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  1. If this is Assembloids, I want to resign from the contest, be included in the jury and vote for you
  2. No problem, this is just the reason why I asked for help. Thanks you very much. We got so much english/american games in the 80's with very bad/poor translation in french, but this is not a reason to call for revenge
  3. You can find a public beta ROM 0.1 here : https://www.yaronet.com/topics/190730-atari-lynx-30th-birthday-programming-competition#post-14 The forum is in french but you can use english also. Basically, the engin game is 95% done, 11 on 31 levels files are done. It includes the prologue (10%% done - I used to spend 10-12 minutes to complete it 100% but you can skip it after maybe 5 minutes), and 2 "tracks" on 9 of the main game (a tracks consist of more complex levels chained) The goal is to make 5-10 more levels (2-3 tracks) for submission, and maybe complete the game, maybe into a commercial one in a second time.
  4. It's a Powerpoint file, I send it to you. Printing is probably a bad idea with the black background...
  5. I guess I can post first draft of the manual. It doesn't even have screenshot, but a proof reading by an english native person could be great. Ynxa manual.pdf
  6. As the Atari Lynx has been created by the same guys than the original Amiga, they probably reused some of their best ideas.
  7. Small question about submissions : Do you want to keep them private (only for jury) until submission deadline or result deadline, or can we post the ROM in public before - I mean before submission in order to have some feedback, or before end of contest for the 2 or 3 people who could enjoy a new Lynx game ?
  8. For people who would like to try on real Lynx, this is not a real ROM but a single executable. You have to create yourself a .lyx or .lnx in order to flash it or use .o option on Bernd's Flashcard. This is what I did, and here is the result on Lynx 2 : 37 228 37 228 0 0 0 0 I'm pretty sure first number is 37 but due to the fact it is written in 0,0 position, cannot be 100% sure Oh, and the line is not display above numbers
  9. Finally, no agreement, the original game will probably become private (maybe a future extended physical edition ?) So I have to find something else...
  10. I know, Vince wanted to test his brand new Pi Hat programmer on my Shaked, not stirren card during past AC This afternoon, I played a bit with Python and QT for the first time, and I made a small GUI for writecart (not sure QT was really needed in fact). It only displays ethe list of LNX fles in current repertory with a BIG "Flash ROM" button. I think I will buy an official Touchscreen in order to set-up a "flash on demand" kiosk for my freeware games during next AC, RGC, and maybe eJagfest.
  11. Flashed my first PCB this morning. A bit less than 5 minutes in normal mode, a few seconds more than 2 minutes in turbo mode. On a Raspberry PI 3b. Thanks you very much Karri and Necrocia for all the work you made on this, it will be great in show to demonstrate my games on many Lynx or even give/sell to people.
  12. Received mine today. It looks really nice. Now I need to take time to setup my Raspberry and to find bow to cut Karri's PCBs without damaging them.
  13. Oh, this is not this kind of card game (too hard to balance for a single developer), in fact there is no card in hands, and even there will be no cards in Lynx game. It will be more like a bordgame on Lynx. But right now, I have ask for permission to the original author of the card game as I feel confident to be able to develop it. But right now, I can not tell more before agreement.
  14. Those speed coding runs are the funniest coding moments Good luck with On Duty, it will be a nice addition to Lynx library. On my side, I choosed a project and started to code some routines, if I don't change my mind until the end of compo, it will be a little strategy cardgame with a scenario. Hope to make something nice with it.
  15. As far as I know, in probably accurate chronologic order : - Nimtene made a run of 10 cartridge for the US at the lauche of the game - Bitman (the french guy that also resell unlegit stuff on Ebay) made a run wigh green PCB and VHS box at the launch of the game - Bernd made the red PCB with plastic box (the first one you have) - The french RGC made a run with green PCB and specific box (design made by an artist they paid) - Matashen kindly asked me for sources in order to make an improved version (mostly with save features). Didn't know this version has been put on sale but I guess this is the second one you have so major difference is save feature probably in Space Shoot (high scores) and maybe Space Lock (save custom level ? or continue ?) and maybe sound effects in Space Lock (no more digits) in order to gain some octets IIRC. - Bernd also produced in very small quantity (maybe 2 or 3 PCB) a double ended PCB with YAstuna 1 and YAstuna 2, but I guess he didn't sell it. And of course every made at horme PCB that I am not aware The only one that differs from the ROM avalaible on my site (and AtariGamer) is the Matashen revised version. It's up to him to decide if he wants to put it for download or not (it is OK for me as I gave him permission to do what he wants with source code)
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