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  1. so we're well into the weekend (unfortunately)- where were all these pictures and stuff we were promised on the AtariVCS working and stuff? 🤔 oh, wait....
  2. I'm about 3/5 of the way through Paper Mario and I think I've sunk about twenty hours or so.
  3. there was a patch for the game that fixed some stuff including raising the counter for 'games played' from 99 to 999. lol https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/clubhouse_games_51_worldwide_classics_version_1_1_2_is_now_available_here_are_the_full_patch_notes i'm happy with the games that are on there, but it sure would be nice to get some different card styles to play with.
  4. if anything, it'll be nice when this comes out so that the the superfans can finally show all us 'haters' just how wrong we were and how we'll continue to type our hate messages on our secret Atariboxes. Wouldn't that be something? the sun will rise and set on yet another mediocre PC set-top box.
  5. necro-ing this from @Magmavision2000's status update, the original arcade Burgertime is now available. I spent a few minutes with it last night. I'm not wild about how it controls in portable mode with joycons, but it's likely it's just me. I'll check it out today with my Pro Controller. Otherwise, graphics and sound are spot-on and gameplay is really nice. I'm really excited to have one of my favorite games available now.
  6. looking forward to the XBox release as well. My toaster computer would burst into flames and throw itself out a window if I tried to run it on that.
  7. this sums up exactly how i feel about the update.
  8. i hear bacon goes good with word salad.
  9. digdugnate


    the discussion of the chess strategy and logic has far outpaced my knowledge set but this is a fascinating read. very cool to see the progress
  10. best bang: for sure the FinalGROM99. Such a cool multicart. least bang: of the stuff I own, probably my TI-WRITER or MS Multiplan binders. I like having them in my collection, but it's pretty much just that. bang-i'd-like-but-can't-justify-cost: I still really want a nice-looking MBX system (console, joystick, headset)- it'd be cool to play the stuff like when i was a kid.
  11. Current weather in SW Missouri.
  12. that's super cool! i played it on Classic99 and really enjoyed it.
  13. my serious answer is yet more stuff that needs fixed around the house. If we get the second 'stimmy', that's going into a wheelchair ramp on our front porch for Mrs. Digdug and probably a new back door for the utility room. We also need to repaint Digdug Junior's room since he picked the color seven years ago and now does not like it. (little does he know that while we'll buy the paint, he's gonna repaint it if he wants it that bad) my less-serious answer is where i cry that because of all the stimulus checks it'll be still super hard to find a Nintendo Switch console.
  14. I'm not sure I'd deface what looked like a pretty shiny 994A to play Kerbal with. The console reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart glues all the stuff to his face: At any rate, that poor TI.
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