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  1. Pre-orders now open at Songbird for four new Evercade carts: Jaleco and Piko 2 coming in April, Indie Heroes and Worms coming in May.
  2. This has now happened to me a couple times with posting pics here... I cut and paste it into the comment and it looks fine from my end (still does). But if I log out and try to view the pic, it's corrupt. Anyway, here it is.
  3. Packed up about 25 orders this weekend. Only another 100 to go!
  4. It will depend on where you are in the queue, of course. I have more than one hundred orders to process and it will take me at least a week to get caught up. But the first batch goes out today to a few plucky customers!
  5. You can run in the original (classic?) CyberVirus game too. In fact, I highly recommend it on at least one mission when 10+ robots start chasing you down right away. Strafe was a new feature I added to CyberVirus. Back on topic: yeah, the spider can be deadly and so can the centipedes when they get faster! The spider intentionally appears infrequently on the first few levels, but then becomes more frequent as the game progresses; that's another tweak I added to the game. I'm a sucker for classic arcade games as it is, but I really had fun fine-tuning this game and still enjoy playing it now. Thanks to @LordKraken who suggested I add the level indicator and save, so you can compete both for score and for level! How do you like the music? Again, I wanted to give it that full-featured arcade feel, so I added three songs: title song, GAME OVER song (very short), and high score song. This was using a custom music player I wrote to keep it lean and easy to squeeze in RAM with the existing game. I'm using the same music engine but with improvements in Microvaders.
  6. Awesome to hear you are enjoying Centipede! Also glad I could share Cybervirus Lost Missions; it's a neat game and shows just how full-featured the code was when I received it. Evercade is great! I too would like to see another Lynx collection.
  7. I am investigating options for building more NUON controllers; stay tuned.
  8. Glad it arrived. Thanks for supporting the project!
  9. Definitely interested! I somehow didn't realize that Jagtopus v1 actually went into production a number of years back, so I missed it first time around. A cost-optimized solution for 8MB+ would be great. Bigger is better, of course, but I assume there would be some bankswitching etc. needed to get past the 6MB ROM space?
  10. Awesome, glad you are enjoying it! That's what makes revival projects like this fun.
  11. Cool! You're getting closer to knocking us off the high score list. Did you get past level 8 yet? That's a tricky one!
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