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  1. Just a sidenote, if this happen, it would be a 0% programmation tool (neither in ASM, C, LUA, Basic or Cobol), so of course very limited. Right now, it can create puzzle/platform, a bit like Ynxa, with even more limitations than Ynxa (only 1 personnage, no progression, ...) But I guess talented graphists and level designers could do something nice. I mean better than this :
  2. Ok, I will think about it. Or rather, I will ask my boss (*) if I can afford to think about it But don't expect a versatile tool, it will a collection of tool be make a platformer with no extra code customization and no pretty IHM. I could quite easily turn it into a top/down creation tool by removing gravity and changing control scheme, and maybe add an auto-scroll feature, but this will not be soon. (*) Yes, being my own boss, this is kind of schizophrenia between the crazy developper that want to do new stuff, and the responsible me that want to see ongoing stuff completed and on sale.
  3. Ok, more than an article (or in conjunction with an article), would some people be interested in strip down version of Ynxa engine, with let say these features : - customizable title/end/pause screens - customizable ABC Music - only 1 personnage : jump/double jump & fire abilities (customisable sprites) - customizable ennemies (but still dumb, just like in Ynxa) - customizable tileset - customizable levels (let say a limit with less of 16 levels) Packaged with all needed tools (sprpck, lynxdir, object engine, Excel templates, batch files) and tutorials ?
  4. Seems like I can make a "How to create an Ynxa level" because I already wrote pretty all the stuff (only constraints are missing). But is there an interest for people as this is very specific to a single game ?
  5. Here is what my Excel files look like (still level 42) : I just have to click on "Button 1" to generate the level (the name is in B29 cells, could use filename also) I just save as binary cells B2:AE25 without any compression as they are quite small (720 bytes) but of course, this could/should be optimised (I waste space if I do not have gems, ennemies, doors or switches). It is also easier to load, I load it in a 24x30 array and read it. Once again, it is a balance between praticity (just adress the good cell) and optimisation (make a loading routine that decrypt a better optimised level and store infos). Excel macro : Sub Bouton1_Clic() ' open the file and write the records Open "C:\Lynx\Yastuna0\Ynxa\LVL2\" + Range("B29").Value + ".ynx" For Binary As #1 For Each c In Range("B2:AE25") Put #1, , CByte(c) Next c Close #1 End Sub I also have Excel files and macros for C37 descriptions files, but they are a bit more complex, and very specific. Edit : so now, everyone should be able to hack Ynxa ROM
  6. I export to CSV, copy/paste into an Excel template, add some infos by hand (gems, ennemies x/y + movements, doors and destination, swiches and cells impacted), and export to a binary file via a button and a macro. This is semi automatisation, could be far better (at work, I would ask my developpers to make a less manual solution :D) but it fit my needs, and it is easier to adjust a level by changing values in Excel afterwards while debuuging.
  7. Yes, this is not the usual another Tetris clone. In fact, codename was TetrisNoid, but I guess infringing 2 copyrightes names is not better than once (just like the Tetris Raiden I made for Lynx - that had very few in common with Tetris & Raiden in fact - renamed in Raid over Tri City). I don't kown for Firefox, does other NES games like FROM BELOW - A Real NES Game! by mhughson (itch.io) work (another Tetris variation) ? But if you want to play the game on an amulator or real NES, the ROM is now downloadable from itch.io page.
  8. Some news about the upcoming version of Ynxa. The prologue has been redone from scratch. The Path of which were the main part of previous release are still here, but now there will be 4 level per Path of instead of 3. Just have a look on the new level 42 from Path of Discovery : And how to play it for those who don't know the game, check the GIF on Twitter (spoiler inside of course, but level will probably differ a bit in final version) https://twitter.com/YastunaL/status/1366805002312892417 But, once you go throuh all the abilities, now another game will start, you will have to go through a very big level (28 times bigger than a classic one, but don't worry, a switch will not have effect at the other side of the big level :D)
  9. No, and it was preInternet for everyone, so I guess it is lost (maybe in some franch magazine of fanzine ?) Now, you could find it many times on Instagram
  10. Keeping money for a trip to Ithacca is good enough
  11. v0.5 (Story mode) is playable online. The Story Mode is a platformer game (based on personnages and mechanisms from my Atari Lynx game Ynxa, but with some challenges playable via main game engine) Downloadable Rom should be available soon.
  12. Great news. I hope it will make its way to my older MiST.
  13. Fadest


    Right now, this is just some great assets from ansimuz (on itch.io) and Raptor underground work. I have just put some code in order to tell which sprite to display, and tell if sprite or background is moving... Nothing really complex.
  14. Fadest


    All layer on this demo are 4bits, and use a different palette (so 4 layers, and the monk spritesheet). So this is exactly what you want to do with Metal Slug. To be clear, this is just a (rather) quick tech test made this afternoon, maybe it will turn into a game, or maybe not. And no, the mouse is not in the game
  15. I did not even see it in your picture. Is it still brand new ? I remember we had a contest to win a Falcon in France on milk bottles, but never saw something like this for the Lynx.
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