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  1. Something like this could be fun : Dungeon Deathball by Matt Glanville (itch.io) Yes, this is not an action game, but I am a big fan of boardgames
  2. I guess it's OK to put this here ? If not, please tell me where it would fit better. After several Lynx games, I released yesterday my first Game Boy homebrew: Asteroids Chasers This is a port from the Atari Lynx version. The core game is the same but there are some cosmetic changes of course (User Interface, colored background vs starfields, ...) This is a tactical tile placing game, where you have to play all the tiles from your deck in order to win. It is based on a print& play game by Bran Mc Millin : Cheese Chasers, with some rules adjustment on Easy and Plus modes. Asteroids Chasers Game Boy Gameplay - YouTube The physical game is available at: Asteroids Chasers (yastuna-games.com) The free ROM version is available at this adress: Asteroids Chasers (GB) by Fadest (itch.io)
  3. Finally, I just received the packaging yesterday, too late for Animasia. Those who follow me on Twitter have already see the Deluxe artwork by Margarita Gadrat (margarita-gadrat.xyz) So here is the Ynxa Deluxe Edition reveal, open the spoiler balise only if you are ready, or keep the surprise for later...
  4. I guess you optimised your reading routines and made your own kind of directory structure, and all assets are aligned on sectors (and you know which one for each asset), this way, your access is faster than reading directory structure, getting the sector/offset and then reading data, that is maybe more versatile, but less optimised.
  5. @LordKraken Congratulation, seems you just made : number_of_project++
  6. Ynxa Deluxe Packaging should be showcase in world premiere during the french Animasia Festival (mostly dedicated to japanime, manga, ... but also indie video games, with an homebrew corner) in Bordeaux (october 9 & 10) I should receive the packaging just the day before Also, a near-final version of the game will be playable during the show. Asteroids Chasers Game Boy will also make its debut sale during the show. And the same 2 weeks after at the Hashtag Festival in Bourg en Bresse near Lyon. For people wondering about Raid on TriCity and Asteroids Chasers gameplay, I made 2 very short video (playing in Mednafen while I am not used to Mednafen keys setup) Raid on TriCity gameplay - YouTube Asteroids Chasers Atari Lynx gameplay - YouTube
  7. Got some questions about new version of Ynxa vs the contest version. So I quickly made this: Also got another interesting question: is Leaf a girl or a Boy. Did I ever thought about Leaf's gender ? Well I guess you will have to beat the game to know the answer
  8. Thanks. The Deluxe artwork is awesome. Can't wait to get the box/poster printed and share with you.
  9. Some news about Ynxa: Should get the packaging in 3 weeks.
  10. @Heaven/TQA Sorry for the bump of the topic, but your PM are closed, can you send me a message of a mail ? (same pseudo @free.fr )
  11. On Lynx ? Wow, future Nomad game sponsored by Atari Game 🤪 ?
  12. So, who completed the 40 levels and has already seen this screen ? And did this ? Sorry, did not record key pressed so you will have to find the combinaison by yourself
  13. Nice review from DWJ Philips on AtariGamer site : https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game-review/ABugsTripREDUX/5711526065340416 And another hint for the hunt of the 12 hidden levels :
  14. Yes, just put the parcels a bit over 1kg, depending on packaging 3/5 of Deluxe edition sold, only 22 left then it's over. Next chance to get one will be with Game Boy version...
  15. And most important, I did not forget to put your number. If someone get a box un-numbered, just drop me a PM, I kept all numbers associated to your orders (and also tried to write them on the invoice when I thought about it).
  16. Thanks, glad parcels start to flow. Right now, there is only one from the first batch that is still somewhere in France, so I asked the french post to make an enquiry why it did not left with the other. Oh, I see on your box that I forgot to put that mark in front of Atari Lynx, I guess you will have to do it by yourself.
  17. Morning update. Seems like all parcels apart 3 (including 2 that were sent last week and this week) are now in the US, waiting for custom clearance and distribution. I will continue to check tracking sites every morning, but when you get the parcel, if you can drop me a mail/PM/message on the forum, that would reassure me...
  18. I like the polish one also, unfortunately thematic with this artistic effet For France, Faune en danger means "Endangered wildlife"
  19. Ok, this is something I was not expecting to happen, but I guess I have to put a word about it here. All parcels have been sent, and except USA, all parcels have been delivered right now, this include Europe of course, UK, and even Canada and Japan. I seems all parcels to the US are awaiting for leaving France in Roissy (french international airport, and french post logistic center), so they are not lost, and the delays you may occur is not related to your single parcel, but is seems there is a whole problem between USA and at least France for parcel shipment. I knew this was the case when importing goods from US (had to wait 1 month for a parcel from Carl last year, and a friend had to wait more than 1 month for a parcel from Atari Age), it seems this is also the case in the France to USA destination. This is probably due to the Covid and congestion of logistic center and fewer flights. I hope it will not be too long from now to move to the US (the parcel to Japan had to wait 8 days in Roissy, and I put them at my post office at the same time than yours). Also, I have noticed destination country tracking services give more accurate information than french service, even in France. So If you want to check, I would advise you to check the USPS tracking service. Once again, I am very sorry for this, and hope you will get your games soon. I will inquire with other logistic services (DHL, Fedex, ...) to check their condition for future releases, in order to offer an alternative, but I guess their prices won't be close from french post...
  20. Yes, saw this in the Sillyventure live, this is a great demo and technical achievement (once again from NG) To resume my thought, as someone said on a french Discord channel, design makes think about overboosted A1200/Falcon demos. Which I guess is a great compliment Why does it needs GD Rom (I have seen the unlit.dat is over 4mb, so cannot fit on a real cart), mostly for streaming music or graphs ?
  21. It's coming from Consoles+ n°5, they also had a Viking Child test in same issue. Had a quick look but did not find another game with same interest note/comment. But they gave Hard Drivin Megadrive/Genesis a worse score in previous issue. You can find all their issue here : Le site des anciennes revues informatiques - www.abandonware-magazines.org Also, about french magazine from that era that made some Lynx tests : Generation 4 Joypad gave an overall score of 60% to Hard Drivin (other games were tested of course) : Joypad Player One And probably other (Tilt ? but ther were focused on computers also) I do not have time to check every magazine, some of them clearly tell in the summary which games are tested on which console, some don't.
  22. The 98% for interest is probably a copy/paste from another test/game that has not been changed, because it does not fit with the wording in the review...
  23. Carl already gave the link as it covers also Unnamed and CyberVirus Lost Misisons, Engadget made a nice article on some new Lynx games, including Raid on TriCity and Asteroids Chasers : https://www.engadget.com/atari-lynx-four-new-physical-games-183055733.html
  24. So probably fron a RGC guy during an eJagfest. Does it have foam and a manual inside?
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