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  1. What's included : - 40 levels - continue option - save progression on EEprom every 10 levels - music (well, kind of music, you can mute it via Option 2) : 3 "tracks" changing every 4 or 5 levels - SFX - pause - french & english manual What's missing before official release : - better music ? - some improvements - bugs correction (if there are still remaining bugs) Have fun : https://fadest.itch.io/a-bugs-lynx
  2. 7 registered people rught now. I guess we already know 3 of them : you, LordKraken, me It would be great if, like previous year contest and SV2k19 contest, it brings new dev to the community.
  3. I'm also thinking of what I could do. As said on Twitter, in 1990, the future was Cyberpunk (dark, mega corporation, hacking...). But also, in 2040, I will be retired, so I guess a game where you have nothing to do on a paradisiac island is a good projection of what I was thinking of 2040 30 years ago (seems like I don't changed my mind)
  4. If you want a taste of Tempest on the Lynx, just find an old pair of blue/red 3D glasses and have a look on Ouragan : https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/Ouragan/556279747
  5. Fadest


    I guess that every 17 games are now licensed by Songbird, since Carl acquired rights for a lot of license last year. My opinion : I have heard of Evercade before but was not interested, now, with those Songbird titles (and especially for post Atari releases), I am really interested.
  6. Do you mean the multicart from Saint ? There is no Lynx 1/Lynx 2 version. The only thing is that cased version cannot be used with Lynx 1 with door. But you can remove the enclosure if you want.
  7. No news for a while, neither here or on french forum I know he was travelling a lot for his job some time ago.
  8. Other pictures of Rygar's stuff, even with the 4 Lynx stand (for comlynxed games) : https://web.archive.org/web/20160330063956/http://jeanphilippe.garin.perso.neuf.fr/realisation hard.html
  9. You probably mean this (there is the dxf file to use with appropriate machine) : Personnaly, I use a display stand found on Thingiverse for 8 cartridges : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3827191 It was very useful at the RGC to showcase Atari Gamer contest stuff : There are other ones : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3326183
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_2600 : I guess it can halp when you come to licensing issues
  11. In fact, this is a photo album Next batch should go on wednesday.
  12. For your information, 4 parcels sent yesterday (Nop, LordKraken, Jum and Karri). @Igor, @KevinMos3, I will send you once I have all the extra wanted (should be soon if I'm not too lazy) @enthusi, @laoo Can you send me your postal adress ? @VladR, @drludos Did not get answer from you. Are you interested ?
  13. I guess everything has been said on presentation (or should be continued in contest topic). This topic is here to help Nop to present and get feedback on game. I don't remember if I played original NES game before (I knew it for sure, so I probably started it at least once), so I can't compare. And this is a good thing, as I think it is better that the game gets its own taste and feature. Only played 1 level in normal mode (and a bit the tutorial) and the game in n°3 in my todo list of SV entries (SillySis already done, I have to complete LoveJoy prologue before). I like what I have see until now, the package is top class (menus, animations...) and the game plays rather well from my tiny experience. As Kevin says, we have to learn by experience what is good and not good, but I guess a manual will be done, so it is not a real problem. Comlynxed mode ? It should be fun. Do you intend it to be a 2 or 4 players game ? If you want to see a multiplayer mode with mowind and (???) zombies, you can check GroovyBee's Zombow. (not sure Zombies are needed in a gardening game in 2020 :D)
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