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  1. Less than one week until PRGE! Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces alike. Stop by and say hi at the Songbird booth!
  2. Glad you are enjoying them. The hidden game in Lexis is neat enough that I wanted to put the code hint directly on the box, so someone who has just that could still reasonably guess the code. In fact, someday I hope to extract that game and add f/x and music to it to make it even neater...
  3. Champ Rally and Lexis are the ones in particular I was thinking of. I guess there is another Easter egg on the Ponx box, but that one I did not print (yet). The other boxes just have visual touches to tie each box into the game... things like the final boss ship appearing on the back of the Remnant box, MegaPak mentioning there is a hidden game (but not providing clues to how to find it), and so on. The Loopz bonus games are similar to other versions of Loopz, where you can either achieve a certain score or clear a certain size loop to enter the bonus rounds.
  4. Telegames UK has confirmed receipt of the boxes I sent. I don't see it on their website, so I would recommend you contact them directly if interested. Getting these sets sold quickly will help them see there is a limited demand for these kinds of products going forward. Also, for those of you who have received the boxes, have you noticed anything unusual on the back covers for certain games?
  5. Reminder: if you want a T-shirt added to your order (or want to order a T-shirt in general), please do so ASAP. I am packing up my merchandise this week including shirts to ship to PRGE. Also I am going to start shipping the first batch of Early Years pre-orders in the next few days. T-shirts are available on the Songbird website with sizes M - 2XL.
  6. In the realm of better late than never: here is a video preview of the Early Years menu, Clicks, and JagMIND. Enjoy!
  7. Note that for international orders, I may not be able to refund extra shipping for adding the T-shirt; it depends on the final weight of the package. I will check into this, but in the meantime feel free to contact me via PM or email if you have questions.
  8. Yes, you can! I just added a Songbird T-shirt line at the top of the online catalog. But FYI, I only printed about 4 of each size just to test the waters with this. If there is sufficient demand, I can print more, of course. Place the order and it will add a shipping fee. I will have to manually refund the shipping if you are adding this to a previous Early Years pre-order. Thanks!
  9. Just over 48 hours left to pre-order the Retrogamer tier for The Early Years at $5 off retail price! Offer ends Oct 4, 2019, after which orders will be taken at regular price. I received my first batch of carts this week and have started assembly. Still waiting on some of the printed material before I will have these ready, but I am on track to ship all pre-orders this month. Additionally I will bring a small quantity of Early Years carts with me to PRGE, and some of these newly minted T-shirts too... Hope to see Atari fans soon in Portland!
  10. FYI I am shipping a handful of the 10x box sets to Pete @ Telegames UK. If you are interested, I encourage you to contact Telegames and let them know.
  11. Glad you like it, Mitch! I didn't have any of the same screw, but I can tell you in the case I kept I used a wood screw with a flat head, either 3/8" or 1/2" long. Don't recall the diameter. It's possible that a regular Jaguar cart shell screw would work, but I have not tried that. Oh, and the last shell is SOLD!
  12. One white shell is SOLD, one white shell remaining!
  13. I will also have a few Songbird T-shirts for sale at PRGE. Only bringing a few of each size so stop by early if you want one. I will have a handful of rare non-Songbird Lynx games for sale as well... mostly Telegames releases, but maybe a few others. Less than a month away!
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