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  1. I hear ya, but it would be funny to go and beat all her scores and see how cocky she is then
  2. http://chatterboxforum.com/index.php?autoc...play&g=1125 the girl on with the top score made a post and said there is no way nobody will beat any of her scores and theyre all very low.
  3. pretty much my whole life i played consoles and now with the last year iv been playing games on pc and i dont know if i can go back. i play alot of guild wars and unreal tournament and after playing them console games just seem way to boring
  4. wow is kinda confusing. and the people on there seem kinda rude : (
  5. what class and level are you? I beat it and I thought the ending was kinda easy .
  6. Anyone play wow, guild wars or everquest 2? curious to find out
  7. does anyone know if they still sell this game or did they discontinue it? if you know where I can purchase it please post a link thanks
  8. thanks I checked it out and it looks fricken awesome
  9. yes i know but my comp is crappy and most of the online games like runescape i can run on here. i have a couple computer games like never winters nights but i cannot play them until i get a new comp
  10. anyone know of any free multi player online rpgs ? i know there are several out there and iv been doing some searches but just having bad luck finding them. i have already played runescape but looking for others. if you know of any please post here thanks
  11. this forum has a pretty kool arcade on it check it out. http://cyber-dreamers.com/forums/index.php?act=Arcade
  12. Runescape and never winters nights. (no charge) for either. but You have to pay for the cds for nwn. runescape is a awesome free game online you just click on and set up account.(if you like rpgs)
  13. 7 is my favorite but I still love the older ones. 8 sucked 9 was ok 10 was good I hated x2 : ( now I'll await 12 cause I'm not playing 11 online. tactics I started it but had to much to do but I heard it rocks ,also I have played crystal chronicles. Anyone play that one for gamecube? if so what did You think of it?
  14. I would never buy a used Ps 2 or memory cards. Brand new Ps 2 are so sensitive and break very easily and when You buy old memory cards they have a tendency to get warped really quick. I made the mistake with the memory card and when I got it home I played crystal chronicles for 4 hours then went to save and it said I needed to format it, so I did and nothing ... also If You are going to buy a new system I highly recommend gamecube I could not believe the graphics on some of the games compared to Ps 2 or even xbox. and personally I'll be sticking with gamecube now since both of those systems have to much lag on them.
  15. I started to play pokemon just to see what all the hype was, and then I couldnt put it down it got real addictive and I also started collecting the cards instead of my kid
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