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  1. I'm pretty sure I have some leafs for StockPole (I'll check tonight). That's my auction for the keys quoted above. PM me your address and I'll send it out. I'll probably cut out a piece from the PCB or de-solder, whatever is easier.
  2. They just fixed the interleave (gave me a new firmware in the chat I started) I tried it this morning and now the ATR images are loading quickly. Really a nice solution for failing XF551 drives. I will do more testing over the weekend.
  3. Gotek allows different configuration options via FF.cfg file, but there are no examples on how to configure it for 8bit Ataris. I posted the same question on https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/issues/223 Hopefully will get somewhere. I wanted to get a 5.25 drive going, but didn't want to spend over $60 on a new drive mech, not knowing if the XF551 board is working.. At least now I know that the board is fine and my drive drive is dead (not the other way around). However, if this gotek works with XF551 board, my next step is to get a OLED screen and a 3.5-5.25 bracket for the Gotek, so it fits nicely in the XF551 enclosure.
  4. I installed the Gotek in the XF551 enclosure. It works, but it is about 50% slower than SIO2SD. This is using FlashFloppy v 2.04 (ATR support is in experimental stages). Video of it loading Donkey Kong is linked below (the data-load bits are slow, if you turn up the volume you'll see what I mean). Also, I wonder if it's possible to power this Gotek and the XF551 board from the SIO bus, skipping the power supply?
  5. I looked around ebay, and these 5.25 360K drives are expensive. So I decided to play around with Gotek drive in a XF551 enclosure. I've read that the latest FlashFloppy firmware supports ATR images, so I will give that a try, once my Gotek arrives from China. The floppy cable will have to be replaced. I don't know yet what's simpler - crimp a new 3.5 inch floppy cable to the existing connector on the XF551 board, or solder in a new 34 pin header to this board. If it works, I will probably buy a 3.5 to 5.25 faceplate, so the 3.5 inch Gotek fits nicely within the XF551 enclosure.
  6. Did you run into any problems installing the Teac drive. Were the cables long enough? About other problems to be aware of? Thanks for this idea.
  7. Thanks for all the replies - it turns out my drive does not spin up at all. The head moves, but the drive mech appears dead. That looks so cool.
  8. OK thanks. I did do a quick test last night with a DOS 2.5 written by a 1050 drive, but I was getting the "Boot Error". I'll try additional disks tonight, when I get home.
  9. I always wanted to get xf551; recently found one in nice condition, but it doesnt work Upon power up, the head moves slightly and retracts back. When I push the head with my fingers, it moves back to track 0 when powering up. The linked video that I recorded can probably explain better than I can Any ideas what could be wrong?
  10. Looking to purchase 2 C061598B chips I checked ebay and there available from UK, but I'm in US and would like to avoid paying extra for shipping. Please let me know if you have one or two for sale. Thank You.
  11. I need one, but if you want to sell 2 or 3 I will buy them (in case 1 breaks in the future). I don't need any key-caps. Thank you
  12. Hello Bob, I did de-solder my defective switch, it took me less than 5 minutes (I"m not even skilled at soldering). If you want to sell me a switch you de-solder or part of a keyboard, I'd be willing to pay to save my keyboard. I'm attaching a picture of the switch after it has been de-soldered. Please let me know if you have 1 or a couple for sale. Thanks, Andrew
  13. I have all these keys from a spare keyboard. I've been selling them for next to nothing via a Facebook page, just don't want to throw them away. Return key has a pole in the middle (I'm pretty sure this fits your keyboard). I'll send all 5 keys you need for $10 assuming they they all weigh less than 16 oz (1st class limit).
  14. That's a good find. I also wonder if we could somehow use switches like in this ebay listing? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-matias-clicky-keyboard-switches-direct-replacement-for-Alps-white-clicky-/192653638524
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