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  1. Hmm, not aware of anything that happened on Sep 20. There were a few tornado touchdowns in MN but that was several days ago.
  2. Congrats! Did you finish game+ as well?
  3. Love that review! Exactly the kind of feedback that spurs us hobby devs on to make more and more games. You're correct, the level layout in Sky Raider Redux is procedurally generated which means no two games are the same. Only the bosses are identical in terms of frequency and behavior. Also the hitbox on your biplane can't get much smaller! It's already a tiny sprite. James and I intentionally enabled different play styles for different gamer preferences. You can play for high score, you can play for best level, you can play on one life only and restart from the beginning, or you can continue where you left off. You can even push the boundary and see how far you can get past 21 since there are no saves after that! The game doesn't force you to only play one way. We also put in a lot of detail on the audio/visual upgrades. Your plane has the spinning prop and the plane banks from left to right. Enemies and obstacles have more of a 3D look compared to the original demo. There is in-game music which alternates, plus a "death jingle" and "boss tune." Even some of the bosses have extra animation like the jet fighters banking left and right, jet exhaust animation, and of course the spinning blades on the helicopter. These small details might seem like simple improvements, but they take more time and effort than you might think and James deserves credit for everything he did to enhance the game. Hopefully Sky Raider Redux really provides a nice experience for the player. I know I certainly enjoyed playtesting all the boss fights!
  4. Working on it, believe me! Packing about 15-20 orders per today. Definitely want everyone to be able to enjoy these games soon!
  5. Awesome, glad you are enjoying it! We spent a LOT of time getting the bosses added to the game. I think it was worth it.
  6. Finally some good news: the latest factory samples work flawlessly on the Jaguar CD unit! Now they will gear up to build the entire run, and I hope to have working discs in my hands in a couple weeks. Almost there!
  7. Thanks and glad we got that issue resolved for you!
  8. Songbird


    Songbird is planning a reprint of Unseen in the near future; hoping for an early 2022 release.
  9. Quick update: the first and second batch of samples had a defect, so we are now on our third run of factory samples. I hope I will have this resolved by end of September, but don't know for certain yet. Thank you to everyone for their patience! No, because the source code is not available. Even if it was, it would all be 68000 and Jaguar RISC assembly which would not lend itself to porting.
  10. To answer your questions: Songbird provided the licenses for the Evercade Lynx #1 cart, and yes Songbird is an official online retailer (but not distributor) for Evercade merchandise.
  11. Songbird

    Bug Hunt

    Fun little game with great visuals and sound! Feels like it needs some kind of pressure build-up in the gameplay though, like a timer that gets reset each time you miss a bug, or perhaps a small point penalty. I found that I could just sit in the middle of the screen, not move left or right at all, and keep the tongue extended until a wasp approached. There was no penalty if I just sat there, did not extend my tongue, and just let bugs & wasps fly by. Also would be neat if you got bonus points for collecting 3+ bugs at once!
  12. Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! It was important to both @hikachi and I that game+ bring something new to the table for Lynx fans.
  13. Yes, congrats @Fadest on the nice coverage for your games! The presentation and gameplay look fantastic for Lynx fans.
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