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  1. I may be interested in purchasing it. ANy idea of how much you want?
  2. I'm not sure what it is worth. But I'd be interested in it! I only have 2 or 3 of the games. And don't have a system to play my games on. So if you decide to sell let me know. I know it's worth more than $100 I'm just not sure how much more.
  3. I'd take it. But I'm from Ontario Canada. But it will probably cost you $12-15 to ship it.
  4. I'm interested. But I don't know what to offer. If you make up your mind on a price let me know. Thanks
  5. How did you manage to get one free with 5 games? Mine cost me $50 with no games. But I wouldn't mind a backup. I love my N-gage.
  6. Who bought them? I'd still be really interested in one. And wouldn't mind talking to the person who you sold them to.
  7. I'd be interested in one. What are you looking for? How much do you value them at?
  8. Wow I've got it lucky then. By hitting up yard sales on Saturday mornings I can usually make an easy $200-300 (probably spend that much too) plus when my family goes they find just as much. So that's $400-600 every weekend. That's not even counting times I actually find something "good". I don't have time for thrifts anymore. Some fleamarkets are okay but generally I find way more at a couple yard sales. A flea market is like 20 yard sales in one place usually with slightly higher prices.
  9. You wouldn't happen to have Masters of the universe cells with Skeletor in them would you? I'd also be interested in video game cells featuring sonic, link,zelda, mario or yoshi. The Pacman ones are interesting but they don't look quite good enough to be $120. Thanks
  10. Any chips or cracks in the system? If not I could do $45 shipped to Canada right now. Thanks
  11. I guess I buy too much. I think I'm up to 6 boxes of NES consoles. So probably 30 NES systems. 30 NES plus complete ones 21 Atari 2600 12 Genesis 12 SNES 10 Gameboy 6 Playstation 6 N64 Everything else is under 5. Plus I have systems hooked up that probably weren't included.
  12. I can offer up a Turbo Express and games. What games are you looking for?
  13. Hi all, I've found a few proto's recently. Parasol Stars NES US Version Castlevania Vampire's Kiss PAL Version I haven't been able to play the Castlevania yet. As I do not have a PAL SNES, convertor or the materials to mod a SNES. Hopefully I will soon. If anyone can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. I tried playing Parasol Stars today. However it wouldn't work in the 6 NES systems I tried it in. I was getting really worried. But then I tried it in a Top Loader and it seemed to work just fine. From the less than 5 minutes I played it, it appeared to be identical to the PAL version. Anybody know where I can find some good screen shots of the PAL version to compare it to? I plan on playing it all the way through just to make sure. They both have erasable Eproms in them. But the Parasol stars has a few wires soldered in. Have other protos of these games surfaced anywhere? I'm curious if there are any differences. I took a pretty good look around and did some searching but couldn't find any other protos of these.
  14. Is this a real proto? I for some reason kinda remember someone selling copies on ebay. If this is real I have an extra Nomad I'm looking to trade. LMK thanks
  15. I noticed that auction. I'm offering mine to the second highest bidder. The one I have has the on/off Atari cover. As well as the styrofoam lid and power supply. If he isn't interested it looks like I should stick it up on ebay. I'd be happy with $200. Thanks for pointing it out. And congrats on the sale
  16. I have no idea where to post this topic. So feel free to move it or ask me to move it. I just picked up a Sears Telegames Pong system. It is not the common Pong IV system. I belive it is the first one. It has the styrofoam and box and is in great condition. I was wondering if anyone knows how rare it is, or it's value. I'm pretty certain it is identical to this one. (Mine has the cover that says atari) http://cgi.ebay.com/1975-Original-Sears-Te...1QQcmdZViewItem Thanks for your time I will definitely entertain trade offers. I don't have much interest in this personally I just knew it was something worth picking up. Mine is in much better condition than the one in the auction.... But I still don't expect it to be worth that much. It would be nice though haha
  17. I might be interested in taking them all off your hands. Final Fantasy X - $8 Final Fantasy X-2 - $10 Disgaea w/ 1st run strategy guide - $50 Phantom Brave LE w/ strategy guide - $20 La Pucelle Tactics w/ strategy guide - $12 Mad Maestro - $5 Anyway you could let them go for $80? Just add a @yahoo.com to my username for my email address. Thanks
  18. Okay new question which I hope to get an answer to. I've noticed the following labels so far Atari Wong's Atari-Wong Kingtek Do the different labels mean anything to anybody? Are certain ones rarer than others? Or is it just like owning a US nintendo and a canadian one? Any info would be appreciated thanks
  19. Okay ignore what I just said well most of it. I looked at my systems again. And it appears that many of them were produced in different locations by different companies. One for example is made by Wong-Atari, Wong's another by Kingtek there are a lot of different labels I guess. I just figured since they Sunnyvale 2600 is considered a different version that others made by different companies would be aswell.
  20. Okay I pulled out my piles and piles of 2600s today because I've sold one. I just noticed that I was going to sell a light sixer and I didn't even have one put away in my collection. This lead me to flip all my 2600s over and look at the undersides. I found one Atari 2600 that has a purple label on the underside and says it was produced by Kingtek in Taiwan. However I don't see mention of this on the site anywhere? I searched for Kingtek and Taiwan and got no results. I was wondering is this a common system or a rare system? I also noticed that some 2600-A systems are marked 2600A and others 2600 A. Are these typically considered different systems or one and the same? Well that is all for now but back downstairs I go to notice other useless things. Thanks
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