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  1. Bump - these are good condition and I will let them go cheap!
  2. Let me know if you have interest! Willing to let these go at a fair price. As far as trades I'm always on the lookout for dreamcast and Saturn games.
  3. Great trade, shipped simultaneous. Thank you!
  4. Fantastic seller, purchase a few games and some replacement N64 cords. Thank you.
  5. Great seller, thank you for the Jaguar, lots of fun.
  6. Hi - does the box include the inner cardboard that holds the system in place?
  7. Purchased a few more games! Thanks Jagosaurus!
  8. I'll have to pass, I don't have a good idea on a fair offer here.
  9. Interesting. What's value on a bundle like this? I'm in Minneapolis.
  10. Excellent seller, bought a couple games, they were well packaged. Thank you.
  11. It's hard to unload common Playstation games these days. I'm interested at $12 shipped, but that's not worth your time. Best of luck and the Supaboy looks awesome!
  12. Bought some games. Excellent transaction. Thank you.
  13. Hey I'm trying here! OP, you just plug it into a tv via HDMI and you're set up to play some pre-loaded retro games? I want it.
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