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  1. It's appreciated. In the 'not necessarily the news' department, I noticed that you could still preorder the 400/800 from GameStop, but the bundle and the controller/joystick are not available. Walmart's preorder page says basically 'we're not responsible for any info on here, this is what they provided us'. March 2nd is two weeks from now- I'm wondering how long before the 'oh by the way, moving the goal posts again. it will TOTALLY be worth the wait you guys!' messaging goes out. Their IndieNono page still says 'Prototype' for stage and 'March 2020' for backers. 🤔
  2. I think my wife hears the 'I hope there's a Pro Version' every couple of weeks from me. 😂 At the very least, I'd sure like to see a revision of the docking station that has the internal part designed where the Switch docks- or at least puts little rubber nubs on the inside against the screen or something. My Switch is 75% docked and 25% portable so it sees a lot more movement from tv to tv than I think it was designed for. Hour-for-hour, I have played my Switch probably more than a lot of the consoles I've owned in the past combined. I think at the very least if no news is announced this year for an upgraded version, I'm going to go in for the newer revision that has better battery life. We already have two docking stations in the house, so likely my old one would have a home with my kiddo since they use mine and Mom's pretty regularly. I'm considering picking up a third dock so I'm not all the time unplugging and replugging in my dock from the living room and bedroom- if they're anything like computer stuff I'm going to wear those USB/HDMI ports out pretty quick, lol.
  3. kind of all over the place this past week with Switch Games, though Ni No Kuni takes the weekend prize. Switch: Doom Classic -- 420 minutes Doom II Classic -- 420 minutes Lego Jurassic World -- 403 minutes Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle -- 376 minutes Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch -- 1148 minutes The first two entries in the Doom series became my 'bedtime' games this week as I played through them (some of it for the first time). I finished episode 3/started on episode 4 of Classic Doom, and got about halfway through Doom II. My goal for Doom II is to play all the way to the end and finish the game without using cheats, ha. Lego Jurassic World was a neat pickup (well, and it was on sale, so that didn't hurt)- I really like the movies and Lego, so the two are a natural fit. This entry in the Lego series plays super well! Since this is one of the Lego entries that uses the speech clips from the movie, I thought this was done pretty well, too. My wife picked up Lego Cities Undercover (I think it's called) and it looked pretty neat from what I glanced over and watched. It's a shame that the license for Lord of the Rings expired because that'd be a super cool addition to my Switch library; I loved it on the XBox and Steam. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, also known as 'the game I can never get the title 100% correct when I say it', was also a unexpected surprise. Again, on sale. What I did find once I got past the super-bright visuals is that there's a bit of depth to the battles themselves- a few of them you can't slouch through as you will find yourself doing them about five times over. I'm only about halfway through the game, but it seems that there are some characters that are definitely more imbalanced than others. Ni No Kuni, ah, what do I say about you this week. Well, other than that grind grind grind, that is. 😂 If you're familiar with the game, I'm far enough in that I have my fourth party member and doing the events leading up to the end of the game. It's a great game, really and truly, but it is a pretty crazy timesink. Not timesink on the level of DQ11, but it gets close I think. Something I found that made the game significantly less stressful to me is to capture certain Poke... I mean Familiars! Capture specific Familiars. A couple of them are pretty overpowered and it makes for a less stressful playthrough for me- though the crazy-low capture rate more than makes up for it (even with boosts to my Capture percentage). I think I spent 2 hours last night trying to get a healer-type one- if I never go to that goddamn forest again I'll be a happy guy, lol. I also banged around and did a few ranks of the Familiar Trials. I am equally not fond, though, of the few sidequests that you help a guy catalog Poke.. I mean Familiars. In one of the Familiar sidequests I had to capture an Ice Queen (among others), and when I finally friggin' got one that was ready to be captured, BAM! One of my AI-controlled derpwits cast an AOE spell and annihilated it. Where the heck were you when I was fighting a boss and you just kind of ran around in circles? Fortunately, the RNG Gods were kind to me and I was able to pick one up after running through the dungeon four or five more times.
  4. not the owner, but a mod (such as it were)- your approval timing was largely coincidental. i was being cheeky and probably should've used an emoticon in my reply in retrospect so i didn't come off unnecessarily rude. it's not a huge group and for sure won't win any hearts, but it's out there for those of us that wanted to kick around and have reasonable discussions about console. not perfect, but we try to keep it as neutral as we can.
  5. He also caused a cluster with falsely reporting AtariAge on Facebook.
  6. looks like the seller has some other miscellaneous TI stuff, too. Personally I think the price is kinda high on their loose carts for just the cart only.
  7. dusted off the old 2600 this week. Atari 2600 Pac-Man 4K -- 72 minutes
  8. actually, i should look at it a little closer then, because..... no, i didn't. guess that goes with that perception thing
  9. that was the weird thing for me is that I really liked my DS and 3DS when I had them, but i tended to stick with games that didn't use the bottom screen as a touchscreen. Probably the only game I had that I used that for was Pokemon Sun/Ultra Sun.
  10. i'm curious to see feedback once the console is released on the controllers themselves. as a rule, i really dislike how mobile games control with touchscreen controls so am curious how this will be different than 'inserttitlehere' on 'insertmobiledevicehere'.
  11. Ok, "Spikeyhair McLookatmeplease"- Am I doing the Hating thing right? I'm never quite sure.
  12. i took my 15-year old son yesterday to watch it and we went in with prettttty low expectations, lol. The movie was decent, which was a huge surprise to us. I won't give any of the story away so some of my gripes aren't really relevant. Jim Carrey, though, stole the show in every scene he played in my opinion. His character was a little one-sided but fantastic. Also look for a cameo appearance by Michael Hogan (which I squeed a little over, haha).
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