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  1. I doubt that...just because it's more expensive doesn't mean it makes them more money.
  2. Well they said one final Nt Mini run so would have to assume that's exactly what they'd do. If they were to release a new product then they wouldn't limit it, nor would they bother with another Nt Mini release. If they did another Nt Mini run, then turned around and released an NES variant similar to the Super Nt and Mega Sg, people would be bitching.
  3. Interestingly, this would seem to confirm there is no upcoming Analogue 8, or at least it's not an NES. I doubt they'd bother with another Nt Mini run if so.
  4. If they said that then it should be news. Where did they say that? At the bottom of the petition there is an update that has a quote from Analogue saying they'd do it. I don't know if anyone can just post there and it's trolling or what. Seems sketchy. Edit: dunno if that is a screenshot of a DM or something they author had with Analogue? Either way, kinda weird....If they do it though, I'd like to see some more colors.
  5. Then what did it "fix?" Sorry, misread that and thought it was a Mega Sg update.
  6. Gonna have to assume he means it won't work through the Krikzz cart on the Mega Sg.
  7. Regarding that $3300 Nt Mini auction, I see it was relisted. I guess either some drunken reveler came to their senses, or that person has multiple units.
  8. On that note, someone bought an Nt Mini last night on eBay for $3300....let that sink in....smdh
  9. That and jealousy I'd presume. I would also like to second this. While the haters are always going to be the loudest, there are still plenty of people out here enjoying your work and anxiously awaiting whatever lies in the future. Thanks for all you do (and have done), and happy New Year!
  10. Which is why I was using 720p, but when using scanlines I'm getting halo's around images and the lines are not right either. It's kinda hard to explain, but it's immediately obvious. It does not do this without them or using them on 1080p.
  11. What about em scanlines? I don't recall what others here were saying the issue was, but I fired mine up the other day for the first time in a while and noticed the scanlines were all messed up in 720p. Cant remember if I had played it since I updated the last firmware or just updated it and set it aside....
  12. That's a good point. Perhaps in the future they'll release their code. That would be the best of both worlds. And btw, I don't think Taber is perfect either. He's said some cringy things (just recently about the cart adapters FFS) that I don't care for, but so to do I not think he's some Snidely Whiplash using Kevtris work to take advantage of people.
  13. Wasn't trying to stir anything up, just disappointed with some of the responses I've seen. Hopefully as more information is available things will change, if not, the product offers more than enough as is.
  14. Basically, I think it boils down to certain folk looking at a guy like Taber and thinking "you didn't build that". And they're right in a sense, these products would not be possible if not for Kevtris work, but at the same time, running a business isn't exactly some kind of mindless work. If it were, everyone would do it.
  15. I can respect that stance, but I don't think it was arrived at from any sort of unbiased position. It seems like they're outright hostile to some "evil" corporation "stealing" and profiting off their work and have formed their opinion from the get go. I mean it was, what, a couple hours maybe after news had dropped and that was the reaction? Nobody really knew anything then, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions now. Regardless, I won't be losing sleep over whether or not the cores are ported. It would be nice if they were, but if not, they have their reasons and thats fine by me.
  16. That was basically what I saw one of them was saying (I think it was Rysha....I'm not really up on the scene) said on Discord the other day. Which is funny to me because the hardware that that project runs on is manufactured and subsidized by some doubleplusungood corporation, who no doubt does it for the nefarious means of making a profit. And I seem to recall seeing similar sentiments regarding Kevtris and Analogue work in the past as well.
  17. Analogue is an evil corporation bro....😒
  18. Where did you find that quote btw? I read a handful of articles the day of and never saw it myself.
  19. Yes, their history in this regard concerns me. However, we're a long ways past the Nt Mini, and that presented it's own challenges anyway.....like being milled out a chunk of aluminum. And honestly, I'm not even sure the dock will drop with the initial run anyway, and if it doesn't, then it doesn't much matter to me. For now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but if they're reading this, there are gonna be a lotta pissed of people like myself (who has purchased all of the products since the Mini) if we miss out on a limited run because scalpers buy up all their stock. Just sayin'
  20. Yea, I meant to say there is NOW a GBA core...I edited it.
  21. I just had a thought....8Bitdo recently released the 2.4G Sega Mini set that uses USB. I'd like to see a USB receiver and a line of 2.4G controllers on top of the Genesis ones. Like an SNES controller and a 2.4G receiver would be nice 😁
  22. I would imagine it'll only be limited at launch (I mean, they want to make money right?), but the question then is how long until they restock. Time will tell I suppose.
  23. It's kinda interesting because they seem to be selling it as more of a traditional Game Boy. Like playing Game Boy games is the big thing. And it is I guess, but the biggest deal of all (at least to me) is that there is now a GBA core. I understand why they did it being that Game Boy is the OG, but if you did plan on using this to play on the go, as mentioned up thread, those shoulder buttons may be an issue for GBA games. Personally, I'll be using it (assuming I can get one when they release) on my TV and it won't matter either way, but I could see this design as being a let down if I was more interested in playing GBA on the go.
  24. This is just the announcement/reveal. I still expect a preorder. Their site says to sign up to be alerted to when it's available (not available for pre-order) and that there will be limited quantities. I'm just going by what they say.
  25. There is DAC support, and there is support for wired controllers (via dock) over USB. Not sure what if any lag USB introduces though....
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