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  1. I spent my Classic time playing my favorite Street Fighter game of all time: Street Fighter Alpha. Arcade: Street Fighter Alpha -- 497 minutes
  2. he's back (yes he's back)- I was able to get some Switch time in this week with the welcome addition of a couple of midweek vacation days. My 'new' game I picked up on Friday was Dragon Quest Builders 2- it's a fantastic meld of Minecraft-style crafting, Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon, and Dragon Quest RPGs. The town-building in a way reminded me of the Dark Cloud series on PS2. Remember those? lol I also picked up a couple hours in Octopath starting my 3rd(!) playthrough but still haven't finished it. This game is fast becoming my 'Skyrim' on the Switch. Switch: Dragon Quest Builders 2 -- 1347 minutes Octopath Traveler -- 120 minutes
  3. I noticed that, too. it was funny that 'Kevlar Gold' is still shown on their model diagram. It makes you ask, though, how many times can they regurgitate the same old stuff and folks think it's 'new news?'
  4. another pretty funny spot is where Biff is all like 'do you have a link?' when someone mentions the AtariVCS subreddit on his un-forum. Yeah, buddy, you know where that subreddit is. lol edit- I just can't help myself, i guess. apparently he's just 'been there once'.
  5. 'IDivides' was the Biffster's account- for the old gory details here's the Reddit thread where it all went down (one of the times). He posted this thread as 'IDivides'. http://removeddit.com/r/AtariVCS/comments/9dvc0p/when_should_atari_shut_down_the_pirate_rom_sites/ I think the thread's been archived long enough we can't see the undeleted comments, though. I have a weird memory for this kind of stuff- the whole thing went down like on 9-6-18. Here's the pertinent AA comment thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/266480-new-atari-console-that-ataribox/page/513/#comments
  6. i always thought PDivides and IDivides were two different folks, but if it's the same person... holy smokes.
  7. no worries, valiant viewers! i have an account- i'll let you know how long it takes Biff to get tired of talking to himself.
  8. another thing that amuses me is that Biffster was posting allll over AtariVCS Supporters on FB hawking his un-games, but now suddenly all his posts are gone and he's no longer a member.
  9. as another personal GameStop anecdote: I was in town and stopped by one of the GS stores after my wife's appointment looking for Dragon Quest Builder 2. They didn't have any copies on their shelf and looked at me like I had 3 heads when I asked them to look it up for me. Which.. they did, and they did have copies, but if I didn't specifically ask for it and just left because I didn't see it, it's just another sale that they lost.
  10. I picked up Dragon Quest Builders 2 today after playing the demo for a couple of days. The demo was a lot more engaging than I expected- it has the RPG elements of Dragon Quest but the crafty stuff similar to Minecraft. I'm the one person in our house that really doesn't care for Minecraft, but I liked how it was mixed into the gameplay of this game. More to come as I play it! ---- (my edit below) so i've sunk around 13 hours or so in the game and am having a ton of fun questing and building in the game. the graphics and sound are fantastic, the gameplay is tight, and the building aspect folds really well into the overall game. i felt like that the minor puzzles and challenges were somewhat difficult but scaled where they weren't impossible without a bit of thinking through the solution. if i had any minor gripes, one would be that i'm clumsy at placing stuff and using the 'watering pot' (but that's me), and that sometimes it's annoying that the 'A' button does all your actions (including swapping your tools). overall, though, it was a good purchase
  11. I'm jelly of that CotM physical copy you have. I just picked up another game, tho, so no more games for Nate for a while!
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