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  1. The early model PS1s and PS2s were kinda cheaply made to keep costs down since Sony was already losing money on each unit sold. I seriously wouldn't touch a used model unless it was next to nothing to buy. The slim models of the PS1 and PS2 on the otherhand seem to be much more durable and probably have much less wear and tear since they came out at the end of the lifespans.
  2. Nintendo was also smart in limiting 3rd party developers to only 5 games per year. While some crap did get through (hello LJN) for the most part it did keep the marketplace from being flooded. Nintendo and Sega had enough talented developers in-house to where they could support a system pretty much by themselves and Nintendo had most of the top tier 3rd party developers working on the NES like Konami and Capcom. Atari neither had enough top tier developers in-house in the late 80s nor did they have much in 3rd party support (largely due to Nintendo locking in 3rd party developers).
  3. I bought an Atari 2600 in the late 80s because the console was only $50 vs $200 for the NES and the games I bought were $1-10 clearance games for the most part. It was all I could afford being a kid who got $10/week for allowance plus birthday/Christmas money and whatever money I could get from recycling cans and mowing lawns and I had to split that money between video games, sports cards, GI Joe, and Transformers.
  4. If you own a 3DS and download a certain retail game to your 3DS and have a Club Nintendo account then you can get a free download of NES Donkey Kong with the pie factory. http://club2.nintendo.com/donkeykong/
  5. This wouldn't be a big deal if EA was charging $20 for it but I'm sure EA is charging full price for this.
  6. I remember back in my college days that a few friends and I managed to get the arcade version of the game set to free play. The game sucked and wasn't even worth playing for free especially when the arcade had gems like X Men: Children of the Atom, Tekken 2, Street Fighter Alpha, and Aliens vs Predator.
  7. I think this gen will last longer because Sony is bleeding money and can't afford to launch a new console at a loss. Microsoft will probably want to keep the 360 alive until 2014 to make up for all the money they lost on the original X Box and the RRODs in the first few years of the 360.
  8. I feel that the Gamecube is probably the most underrated console of all time so my opinion might be bit biased. The Gamecube was more of a traditional console with power on par with its competition and it had a fairly traditional controller (in comparison to the Wii) so as a result it got better 3rd party support because it was much easier to port a PS2 game to the Cube (or vice versa) than it was to port a 360 game to the Wii including AAA games like Resident Evil 4 and Soul Calibur 2 and even a few original AAA 3rd party titles like Resident Evil Remake and that's the difference. That's not to say the Wii didn't have good 3rd party games like No More Heroes and the House of the Dead games but those were more niche games than mainstream ones. We can debate if Nintendo's Cube or Wii games are better but for the most part they are on par with each other. While there are some great games that use motion controllers like Wii Sports and No More Heroes and the Wiimote make light gun shooters viable again personally I'd rather use a traditional controller for most games (but to be fair many games have classic controller support). Yes we can say that the Gamecube Player gives the Cube the edge but I can counter with the Virtual Console. Plus the older models of the Wii have BC with the Cube so you have the best of both worlds there.
  9. The Sega CD and 32x were both just a mess of wires, both needing their own AC adapters. A friend of mine in the 90s had the whole set-up and it was a monster, one or both of them should have been their own system rather than keeping the Genesis on life support especially when you factor in some games required both add-ons to play. And while the Game Boy Player was pretty nifty if you lost or damaged the boot-up disc you were SOL. The best add-ons were simple plug-and-play like the Super Game Boy or the Expansion Module #1
  10. At its heart the 7800 is a pre-crash console. Most of the games on the console are arcade ports and/or have that "Atari" style of design, which is largely what was on the 2600 and 5200. NES and SMS games had a different design philosophy for the most part other than some ports. I know I'm speaking extremely broadly here but Atari was more about bringing the arcade experience home, Nintendo was more about creating a unique home experience (not so much with the first generation of NES games but you saw that much more in the 2nd generation of NES games like LoZ, Metroid, and Kid Icarus), and Sega was a balance of the two philosophies.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_Game_Gear According to wiki the blue Game Gear was released in 1994 with World Series Baseball. All I know is that I paid $10 for it at Goodwill.
  12. I have a 'rare' (lol) blue Sega Game Gear that was only available at Toys R Us at the end of its lifespan.
  13. Atari 7800 Bigger number means moar power right? So by that logic the 7800 should blow away the X Box 360, N64, and Turbograhix 16 which are much smaller numbers.
  14. In Animal Crossing it allowed you to go to a special island and I think it was the only way to get certain NES games.
  15. EA needs to bring back Mutant League Football.
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