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  1. I don't know the answer to this, but since you bring it up, I sure hope if there are improvements that it is implemented in the Nt Mini, ESPECIALLY now that they are making another run. I am also hoping that the work done on the pocket bears fruit on the Mini as well because the GB and GBC cores need some work.
  2. For what it's worth, I say PS1 is most likely mainly because it's actually possible today, at least from what I've seen. If it was possible to do an N64, I think they'd go that route, but that seems a little far off right now. It'll probably be neither though lol.
  3. I could see the diehard NeoGeo crowd buying one simply because the actual hardware is aging and hard to replace. And while what you said is true about them starting with NeoGeo, I'm not sure if they want to revisit it. I mean, people have been begging for a cheaper Nt Mini in the mold of the Super Nt and Mega Sg, but they won't budge on that. Taber basically said they did the NES and they're done with it, and similarly he may be done with NeoGeo. I think the coming run of the Nt Mini was unplanned and done because the Pocket hit delays for whatever reason. And yes, people would buy a PS1. You could make the same argument about using an HD Retrovision cable and a Tink or OSSC or whatever kinda setup you want with any other system as well. For the same reasons people buy their other products, they would buy a PS1.
  4. Yea, if they do the PS1 something like that would be my hope.
  5. Yes, if they made a multi-platform disc system it would be a much more enticing proposition, but what I meant by a step back is that they did what they wanted with the 8 bit stuff (Nt Mini and all the additional cores), moved on and tackled the two most popular systems of the 16 bit generation and now are currently building the one handheld to rule them all, which incidentally has moved onto the 32 bit generation. I don't think they're going to go backwards to revisit the 16 bit generation for a couple very niche systems. Kev has said before that PS1 is doable, so that is what I expect. If an N64 is possible, that is also a very strong candidate, but I don't think they could pass up the PS1, and since it's technically more feasible, I think that gets done first.
  6. It's an interesting concept, but this is basically what I was thinking the whole time while I was reading your comment. If it's just Kev, this could never happen. And even if they did outsource the development, I wouldn't be expecting an influx of titles initially since engineering a core for each would take time. I don't know that I would want to invest a not insignificant amount of money in an experiment like this. It could easily go south shortly after release and you'll be stuck with a couple games and that will be that. I'd rather just have a (jailbroken) console with the entire library already at my fingertips. If this is something you really want though then you need a MiSTer. You won't have the satisfaction of owning the game, but you get everything else.
  7. The only thing I'll say is that Analogue has been pretty ambitious with all of their projects, with the Pocket being by far the most. I don't think they're gonna release the Pocket and then (in a sense) go backwards by creating something like a PCE or NeoGeo. I think it's full steam ahead with something like a PS1 or N64, but I'm just speculating like everyone else.
  8. It seemed like it was gonna be a longer wait this time anyway, but they never really gave a firm date, so I dunno.
  9. I only mention the Pocket because by the time it comes out, it will be far more than a year or so removed from their last console. Basically just saying the yearly cadence isn't necessarily what we should expect going forward, so after they release the Pocket (presumably sometime this year) they'll have plenty of time to work on a PS1, N64, whatever. Now if they plan on making a PS1, I could see some utility to releasing a PCE that supports CD games so they can kinda cut their teeth at building something like that in anticipation for a much more in demand PS1 coming after.
  10. Couple things. With the Pocket having no release date in site, I'm not sure we're on the yearly release schedule anymore, so that gives them some time to work on a PS1 or N64. Also, if they make a PCE with CD support, it damn well better have the CD drive built in. One of the reasons I buy their products (and especially now with the MiSTer maturing) is that they're plug n play and aesthetically pleasing. I don't want some mess with an external CD-ROM in my living room. And while the Mega Sg could get away with not having CD support based upon the strength of the standard Genesis lineup and the not as strong CD library, PCE cannot IMO. That said, I don't have any CD titles anyway, so what I would really be buying it for is CD functionality built in so that I can just load everything via SD from a future jailbreak. And even if I did have a CD collection, having the drive built in is a must.
  11. So that article seemed to be talking (at least mainly) about the Wii. Is it possible that the contents of the N64 dump have more?
  12. I would like a Saturn too, but it has less mass market appeal (along with PCE for that matter) than PS1 or N64, so I don't think it's as likely. I would also add that if they do a PCE, it would be assumed that it would have SuperGrafx support, and it would also have to have CD support since that is where most of the more coveted titles reside. If they released that at $189.99, I would buy it, but I don't see that being the direction they go. And Kev has already said before that he was turned off to PCE because the collectors in that crowd gave him a bunch of shit. In fact, if that hadn't happened, we may have already had a PCE core for the Mini years ago Edit: I should have added that it's unlikely that we get a PCE from Analogue that has any CD support outside of just allowing you to attach the actual peripheral just like the Mega Sg. I think Kev would find a way to fit SuperGrafx into the system, but without built in CD functionality, it's a no go for me, and prob a lot of others. Too many good games, too few CD units and too expensive for what is out there.
  13. That's a good point, but the N64 is kinda unique in that it's like the ultimate party system. Four player Mario Kart, GoldenEye, Mario Party etc etc. Perfect for any living room, and not something that is necessarily just relegated to your game room.
  14. I think it needs to be N64 or PS1 if they want to keep peoples interest. I'd personally prefer a 64, but PS1 I think makes the most sense.
  15. That's where I'm at too. I plan on using my MiSTer in my game room with my CRT's and still have all the Analogue stuff in my living room with my flatscreen, so even though the GBA core on MiSTer is pretty nice, I still have a use for the Pocket. Hoping some other stuff get's ported over to it too, but past the Pocket I'm not sure where they go or if it's something I'll be interested in. Time will tell.
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