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  1. it does. The li/ons don't put out diddly for heat, near as I can tell, either. Happy to help! Funny that we got together on AA of all places to talk about UPSes, lol.
  2. expected battery life for li/ons is five to ten years, according to their data sheets, compared to four to six years for lead/acid. from my notes: Difference in battery life from lead/acid to li/on - 4 years greater for li/on Difference in chassis weight from lead/acid to li/on - 20-30 lbs lighter for li/on Difference in maximum depth from lead/acid to li/on - 5-6 inches shorter for li/on Total cost for lead/acid battery replacement - $542.14 Total cost for lead/acid chassis replacement - $1637.15 Difference in cost for chassis lead/acid to li/on - $559.99
  3. The cost is a fair bit higher than the LAs right now but doing the analysis it looks like we'd come out ahead over five to seven years of the lifecycle of the UPS. I LOVE the li/ons from an installation standpoint because they're shorter in depth (which is great for us because not all our IDF cabinets are standardized sizes) and weigh significantly less. We've had them in production only about six to eight months but so far they seem to hold up pretty well to temperature extremes. The batteries didn't used to be user-replaceable but now they're considered CRUs. Even though APC will try to steer you towards the AP9640 network management cards, you can still use the old AP9630/31 if you were so inclined. (we manage all our UPSes inhouse instead of using APC's software). I managed our UPSes for our org for several years to standardize installs and configs but was more than happy to pass the baton to someone else. I still do some small work with ours.
  4. I just stumbled across this blog post; it was a super interesting read! Our org almost exclusively uses the rack-mount flavor of the APC UPS chassis, most of them are SMT1500RM2U (or similar). Prior to me transitioning to a different group internally, we had started the push to the li/on models versus the lead-acid ones.
  5. necro-ing, I think Hades is on sale
  6. I already had Castlevania, but I couldn't resist $5 for Contra. Both are super solid collections, like @Tanooki said.
  7. I think the only thing that rankled me was the cost of the expansion. Not that I didn't hang my head and give them the money, lol.
  8. Something Animal Crossing-related but not-related and kind of dumb I noticed this evening, lol. There are several villagers with the same names as Trailer Park Boys characters: Lucy, Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian. Complete coincidence, but funny to work-braindead-me.
  9. It's intermittent for me- I try to sub as I can, but a few months do pass here and there.
  10. Your mileage may vary, but I got my $20 worth when I bought on release. It's DEFINITELY worth $10.
  11. Especially considering how big a pain in the butt it is to get the gold stuff in the first place! If I'm gonna 5-star my island, give me a tool that doesnt break, lol.
  12. It looks cool, kind of like a modern-day version of the old Logo stuff I learned as a little kid. I'm encouraging my oldest son to check it out for programming-type stuff.
  13. Yeah, one just has to look at Cyberpunk 2077 for that, lol.
  14. yup- i pointed this out on the unofficial reddit sub to very little fanfare, lol. are we ever going to see a retail release?
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