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  1. Edit : Looks quite good on a shelf :
  2. Just got the prototype run. Made 20 box of old Yastuna 2, rather than 1 of the new games. Print quality is very good. When closed, the box twists less than standard template, even with no insert. But the prototype is not perfect : - dimensions are a bit too big (1 or 2 mm on each dimension), and it would probably be the same with standard template. This is because the factory asks for internal dimensions, and it is hard to estimate the thickness added by the cardboard. This is not a big issue as I will adjust dimensions for real runs. - I made a silly mistake on the side, reference number is FD20202 instead of FD2002 Will upload a video this afternoon...
  3. When I say thin, it is like a real box (around 300g/m2), and seems resistant. I will probable make a small run of 10 or 20 box, in order to check before taking a decision.
  4. I will soon release some of my games in physical form (more to come about this). I'm working on all the extra stuff, stickers, manual, box, deluxe edition, ... and I have a question about box. I made a quick & dirty tiny prototype, so the size is not good (will be the same size than a standard Lynx box). Also, the insert inside the box is missing (it would be a cardboard with a central hole for the Lynx cartridge, like card games). Here is a small footage : Well, now pros and cons as I can see them : + : easier to open the box and get the cartrige + : the inside can be printed (see video), even if maked by the insert + : same format than original box, so no difference on a shelve - not the original box & inserts - the front opens completely, and is thin (whereas sides and back are doubled) so may be more fragile than actual box if you manipulate it a lot of time. I have a sample - not the same locking system, but will be the same carboard - I opened and closed it maybe one hundred of time and no problem, it is flexible but seems resistant. Overall, price is quite the same, new option maybe a bit more expensive, but there would be no impact on final retail price.
  5. Is it the BJL version that was included in BJL ROM ? If so, it is a BJL file.
  6. Fadest

    Captain Harlynx

    Let's pray Leiji Matsumoto loves his Atari Lynx
  7. Fadest

    Captain Harlynx

    Maybe you could cheat and try to get the rights for this new french albator Comics ? Le dessinateur français Jérôme Alquié offre une seconde vie au Capitaine Albator (bfmtv.com)
  8. Will answer quickly : no Remember the current engine is based on Ynxa, which is a puzzle-platformer (10x6 tiles of 16x16 pixels). Would like to also have smaller tiles, or scroll, more sprites, and kind of scripting events but this is not the priority in short time.
  9. Don't try to fool me, you are a programmer, and a very good one What do you need about gravity ? Right now, there is a simple choice : gravity or no gravity (top/down like) For palette, there is less constraint now. Every graphical assets are still in 1 single file, but the palette is no more fixed. The tool will read and use the one generated by sprpck. Ennemy types is where ther are the more limits: there are only 3 graphical kinds right now. And moves are quite dumb : horizontal and/or vertical. So basically 3 kinds of move, and no collisions with decors for ennemies Yes the tool has limitations, but I have a sort of roadmap based on my wishes and beta-testers feedback, and from time to time I pick and add a feature. As you can see, there is an item "More ennemies in game + behaviours"
  10. Yes I know. In fact, I did not see it at first glance, but I thought a lens effect would be nice when sun is just in front, so I checked the sun instead of the car and road to try to imagine this effect, and I noticed the rolling background. I also noticed you have in fact more than 1 background cycling as some clouds are on another plan. At least 2 plans ?
  11. Wow, looks really nice. Just one minor remark on this video, as the background is cycling, when it is sunset background, there is more than one sun. But after all, maybe we are not on Earth, and this explains also the light gravity and big jumps But it is just to a minor thing (and probably temporary), it looks like a very fun racing arcade game.
  12. Thanks guys. I know graphisms are very important, and I don't want to hurt graphists sensibility, but right now, this is not my focus. Before harassing or commissionning someone, I prefer to be sure to have a solid technical foundation and a rather cool and playable engine. And also a main scenario direction (even if in this kind of game, it is usually thin like cigarette paper as we used to say in France - but it has impact on needed environment and foes - starship, laboratories, dungeons, ...) Then, when I will be sure I can turn it into a full game, I will look for options and budget for assets.
  13. I have only Xenocrisis on Xbox One and Evercade, so I don't know about MD standard pad. But I guess there is one button for firing (locked to the direction you had whil pressing button, like Llamatron I guess), 1 for grenade, and 1 for rolling
  14. I'd like to give many options for gameplay, right now, there is free shooting (in the direction you move - not really useful), and lock shot, so you can straf. I have seen in another topic that Total Carnage use numeric keypad, but not sure is really playable ? Pro controller With 4 buttons (like Xenocrisis on Xbox One/Evercade/..) may also work 2 controllers is one option. So I need to find a second controller and a pro controller
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