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  1. No styrofoam, right? Probably $40-80. Super Set variant seems to be worth a bit more.
  2. My first transaction here was that I sold boxed copies of Custer's Revenge and Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em together for $60 shipped back in 2006! I hope buyer still has them! I suppose what goes around comes around though, because my first purchase was Dragon Force (Saturn) for $20 that same year.
  3. Hi eightbit, I just don't see a ton of value here. If it were me trying to monetize this quickly, then I would list it all on Facebook marketplace (avoid shipping costs) for $40. I think you would find a buyer there because some of the games (Last of Us, GTA V, skate 3) still hold some value. Just trying to be helpful and I don't mean to thread crap. Good luck.
  4. Bump, I have gotten many good deals here at AA so I would like to give these away for free to whomever wants them.
  5. Bump - these are good condition and I will let them go cheap!
  6. Let me know if you have interest! Willing to let these go at a fair price. As far as trades I'm always on the lookout for dreamcast and Saturn games.
  7. Great trade, shipped simultaneous. Thank you!
  8. Fantastic seller, purchase a few games and some replacement N64 cords. Thank you.
  9. Great seller, thank you for the Jaguar, lots of fun.
  10. Hi - does the box include the inner cardboard that holds the system in place?
  11. Purchased a few more games! Thanks Jagosaurus!
  12. I'll have to pass, I don't have a good idea on a fair offer here.
  13. Interesting. What's value on a bundle like this? I'm in Minneapolis.
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