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  1. Click 'new' and you'll see the recent stuff. It's still there 🙂
  2. I haven't found one and it's a real bummer. I can look stuff up online, but I wanted hardback and maps 😞
  3. I LOVE Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast. 🙂
  4. I'll see you Ball-in-a-cup and raise you a Fingernails for Cash.
  5. Stop the presses, I have some Classic time squeezed in. Arcade: Dig Dug -- 124 minutes Pac Man -- 38 minutes Galaga -- 21 minutes Galaga 88 -- 15 minutes Rolling Thunder -- 12 minutes Arcade classics this weekend! Surprising no one based on my username, I absolutely love Dig Dug. I spent a good bit of time reacquainting myself with the game and blowing through a few levels. Not quite where I'd like to be scorewise, yet, but getting there. Rolling Thunder is the 'dark horse' of the group this past weekend- maybe I'll spend some more time on it this week. C64: Lode Runner -- 67 minutes My inlaws gifted me an SNES-style controller for my C64 Mini- other than a kind of mushy D-Pad, it works great for my C64 right out of the box! I got some Lode Runner time in at work to 'test it out'. I never get sick of this game- even playing the same 15-20 levels over and over. I could use level skip, but I kind of like just running through the stages by muscle memory- it's comforting. I have to do some work in my office that's the 'hurry up and wait' kind with deploying AV clients, so I anticipate more C64 time this week, too.
  6. Switch: Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age -- 1863 minutes I broke the 100-hour mark on DQ11- WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TO DO IN THIS GAME? 😂 Without giving spoilers, I'm in Act 3 of the game- and there's so many side quests (and the 2D stuff) to do. For grins I've also started a 2D-only play through I'll peck at when I get bored with the main content. Diablo III: Eternal Collection -- 27 minutes I bought the Loot Goblin Amiibo at GameStop this weekend because, much like the loot goblins, I can't resist shiny things. I played through Diablo 3 for almost a half hour- partly to load my Amiibo and partly to remember how the heck to play my Necro. I managed to gain a Paragon Level on him, so there's that, lol.
  7. one might say that those are their.... biggest fans.
  8. up until about 2 weeks ago I've been playing Borderlands 3. I'm at the end, but my game hardlocked my console, grrrrr. here in a few weeks i might pick it back up.
  9. i think that'd be cool, too. my hope is that if it does show to be 100% backwards compat, we get a way to 'add' the licenses from our discs to the new one for the disc games- we will likely never trade in or get rid of the disc games that we do own. the last two games we purchased (Horizon 4 and Borderlands 3) were digital, simply because we felt there was no reason to keep buying discs since they're glorified hardware keys.
  10. i really dig (ha) Dig Dug, Pac-Man, Galaga/Galaga 88, and for sure Rolling Thunder. I was never huge on Druaga but I do kinda like SkyKid. It would've been cool to get Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug II and Mappy, though. my only real gripe is that by default the playscreens are friggin' tiny. i ended up zooming my screen to 1.25 so i could see damn thing, lol. The backgrounds are kind of distracting since i'm not used to it and the gray is awful-looking, but i'm being nit-picky. it's really fun to play the games on the Switch.
  11. im about 100 hours in and still going. Quests to do, worlds to save, Tocklings to find. *cries* without spoilers, there are some bosses i've run into that in the low 50s are just not doable for me.
  12. I see how well Atari SA's social minions maintain their presence on Reddit. Nothin' says engagement like a post from four days ago and last comment from nine!
  13. sold! i need something in the downtime when im not playing DQ11 like a maniac, lol. thanks so much, guys!
  14. if the keyboard is mushy, i'm interested to see, too, how easily it would be to mod or replace with clackier keys.
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