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  1. I started playing at release time this morning. Boy does it take me back, and boy will it take some getting used to after not having played it for close to nine years! That being said, so far the little I've played it runs well, controls decent enough with a controller (I'm on XBox), and looks/sounds nice.
  2. encouraging, yes, reinforcing negative behavior with more negative behavior isn't exactly a good example.
  3. You make a good point about kids fixating and moving on; both my kids did that, too. Mom and Dad are the ones that have consistently played since they were etching the games into stone tablets, lol. The Youngest after a several-month stretch of not playing suddenly got into Skyrim, the Eldest got back into Minecraft, but I don't expect it to last.
  4. Yoshi's Island! (SNES) I played through this on a whim last week and ended up finishing it (again). We'll see if I feel like getting 100% in all the stages.
  5. I finished out Cruisin' Blast on two of the cups last week. I also finished a playthrough of Diablo 3 on a Witch Doctor, waiting for D2: Resurrected.
  6. The first Paw Patrol game is supposed to be pretty good. We enjoyed 'Yoshi's Crafted World', it has a neat aesthetic and good co-op (for the most part).
  7. I was able to track my game time this past week for the Modern stuff. Work calmed down a little bit, plus I had some time spent between appointments and stuff. Switch: Cruis'n Blast -- 600 minutes Littlewood -- 1560 minutes Dead Cells -- 60 minutes I've spent my 'end of the day' time playing Littlewood; it's like a condensed/more efficient Stardew Valley. No time passes in Littlewood, instead your character uses a stamina bar; when the stamina runs out, it's time to go to bed. No need for selecting individual tools/etc, either. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/littlewood-switch/ I've been working through Cruis'n Blast unlocking keys and running random races here and there; still just about halfway through the Normal 'cup' races. Dead Cells got another update that added some new features (including stuff to make the game easier, the tradeoff is you don't qualify for Boss Cells if you use it), so played through that a tiny bit. XBox Series X: Destiny 2 -- 120 minutes Diablo 3 -- 960 minutes Not much to speak of here. I downloaded and tried out Destiny 2 for a couple of hours; the graphics are fantastic on the Series X, but gameplay wise I think this is a game that is going to require too much dedicated time from me. Maybe one of these days I rolled a Witch Doctor on Diablo 3 to pass the time until Diablo 2: Resurrected releases Thursday.
  8. I had some time to dork with gaming more but I'm done with Classic Gaming for this week. Arcade: Dig Dug - 15 minutes Pac-Man - 15 minutes Ms. Pac-Man - 15 minutes SNES: Chrono Trigger -- 360 minutes Super Mario RPG -- 120 minutes Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island --120 minutes Gosh, I like Chrono Trigger. I feel like parts of it didn't age well story-wise, but THAT SOUNDTRACK. Yoshi's Island was a neat replay for a couple of hours, though I wish that there was a version that removes the Baby Mario cry when he leaves Yoshi.
  9. Good, then no one has to listen to you about it.
  10. I like how you put that because I'm in the same boat when I'm looking for games like that for at-home work downtime. I went through a Diablo 3 jag where I was doing it in-between, sometimes Borderlands, and also Animal Crossing here and there.
  11. Cool! I'm kind of stepping through the game and not really putting a super great amount of time except here and there. I've managed to clear through the tour mode on Easy and half of Normal and having a 'blast' 'cruising' through the content, hehe. For me, once I finish through the stuff/unlock things, I'll want to just do random races for fun when I get the itch to play an arcade racer down the line. New courses/etc would be super cool!
  12. I'd be more surprised at a game that DOESN'T have a day-one patch of some sort.
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