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  1. 14 hours ago, BrianC said:

    I have a TMSS model 1 with excellent sound quality and it doesn't have the rainbow banding that the Mega SG has when using composite via the DAC. S-Video looks awesome, though. Super NT doesn't have the issue with composite. 

    Not every non TMSS model 1 has it (from what I understand anyway), but you're far more likely to find it in one of those. I'm fairly certain Kev used a non TMSS Genesis as the reference for the Mega Sg so he could emulate the sound of those systems accurately, and so apparently whatever that reference was had the rainbow banding issue as well. I wouldn't expect it from the Super Nt since the SNES never had that issue, nor would I have expected it to be an issue with the DAC. I'm not sure what component causes the banding or how big of an effort it would be to rework that piece, but I would have liked to see a model 2 as the source for video, and the non TMSS model 1 for the audio. I can't envision him going back and making what I would assume to be a major change like that at this point though, if it's even possible to frankenstein it together like that.

  2. 11 minutes ago, NE146 said:

    Interesting. I'd be curious to check it out.. any particular examples? Granted I don't do the PVM thing but I do do the shitty $60 consumer CRT thing so I'm wondering how the megasg+dac would compare to an actual Genesis over composite for any instances of that banding..

    Just start up any game. White text looks all rainbowy (for lack of a better word) for instance. It's easy to see, but the Sonic waterfall would be another. It looks like a rainbow. May not be as prominent on a consumer set as my BVM or Ikegami, but it's def not good. It's like the worst of the Model 1 consoles (my non TMSS one does this too) in this regard.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Kaide said:

    1280 * 3 = 3840

    720 * 3 = 2160


    Can't do it with a 1080p display, but a 4K display should be able to integer scale 720p just fine. At least on mine, the input lag is the same for 720p and 1080p, so I just run at 720p.

    I thought when he revisited scanlines some time back that he broke what was working pretty well on 720p? I may be misremembering, but regardless, this is one area where MiSTer def has a better implementation (at 1080p no less) and I would really like to have that for the Analogue consoles. Seems to me like it should be a priority item.

  4. 3 minutes ago, CZroe said:

    Not sure what you are saying about vertical scrolling with scanlines. The issue I recall was that the lines would bisect/split pixels that have been scaled up. That might make for some funny artifacts with vertical scrolling as rows of pixels expand and contract when scrolling past lines that are supposed to land between them, but the dark lines themselves should not scroll.


    If the entire screen scrolls up or down (like dropping into another screen on Mega Man, or flying up in Mario 3...you may be able to use the vertical scroll test in 240p test suite to replicate it as well, but I don't recall trying it) the scanlines disappear while that transition is occurring. I know all the Analogue implementations do, and I'm pretty sure MiSTers does as well, so it may just be a limitation to what can be done.

  5. 3 minutes ago, NE146 said:

    You know what the Mega SG+DAC does that the Mister doesn't do very easily? 1) Plug in an actual Crusader of Centy cart and 2) play it on a consumer CRT over composite

    I will say that using composite with the DAC is not a great experience. Kev seems to have perfectly replicated a very bad Model 1 Genesis composite output (which, respect, but not really what I was looking for) in the sense that there is a lot of rainbow banding or whatever you call it. Unless this was revisited, it's not a great way to play.

  6. Also, since Kev doesn't seem to bother with this thread much if at all anymore, I'm wondering if there have been any updates on Discord that anyone could share? For instance, with the original Mini, the GB and GBC cores were not in a very good state. I can recall specifically the Mega Man X games for GBC were badly broken. Is there any news of whether the GB and GBC cores on the Noir have been updated given the work that has gone on with the Pocket? Or any of the other cores for that matter? Has any of the work that was done when the Mini was revisited with the Noir led to any uh huh moments or fixes/enhancements to any other cores? 

  7. If we are pointing out issues that need resolved still though, I will mention one that still kinda blows my mind. Scanlines, at least the last time I checked (I've not fooled around with my Noir yet because FedEx held it for nearly a week before finally delivering it last Friday, and I was gone that weekend and busy with other things) are still not in an acceptable place. To me this is the biggest issue because it is something that you think would be a big priority since it is something that can be applied across their entire product line. 


    And on a side note regarding scanlines....is it possible (in theory) for them to be applied when games scroll vertically? For instance, I like to play a lot of Mega Man titles and when you jump down into a new area for instance, the screen scrolls vertically and the effect is lost. It really kinda ruins the effect for me in general, yet I do like scanlines better than no scanlines. If I recall, MiSTer's scanlines do the same thing, so maybe it's just a limitation on what is possible.

  8. 2 hours ago, blzmarcel said:

    I think the issue might be that the Sg and Super Nt are based around 16-bit consoles (vs the Nt being based around an 8-bit console), so many might believe they would be more powerful systems and hence be able to do more, which doesn't feel like an unreasonable general expectation. It certainly came as a surprise to me to find out that the Nt Mini is more capable than it's 16-bit bigger brothers.

    It's not actually any more capable at all. They all run off the same hardware as I understand it. They just decided to give the Noir (and the Mini before it) much more. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Steven Pendleton said:

    Yeah, even looking at the render, it's clearly gun metal grey. Speaking of that, a lot of the renders on their website, not just for the Nt mini, have terrible lighting.

    I wouldn't say it's clearly grey because you can look at other black renders on their site and they look very similar, prob due to the lighting as you say. I guess they get off on a technicality though because they did list it as such, even though probably nobody even noticed. I still haven't gotten mine yet (apparently FedEx came yesterday, even though I was here all day....and then of course they just decided to not even bother coming today), but the pics I've seen do look nice.

  10. 4 hours ago, Toth said:

    I thought it was known it would be more like that than the original black?  It says anodized with a gunmetal finish on the website.  Either way, I'm jealous. I don't even have a shipping notice yet. 

    I have a black one and it looks blacker than the pics I've seen. That is what I would have expected, but we'll see when it gets here I guess.

  11. Thanks for that. It's interesting there wasn't the usual media blitz this time around with the Duo announcement. I looked at a handful of articles from the usual sites and they were all just vanilla stuff basically restating the Analogue press release. No interviews with Taber or anything like that. Not sure why, but interesting observation.

  12. That's interesting, although I do recall Kev specifically not doing the PCE core previously because of some toxicity from that crowd. Perhaps that played into this, but if they have other ppl capable of this there then I'd like to start seeing all of these issues from previous consoles addressed.

  13. 1 hour ago, XtraSmiley said:

    I'll respectfully disagree. Sega CD is the next easiest thus logical step. I would tell you to not hold your breath on a PS1, after all, even Sony has decided they are passing on it.


    I would venture a guess that Kevtris might be trying to come up with a 32x solution as well, but this might be a reach!

    I mean, anything is possible, but the way you stated it made it seem like you thought they could just slap a CD drive on it and it would be ready to go, which is not he case. It would be quite a bit of effort and that's why they didn't do it to begin with. For PCE it literally was just slapping a CD drive on it for the most part, so it was a lot easier to justify. Also, I kinda suspect the idea to do this may have at least been partially motivated by wanting to help fill out the Pocket with PCE and they figured, what the hell, lets release the Duo as well. I simply don't see them going backwards and revisiting Sega. It's going to be onward to something else, and PS1 is most likely due to install base and practicality of implementation IMO.

  14. 1 hour ago, XtraSmiley said:

    Hopefully Kevtris gets this core a little closer to perfect and I'm guessing after the MSG sells out, they will do a new run with a CD ROM attachment (like this) with a new shell and, BOOM Mega SG CD is born...

    That would require writing a whole new core for the Sega CD, whereas, if I recall correctly, the PCE CD was really just a drive an that's about it. I wouldn't hold your breath on that, but I do believe the logical next step will be a PS1.

  15. 2 minutes ago, NE146 said:

    Aside from the NT Mini, Kev has never said anything about a jailbreak. And Analogue has never supported nor acknowledged any jailbreak.. period. 


    That said, they all got it. I wouldn't worry too much. :)

    Just to clarify, cuz I'm not sure if you're referring to the Noir when you say the Mini, but Kev did say (it was either here or on Discord....Discord I believe) the Noir was getting the jailbreak. So we're def good there, but as you say, no real reason to worry based on history.

  16. 1 minute ago, konradklaus said:

    I could really see the Noir, Pocket, and Duo not having jailbreak firmware.

    I know for a fact Kev confirmed the jailbreak will be back for the Noir. I thought I saw something about the Pocket too, but I may be misremembering. Regardless, based on historical precedence, I'm fairly certain it will be a thing. The only thing I think probably won't happen is CD support for the Pocket.

  17. 12 minutes ago, Atariboy said:

    Nobody is forcing Analogue to make this newly announced system a limited time item.

    Also btw, I'm not sure that's actually even what is going on. They've promised more Pocket pre-orders and I would assume the same for the Duo as well. Time will tell I guess, but I don't think there's any evidence to suggest otherwise based on what they've said.

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