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  1. I think this guy can help you, ship him the old roller and he will put new rubber on it http://www.terrysrubberrollers.com/ this site has a large selection of new idlers and tires https://webspareparts.com/collections/belts-pinch-rollers-idler-tires?page=1 I have the some problem with my 410 someday Ill get the roller replaced.
  2. Is AVGCart still available?
  3. If you have an audio cassette try putting it in and BASIC cart Type in: POKE 54018,52 You should be able to hear the audio play through your Atari/TV speakers
  4. nice work! as a C# programmer this may help me get into homebrews someday soon.
  5. After previously being successful saving and loading a BASIC program to/from a new cassette, I proceeded to download some know good 16K .cas files, convert to .wav then record onto the same cassette. No success here, I was still getting the same boot errors, even after trying to advance the cassette slightly to adjust when the header was being read. It seems sometimes it was reading more blocks of data than other attempts. It appears the Atari console might be having issues reading the header on the CAS tape via FSK, but not the BASIC tape. I am curious if the Atari is having trouble disseminating the chunks of data in the header of game tapes, if the baud is different between loading BASIC and CAS files, or if CLOAD uses a different header arrangement. Im reading All_about_Cassette_Tapes on Atartimania, page six mentions lower baud rate will affect the tolerance for the tape speed variation. While playing audio cassette I do think this unit experiences slight wow and flutter but why would the BASIC CSAVE/CLOAD work? When I find one I am going to try a cassette adapter and loading a game over that from a laptop.
  6. Its a 400 with 16K. I know one of the games is labeled 16KB. I did try to spin the tapes out to the leader and boot. All the belts are fairly snug. Since the deck works after it has warmed up, it may be the old grease that has hardened/degraded.
  7. "CLOAD is for loading BASIC programs. To load binary programs like Frogger or Zaxxon, turn on the computer holding OPTION+START. At the beep, press PLAY and finally press return on the computer." Thanks for that info. I got "boot error" trying to load those two games.
  8. The belts I got from a recommendation from this site, a person in Poland I believe. Kit came with 3, but there was a small 4th belt i had to come up with, cant recall what it drove. One of the rubber rollers had a dent in it from sitting pressed in same position for so long. I might have been referring to the take up wheel, it's the reel on the right that doesn't spin much until the unit is warmed up. The mechanism needs more attention. Doctor is probably right fresh grease is in order. I did make some progress, I recorded a basic program to a new cassette and cload the program with no issues. The audio signal sounded much more strong and clear while I noticed no noise like I did with frogger. Maybe my cassettes are bad? Dont know how they were stored. I downloaded a few .cas files and will record them to fresh tapes.
  9. Still grinding away at this. Realized its powered by the Atari that is why i saw no voltage readings plugged in by itself. I did get it to play an audio tape but the supply wheel struggled to move, started eating tapes. I had to set it to FF for a few minutes to let it warm up before the supply wheel moved consistently without eating tape. Audio playback had a lot of noise but sounded ok. Got errors loading Frogger and Zaxxon on CLOADS. Cleaned the heads but didnt demagnetize yet. While I had it on the bench i changed out all the 5% carbon comp resistors to 1% metal film to try to eliminate some noise. Replaced as many film caps I could to WIMA films. That didnt do much help. I am now going over tips from Antic magazine Tape Topics column found here https://www.atarimagazines.com/v2n1/tapetopics.html I see suggestions for checking the IC and a few didoes in that article.
  10. I am trying to service my 410 cassette drive. Made in Taiwan. Put in new belts, FF and rewind work. Following test points in the service manual, trying to confirm the health of the two ICs, one CA3046 transistor array and other the LM324N opamp, while I have it open. With the unit plugged in, with no tape, play engaged, not hooked up to my 400 computer, should I be seeing measurements on the pins of the ICs? Schematic shows +5V test point next to R130, i have nothing. Tried engaging S101 as well. Not getting any readings in static mode either. I am using pin 4 of IO cable as ground reference. i soldered a wire to that pad so I can clip to ground with VMM. got nothing on V+ of the opamp. Do I need a cassette in to get test point readings? Any advise would be appreciated.
  11. I'm trying to resurrect my 410 drive. Belts are in good shape, but the unit wont even fast forward or rewind. Spindle wont turn. Suspecting a power issue. Replaced the 2200uf filter cap in power supply although the original tested good. Looking at the schematic in service manual now and will trace power supply to see why motor is not turning.
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