chapter 8-10 (i just dont remember what since it's been a couple of days) with Claude- it's more efficient but what i've done in this playthrough is snag other students from the the other classes I like using Dorothea and Petra for the Mortal Savant route and Mercedes is a good healer. Lysithea in my opinion is hands-down the best mage tho.
  12. As a (filthy) casual arcade player, I found really no lag issues using my Pro controller wirelessly with Capcom Arcade Stadium on my big living room TV. The bigger issue I had was finding a combination of screen type that i could live with because the 'default' was tiny and had the arcade bezel around it. I dorked around with maybe a dozen of the games without much issue. They got me for the 3-pack bundle but I can justify the price per game to myself considering what I'm getting.
  13. Usually I only manage between stages 6-8 if I'm having a 'good day'- one of the sites I used for strategy was https://strategywiki.org/wiki/BurgerTime/Walkthrough
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