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  1. On the 2600? Porkys, without a doubt. For a 2600 game its pretty faithful to the movie, and just, FUN! I even have the shower scene level as my profile picture!
  2. Great questions and comments thank you. To sum it all up: yes, I have become very bored with what is considered mainstream and what the majority likes to talk about, review, and play. Im open minded to failed consoles or systems that are not talked about as much. Im also open minded to a variety of different games because to me there is no such thing as a bad game (like movies), the only thing that makes a game bad is if its boring. Im also one of those people that like the so bad its good kind of stuff lol. I think its important to remember and celebrate these consoles instead of JUST the run-of-the-mill SNES, Genesis, & 2600, and not let them be forgotten in time. Obviously not everyone will feel the same way about these systems and games, so I feel its people who have an appreciation for the niche will be the ones who pick up the pieces.
  3. Ive recently become very interested in these lesser known and obscure 90s CD based consoles, particularly the: Apple Pippin Bandai Playdia CDTV Memorex VIS Was wondering if anyone grew up with one or more of these or collects for any of them now? Theres always YouTube review videos and wiki articles but Im more interested in personal experiences with the systems and games for them, maybe advice or suggestions for aspiring collectors, any info will do! Hope theres others that share my same interest in these consoles!
  4. Does anyone know if games were ever released on the CED format for the home (or Arcade) market? I know we did get games on Laserdisc and even had a dedicated console in the Pioneer LaserActive. I cant really find much info, thanks in advance!
  5. Composite (or RF) on a CRT is pure beauty. The more we upscale the further we get from that authentic look and what we grew up with. Makes me nostalgic, thats just me though guess I like crappy video quality lol
  6. 4 known copies of Red Sea Crossing? Apparently the first 2 copies were sold in the same listing, and the one that sold recently on eBay last week was the third (that one has yet to be confirmed as legitimate by anyone reputable on AA btw) Which one am I missing?
  7. Some hardware has to be modded for a longer life span so it can be further enjoyed. The CD-i is a good example of this. (Even though some dont care if the CD-i would die anyways lol) :-P
  8. Cool thanks for sharing. Resetting the scores? Blasphemy! Maybe they had a power outage and it reset all the cabinets lol Or youre just a good gamer!
  9. Im interested in getting a CM, but dont know where to start. Was just looking for any overall recommendations, tips, advice. Thanks!
  10. Ah, the TV boy, The first plug and play (well technically the first plug and play was whatever the first pong console was to be released after the Odyssey). Doesnt get enough credit (historically) in my opinion. Even those most hate those plug and plays made by Jakks pacific, they have their place in gaming as well. Nostalgia Nerd makes great videos.
  11. I love the idea of owning a Colecovision to play 2600 games with the expansion module but from what I hear Colecovision consoles are very temperamental these days, which is unfortunate. On the other hand it seems the 2600 could survive a nuclear holocaust.
  12. To my understanding there is only one European exclusive?
  13. Thank you so much for this! I love when someone is devoted to a more obscure system and shares their passion for it and wealth of knowledge, great stuff! I have the same affinity to the (somewhat forgotten) View Master Interactive Vision (pity me😂) 👍 😁
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