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  1. No big noticeable changes for a while. Spent some time on another project and something that is called "real work" I mostly worked on making the game more flexible : Now city/hotel/underground missions share the same code and are kind of scripted, so it is quite easy to add new one. But gameplay issues are stil there, and there is work on ennemies to do. Data Tracking and Hacking many games can nom load levels from ROM (I made an Excel level editor for Data Tracking, and use Tiled for Hacking) and still need polishing. Fujinet logon screen is done but nothing is ready after it : This week, I started the work on inventory module cause it will be needed in mission scripting (objects like weapons or ID Cards, Skills - for example : you won't be able to data Track if you do not have the helmet and skill, and some feture of data tracking will be locked) : I hope to have a new demo ROM soon, I need to polish some things before in gameplay. Edit : on music side, I decided to go with ABCMusic because it has a smaller memory use than Chipper.
  2. It is not the physical cart but the game program who support Comlynx (or not). So a SD card (Saint GD, Agacart, El cheapo) or whatever flashcard will not remove Comlynx feature. The main difference between SD card/Flashcard and real cartridges are for EEProm support (and IIRC, Saint GD v2 and El cheapo will have EEProm emulation), and big ROM (ie >512kb). Also, if some PCB have some kind of anti-piracy feature in hard, of course, it will not be replicated on SD cards.
  3. Fadest

    Wyvern Tales

    You should let your mail at the order list on the official site : http://wyverntales.com/
  4. From the rules of 128b intro :
  5. PSPS and PS Vita are not handheld devices ? I'd prefer a follow up to Ninja Golf rather than Brutal Sport...
  6. If it exists on ColecoVision it can be done on Lynx https://www.yaronet.com/topics/191695-colecovision-wind-edge
  7. Tennis would be my first choice (Final Match Tennis is the best one from that era), or a Kick Off like, but I'm too old for the speed of gameplay. One day, I'd like to make a Skateball clone (the one from UbiSoft/Epyx). We spent so many hours playing it with my cousin (even more than Speedball, because a team was only 2 players, no place for a dumb AI)
  8. Be careful, not everyone use QWERTY setup (QWERTZ, AZERTY,...). And all these setup have differents flavour...
  9. That is why I asked before publishing. My goal is not to make advertising or promotion (I don't even try, I really suck at this). I did not post in first intention outside itch.io (and did not activate it for public reasearch) or here. But as I said, until I decide to give up and go for a rather less ambitious project (which could one of the mini games made for this), may intention is to make an ambitious project, with many features (main missions in various environment, small games for hacking/data tracking, conversations, encyclopedia, RPG light feature like inventory, competences...) and it is quite hard to test all this alone. So putting routines in public can help me to have feedback. I do have intention to put the main scenario into the alpha release before official end of contest. Another reason is that maybe if I get some positive feedback, I will not give up on this one... And last year, we also had some insights before the end of the contest, On Duty, Nutmeg, Find a way to my heart we officially announced. It was easy to know that Assembloids and Growing Ties were in the contest... @Igor, there is also Karri's Lynxpad in the work that if public.
  10. The old flashcard from Karri allowed to flash via Comlynx, so without removing the flashcard, but was a bit slower than Lynxman's flashcard on this one, Bernd told me he put the connector on one side,because it would be dangerous to have the flashcard powered by Lynx and USB at the same time. I don't like SD card solution for development, I do not have a SD Card reader yet on my development PC
  11. Thanks, seems like he didn't catch the concept of Raid on Tricity
  12. You're not using the same method than me (I'm no expert in 6502 ASM, so I guess my code was not optimal), but basically, you set the bit with the same result I did. But whatever value I put in iodat, $FC8B,... with my code or your code (event with just trying to force read on second bank, without managing the directory information), it still reads from bank0. I feel stupid... I have probably spent more time on this problem than on some games prototype, and I get nothing...
  13. Thanks, this confims what I saw/understood. Do you confirm that AUDIN to use is bit 5 of IODAT and not AUDIN ?
  14. Generated the ROM with lynxdir1.91, the lyx bank2 is different, there is now a header and a directory structure. But values differs from directory in the 2 banks. Directory from bank1 seems to be accurate, if we consider bank 2 starts from block 0. Higher bit of offset is zeroed if file is in second bank (this is how to define if a file is in bank 0 or 1 I guess ?) So directory informations for a file should be read from bank0, and data from bank1 (this means switching AUDIN between reading of directory and data), right ?
  15. While using a 2 bank scheme with BLL/AUDIN, how do you switch to bank 2 ? From my understanding, it depends of bit 5 of IODAT : From Handy source code, where SwitchAudInValue is defined as "return (mIODAT&0x10);" case (RCART0&0xff) : if(mSystem.mCart->CartGetAudin() && mSystem.mMikie->SwitchAudInValue()) { retval=mSystem.Peek_CARTB0A(); } else { retval=mSystem.Peek_CARTB0(); } As far as I can see, the bit value (reading _iodat, or 0xFD8B) has no impact on result, it always read bank0. How and when this bit must be set. I tried during the FileSelectBlock routine, of before the peek of FCB2, but nothingchanges. I have checked the directory structure in the LNX file, the "file start block" value is increrasing until it switches to files in bank 2 (it restarts from 0), which is fine for me. Whatever the value of bit 5 of iodat is, it always read files in 1st bank. I'm using lynxdir 1.6, newcc65 and BLL librairies (and routines from file_bs3.c included with Chipper release, but the file is older than inclusion of AUDIN bank switching in LynxDir, so it is normal it does not work from scratch). I tried on several versions of Handy (old 0.95 which probably doesn't handle it, this year recompîled version from LordKraken), last version of Mednafen, on real Lynx with Bernd's flashcard... but nothing. Seems there is something I didn't understand, but I haven't found documentation on this feature. Is there somewhere a tutoriel or source code to handle this in BLL in C ?
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