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  1. Hello AtariAge - I recently purchased two Atari 800s from a local seller, in "Not tested" condition. Both of them have the following issues Atari #1: Boots up fine, but there is no sound coming through the monitor port (cable is fine) and there is no sound coming from the internal speaker (e.g. no keyboard sounds at all). The internal speaker works fine Atari #2: Seems to work fine (sound works great), but the joystick #1 - the doesn't work in the UP direction. Also, START and SELECT buttons don't work (they have continuity when I checked with multimeter). The joystick port doesn't seem to have any bent pins, the solder points look good to. Any ideas on which chips might need to be looked at first with either one of them? Thanks for any help. Andrew.
  2. Best electronics sells the power supply for 800/1050/810 for $15 plus shipping. These are NEW OEM power supplies. You need to spend $20 minimum Also the 8bit classics adapter is available on Amazon for a cheaper price. Search for Jameco Reliapro ADU090150A2231 i use this with Atari 1050 and it works fine, has enough power.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for 2 keycaps for Atari800: 7 ; If you have them for sale, please pm me, I can pay via paypal. These are for Hi-Tek keyboard, I think Stackpole uses the same keycaps (with few exceptions) Thank You
  4. Hello, I'm looking for the plastic transparent cover, covering START, SELECT, OPTION, RESET, HELP text on Atari 800XL. Let me know if you have one for sale Wonder if someone has an STL file for 3D print (transparent PLA might do the trick?)
  5. XBR versions of the 36 inch Sony could do 1080i/480p. They had excellent picture quality when upscaling DVDs or watching uncompressed OTA feed. I had one until last year. The non-XBR versions were much cheaper and the picture quality wasn't comparable. https://www.wired.com/2000/11/the-big-36-inch-1080-line-2700-picture/
  6. I installed new capacitors on L41 and L37 and this didn't work for me, still same behavior
  7. Thanks. My problem is similar (I'm having issues even with the keyboard connected). I'll get some capacitors and try this fix.
  8. I just purchased XEGS. Initially when powered on with keyboard connected, it will show blue basic screen with the cursor in the corner. Pressing Reset then boots to basic. Pressing Reset while holding option, boots to self test. Pressing Reset while holding select boots Missile Command game. Why won't it boot when 1st powered on? Any ideas what could be causing this?
  9. I've found 3 springs, I can send them to you. PM me your address, I'll put them in an envelope and mail it out.
  10. Picture attached. Sorry about the dirty keyboard, I will be washing it soon... Thanks for any help, I'm not in a rush. I have other keys from Hi-Tek keyboard if anyone needs...
  11. I'm looking for Atari 800 Stockpole Left Shift Key Cap. Willing to buy in case anyone has it. Thank you.
  12. I acquire Mega ST, but the keyboard is missing a foot. I looked on ebay, couldn't find one. I think it's time to get a 3D printer... Wonder if anyone has a file that can be used to for printing
  13. Here is mine with the cracked front, covered with Black Vinyl...
  14. It cracked on the front. I epoxy'd the 2 parts together. Sanded it down and covered it in black vinyl. Looks really good (almost sinister), but would prefer OEM look.
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