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  1. On that first pic, 7 from the left you can see a bunch of solder and what not, but the pin looks like it was snapped off. You can see how all of the other pins are raised up, thats the pin actually resting on the board. For that one though, it isn't there. The second pic is from the other side of the adapter and just looks like the one pin wasn't soldered as well. Or maybe you're saying the spikes aren't the actual pin? I don't know....I haven't soldered something in 20 years and don't really claim to know what I'm talking about, but just looking at this thing, those are the two anomalies.
  2. I hear you and I can't really argue with what you're saying. I think the thing that just has me in an especially foul mood is that I was really looking forward to FINALLY (see a few posts back of mine) playing Wonder Boy III with FM sound, and then boom, no SMS....it just figures right?
  3. Well, I went ahead and took some pics but I can't figure out how to post them here. I uploaded to google drive and drop box and I keep getting an error when I try to either load the image via URL or just add a URL. Anyone have advice on how I can upload images? Edit: I guess in the meantime I can just paste the URL to the pics here even if they won't be a clickable link. Edit 2: I guess I don't need to actually use the link feature and can just paste the link in here....alrighty then Edit 3: Forgot to point out what I'm seeing. In the first pic 7 from the left is the pin that isn't there anymore, or 90% of it anyway. Pic 2, 4 from the left is the one with what looks to be a not so great solder job. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T8grcXRNcf42hXlX6hpuvPsMOdx6myZh https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cLanJFS0pVUo2aThd573WOgraf0hDG1-
  4. Let's see what they say, but just looking at it, on some of the pins there is black specs of stuff, and then there's that one pin that doesn't appear to be there. Again though, that may be by design, I don't know. But then there is another pin where it doesn't look like there's much if any solder on it either.
  5. On a side note regarding the shipping. I actually ordered an EUR version and received what I should have, so happy there. But I was not impressed with the packaging. I can't recall how the Super Nt was packaged, but I know the Nt Mini had a nice box with foam inserts that the second box fit into. The Mega Sg came in a box with a bunch of paper and the actual system box poorly wrapped with crappy bubble wrap. One of the corners on that box is smashed in a little bit because of this poor pack job. Now, while I wasn't happy to see that knowing how they've packaged things in the past, it isn't a game changer or anything, but they really should have their shipping settled by now. It's embarrassing frankly, and I'm embarrassed for them.
  6. If they would have just replied to my initial email with a list of things to try (and actually read my email to see what I had done), including making sure I clean my carts and insert the adapter the right way, it wouldn't be an issue and I'd expect that. Instead though, they've dicked around through multiple emails now asking me to do simple things I've already said I've done. This isn't the first time I've had a less than pleasant experience with their support either mind you. As for other methods to test, unfortunately the only other thing I have is a power base converter, but that obviously won't fit unfortunately. Hopefully they get the picture and just send me a new adapter...
  7. Yes, I've updated it. I'm going through the run around with support (and frankly it's starting to piss me off....they ignore what I tell them and treat me like I'm a 5 year old that has never played video games before, which is funny since they like to brag about how they sell to an "enthusiast market"....I guess us enthusiasts don't know to try to clean a cartridge if you're having problems, or the proper way to insert one) right now, but basically it appears to me that the adapter is junk. Looking at it, the soldering doesn't seem that great on a few of the pins, and one of them seems to have snapped off. Not sure if that's by design or not, but knowing how these consoles work, and that I'm not having issues with Genesis carts, I'm fairly certain it's the adapter. Also, to answer a previous posts question to me, it isn't any particular cart so far as I can tell, but the ones I've tried are Wonder Boy III, Golvelius, Zaxxon 3D and Blade Eagle 3D. Basically just grabbed a few after Wonder Boy didn't work.
  8. I was really looking forward to popping Wonder Boy III in and playing with FM sound. My damn SMS is one of the revisions that with the FM mod should work (it's just an issue with Wonder Boy III, other games work), but some don't, and of course mine doesn't. Had a couple people look at it every which way, but no dice. Then with the NT Mini I could never get it working, and I think that was the case for just about everyone if I recall. I wonder if whatever lessons learned here with FM sound can be applied back to the NT Mini to get it working there.....
  9. So, am I the only one who can't get SMS games to work? I've tried 4 cartridges, all freshly cleaned and known to work and none of them will boot. The Mega SG appears to be booting the SMS core though because when I got to core options all I see is the option to enable/disable FM sound. The one Genesis cartridge I've tried works fine, but none of the SMS carts. I'm on the 4.2 firmware.
  10. Couldn't agree more with this and it pains me that so many in the gaming community seem to think that commerce is evil.
  11. I don't know what the beef is between the two crowds, and frankly I don't care either, but I gotta admit I got a nice chuckle out of you "having no horse in the race", then proceeding to dump on Analogue and it's fans.
  12. That sounds like a lot of speculation on their part. Analogue had said that they wouldn't limit what people do with the SD slot before, but they have never confirmed any such thing at any point for any of their systems. On top of that, if this were actually a thing, surely they would have told any of the other publications that they spoke to.
  13. I too noticed that they referred to it as "classic" when I was pre-ordering my Mega Sg earlier. I hadn't noticed the price though. There may be hope for another batch yet....
  14. Kev added support for the Famicom Network controller and in my admittedly limited experience using it on the Mini's Coleco core, it works just fine. As for the NTT Data controller, I can't recall if Kev added support for it or not, but I wanna say he did because he said he used it in testing quite a bit himself. I think he may have even planned to release a dongle for it along with the cart adapters, but obviously those never happened. I'm sure you could make your own though, and given Kev is such a nice guy, he may even be able to provide some info on how to do it. As for the raphnet adapters, I want to say they won't work because you need the extra pins or whatever that the expansion port has (I seem to recall a past conversation here about that), but I really don't know and I'm sure some other guys on here that are more knowledgeable about that stuff could answer that. All that said, the NTT Data controllers seem to be really hard to find, while the Famicom Network controllers are easier to find (at least they were a year or so ago when I bought mine) and provide the same functionality as far as the Mini is concerned. I still keep an eye out for the NTT Data controller in hopes that a core store hits the Super NT some day, but other than that it's not necessary IMO. On a side note, if you get the Famicom Network controller, the NeoGeo controller extensions will work for it.
  15. If they rerelease the Mini in some capacity, a pack in (or exclusive run) dogbone, with just the A and B buttons, would be awesome. I love me some dogbone and really don't want to play NES any other way.
  16. Edit: scratch that post. I was thinking saves, not save states which are different, so point taken.
  17. Yes, I can't confirm that's what it was (and really I don't care what it was because the end result of a fried PPU is the same regardless) because A) I wouldn't have the knowledge to determine that, and B) neither SAG or Retrofixes quite had an answer. That said, I've no need for one anyway since I have a Mini, so I'll be staying away. However, the claim that an Everdrive has never blown anything up is not true from my experience. On a side note, thinking back on this (it happened March of last year, so been a lil while) I don't think I actually used the N8 on my Mini. I had an old toaster laying around that I ended up setting the new one up on. Not that there would really be any need to use an Everdrive on a Mini, but just throwing that out there for the sake of accuracy.
  18. It was an N8. And I don't care what you do with your systems and you can believe what you want to believe, but I won't be using them.
  19. Yes, it was legit, I purchased it from SAG. They don't know what caused it and paid for a replacement as well as the fee to have my NES shipped out to my modder to fix, so at least they took care of me. That said, I don't trust them. I ended up setting it up for my buddy using my Mini, but that'll be the last time I touch one. Edit: for what it's worth, I was just looking back at my emails with them and whatever happened fried the Everdrive as well. So I guess I got a bad unit, but frying my childhood top loader that I just had RGB modded was too traumatic to bother trying again
  20. People claim an Everdrive has never fried a system, but that is untrue because one fried the PPU on my NES. I bought one for a friend and was setting it up and it destroyed it immediately. I won't put another one of those things (at least the NES one) in my systems.
  21. Start from here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242970-fpga-based-videogame-system/?p=3961632 Edit: rereading your post, it sounds like maybe you just went back a few pages and did a ctrl-f. You can actually search the entire thread if you scroll to the top of the page and type in your search criteria in the search box.
  22. I believe someone (perhaps a couple people) said it was working some pages back. Try doing a search on the thread.
  23. I do the same, but I still have hiccups with original hardware and the Mini was just forget about it....
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