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  1. You'd better try to port GeOS from the C64.
  2. Apart Duranik with Alpine Games and Bonus cartridge, I wonder if someone used more than 16 colors while ingame ? http://duranik.com/lynx.html For me, Alpine Games is a masterpiece, the best game in Lynx library (commercial era and homebrews) (but maybe I'm biased, Winter Games was my first game on my first computer :D )
  3. Fadest

    Rolling Thunder

    Is it a mookup, or a screenshot from indev version ?
  4. Nice addition. As I'm curious, I checked my games entries, and the most played on your site is... Teen Dance Wonder why I continue to put spaceships and bugs in my other games
  5. No offense But I guess I could spend 2 years trying to learn music that I wound not be able to produce an entertaining song But maybe I'm wrong as I have never really tried...
  6. Thanks you. Did you try the lastest version ? The tutorial is display before the game start unless you switch the tutorial option to Off in the menu (in a previous one, tutorial was only display via option menu or in game). I agree 100% with you for the No music option (Lynx output is allways on mute on my Lynx :D). The game is only a 2 week effort (in fact, a bit less I guess). So as said before, I didn't want to release it with no music at all, but achievements that unlock new music that are not in the game So I took 2 simple tracks from Rygar's first tries with ABC Music, the track I made for Space Lock, and the 3 tracks TurboLaserLynx was kind anough to send me for Space Dance. For an hypothetical physical release, I will need other music (if someone want to make ABCMusic, please send me a mail or PM). Yes, I have already thought of a deluxe edition (with cards or tiles), but as this is not my game and I have not been able to get in touch with the boardgame author (the game is a free print & play but I guess the license does not give the right to sell it)...
  7. The game is really nice. Maybe the jetpack is a bit powerfull (should decrease a bit quicker I think), and sometimes jump are a bit frustrating, so I usually prefer to play mostly with jetpack. A cool option would be to have ability slide (with down direction) under obstacles (maybe after some levels).
  8. 2 weeks, not 1, but yes, this is quite good. C37 had a boost due to @Clint Thompson tweet and youtube video. Strange, as most of the traffic came from other itch.io contestants download pages during the 1st week, I thought we had all the same range of downloads.
  9. FYI, itch.io tells that this is my most downloaded game, but not the most seen (C37 had many updates, this must explain this) : Ynxa and both Yastuna were widely available before I went to itch.io so that's why the donlad number is low. Fun to see that Raid on TriCity has more views than A Bug's Lynx, but less downloads.
  10. In fact, more than number of voters (or final result), what is really important for me is feedback. Working alone on a game implies you don't see some broken features or flaws in game design. Having feedback is really important, as you and some others gave here or via PM.
  11. "Stupid is as stupid does" would be useless as a non secret achievement in my opinion, and I quite like it... "The Big Thing" should probably be public and not secret.
  12. Same here, I have vote for all the other games. I'd love to see an expanded version of SillySis (definitively did not deserve the last place) with more levels, but I guess I must be the only one (or one of the few )
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