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  1. Im gunna check ebay. I wouldn't mind having those games. No matter how badthey suck the concept is worth it.
  2. My parents had alot of games around 60. Including CRAZYCLIMBER!!!!!!!! Ican't believe theyy threw it all out a year before i started collecting.
  3. SPace Invaders, and i wasnt anything special at Asteroids.
  4. Thats true thats true. I post when i have a question or i have a answer. Usually. Rember when we got into an argument? that was funny. BTW Imwilling to trade for the 2800. Thats all.
  5. In the past 2 years ive got abpout 300-350 different systems and games. NOt to talk about the unique and intresting merchandise. Thrifts are dry though. ALot of my collection grew of mother ebay!
  6. Im not really the biggesdt fan of them. If you have the money the way Tempest collects them is great. There pretty cool though. Usually alot of good games. Like outlaw!!!
  7. Thanks King ATari your one of the many i truly missed. IM still not being able to check the board often though. What would you trade me for the 2800. Theres a very good chance i wont though, its one of my fav. peices in my collection.
  8. Its actually a nevada landfill. Weve all heard of this. You can read more about it all over.
  9. Ive been around longer then ATari_master. You dont rember me? I have an atri 2800. Ive been to CGE 2 times. IM 13. You dont rember me? How could you not rember me?
  10. Im back its true. I missed you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very much, but im here. I got caught up LOT in school, but am finding time for my good old atari pals.
  11. You deserve to be banned from AtariAge. Im 13 years old and have a collection more impres sthen alot of people here. Highlight- Atari 2800, halloween NMIB, glib, venture 2, i could keep going to. SO you deserved to be kicked off atari age screw you!!!!
  12. Sports- Blades Of Steel Adventure- Mario 1 Thats all!
  13. Awsome, thast so cool. I've taught my mom similair skills. I wish I had a wife, maybe i should get a girlfriend first, that might be the first step lol.
  14. Although it should be in the classic gaming general section, awsome plates, that car could be a peice of crap, and still kick ass with those plates!
  15. As we speak im in the process of watching Dragons lair -the cartoon. Its awsome and one of my fav orite cartoons. How do i watch? BOOMERANG NETWORKS RULES!!!!!! Don Bluth thinks it hasnt been aired since premiere but hes wrong. Commercials over got to watch.
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