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  1. Seems like nobody took a picture during the RGc when we tried to play my game. Well, it is a kind of game I have never done before, and I guess it will be different from other entries. Now it is more playable and who knows, as there will be 250 peoples voting without playing only on the basis of a projection, with some nostalgia, I can get some points Never went to a big coding party, are people really interested in projection ? During AC/RGC, I guess that there only a few person who listen and look at presentations.
  2. The Lynx stand is great. After I knew I won't get one from the contest, I ordered 4 or them for the RGC and they are perfect, ideal for a consolised Lynx with Mc Will and DB9 mod.
  3. Tiled is a very great tool. I wish I had something like that when I was younger and started so many games on my atari ST that ended because of lack of levels or because I spent too many time in trying to write a specific level edit and lose motivation. @Turbo Laser Lynx I guess it is useless to send you levels now, you aready have everything you need ? Can't wait to see your game, seems it is the kind of game I will like.
  4. For the future, maybe you could used Tiled with CSV export ? This is the way I used it for Ynxa, then paste in Excel, add some level specific information and a macro to export as binary for loading from the cartridge. For A Bug's Lynx, I made an Excel tempate with layers (background, walls, doors) and a macro to generate the binary file.
  5. @enthusi @Nop90 I'm waiting for your adress. To all, just note that as France is going on strike on thursday, I prefer to wait and see how it goes before sending parcels. I hope it will not last for weeks, or you will get it after Christmas.
  6. I guess it was guys from the Z-team (troudki and ???). They wanted to see and test the game. They were pleased to see their old title screen alive reworked by marss on a new game. They played the first level and fould it fun. They took some pictures and we spoke a bit about the fact their initial game did not pass the cut for the editor.
  7. Only A Bug's Lynx as new release. Other games on sale were both Yastuna Did someone noticed the small book on the bottom right ? This is a manual of all games from the competition, based on AtariGamer promotional post and description on website. I have 11 of them, 1 is for me, 1 is for Igor, 1 already reserved by LordKraken. So other coders, if you want one, please send me your postal adress and I will send it to you. An example of Find a way to my heart pages :
  8. I think my stand helped Rafal, BennVenn and McWill future sales of flash cards and screen, more than interest in homebrews
  9. He liked Ynxa, A bug’s Lynx, LynxQuest, On Duty. Found 4TTude interesting (but he sucks at playing). So I guess he is quite honest... And I think my game is crap also. I will change 1 or 2 gameplay element before submission, it may be more enjoyable.
  10. Verdict from my son : this is crap... At this moment I wonder if I have something to submit...
  11. Direct from the french RGC : Had a talk this morning with authors of original On Duty on phone. They were please to put their hands on Lynx version.
  12. I have something that display stuff on screen, it is playable (I mean, when you use joypad, it moves), there is gameplay (scoring and so on), no victory condition (but it is not so important), but the main problem is that I don't find it really fun. This is not really the kind if game I would play (never think you can make a game from a tech demo of you don't really want to play it :D), and the main problem is that right now, it needs 2 Lynx and 2 players (but with a limited Comlynx at this time) to know it has some potential of fun... So we will see this WE duting the RGC if someone find it interesting, and which adjustments it needs...
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