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  1. Oh, it's not more backwards compatible. I was just trying to state that the IIgs is as backwards compatible as the IIgs considering it is somewhat off an offshoot of the II line being a 16-bit machine. Hope that clarifies things a bit.
  2. Exactly. You would think that IE would lean into that more that the controller is part of the Intellivision legacy where, hey, you can play Cloudy Mountain (2022?), but also can play Cloudy Mountain (1982) with an updated controller and menu system. Or, at least something like that. Same with Moon Patrol, Skiing, etc. Have the new versions out with the old versions baked in too. In mean, that is a win-win in my book.
  3. True, it is only the beginning, so we will have to wait and see how things develop. Also, I think the Amico could pull off being a flashback unit of some kind to some degree. It would help bring the Intellivision legacy forward and give a more reliable way to play older games. But, hey, it's their baby so best of luck to them.
  4. Galaxy 5000 is a good little racing game for the NES. Reminded me of RC Pro Am in a way. I can confirm it is definitely worthy of a play for sure.
  5. The Platinum is the II model I would try to get as it is the really the ultimate evolution of the original Apple II save the backwards compatability you can get on the Apple IIgs, but that is a different animal imo.
  6. That is cool as hell and definitely a little piece of history, especially if you have any documentation that went with it. Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.
  7. Appreciate you sharing. Definitely will check this out for sure.
  8. The only thing unique is that it is a PC clone done by Atari. Apart from that, I would argue there is nothing really "collectors item" about it.
  9. True. Admittingly a minor gaffe on my part, but wasn't a cool price then nor is it now either imo.
  10. So why even mention those titles at the introductory then if retro titles are only going to make up 20 to 25 percent of the library? Sorry, it just doesn't compute. Also, regarding the emulated Intellivision titles, those were supposed to not only be available upon the Amico's release but was, and correct me if I am wrong, supposed to be included with the console a la a psuedo Flashback 2. Granted, that could have been kicked around before the Amico was introduced and squashed since that point, I am not completely sure and will admit to it. However, that being said, I feel that that was another wasted opportunity as going the updated machine route a la the Spectrum Next and/or CollectorVision Phoenix would have been a better avenue imo.
  11. Played Metal Walker a little bit not too long ago. Cool little game. Will try and get back to it sometime.
  12. Cool, but not at the price they were asking imo.
  13. This is what prompted The No Swear Gamer to discuss this topic in his The 40 Missing Intellivision Amico Games video. It is quite obvious that IE have pivoted away from being just locked in on the retro and retro-reimaged scene to where they are trying to be more nuanced in their approach and having it a part of their main game categories. I think that shift has turned some people away from the project. Totally agreed. I do think people get the whole "family, fun, friends" vibe. However, honestly, there are plenty of other options that allow couch co-op play. Granted, the Amico is more purposely built for this, but other systems can and do this already. Also, yeah, having this system in the $250 to $300 range is a tougher sell than the original $150 to $180 range that was originally thrown out there. Shoot, even if this was $200 I think it would do a lot better. However, we will see how it goes if/when the Amico comes out.
  14. Agreed. The Jag and the 3DO were good consoles. However, while I will say that they aren't great, they is plenty of fun to be had on the systems.
  15. The intro was positively mind blowing at the time. About as good as an opening to a game as you could want. However, the rest of the game, while a visual tour de force, I didn't think it was that great personally. Still, it was a well renowned game, and for good reason. Take care and keep up the great and excellent work.
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