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  1. It's a great game. I'm sure Lynx fans will be pleased.
  2. First samples from the injection mold have arrived. They're pretty good, but need some retooling for mass production. So we're still a few weeks away from general release on Biniax 2 and Xump. Read more about it in my Songbird news blog.
  3. Very nice! I have a Yamaha Clavinova myself, and also a very old upright student piano. I don't play often these days, but sometimes it is fun to test out new Lynx songs on a piano before I write them out in a MIDI sequencer.
  4. Actually I'm not using a compiler at all... raw assembly power for this project!
  5. Right, no button mashing required in Protector. In fact there is even a cheat to enable rapid fire.
  6. I checked and my old RFC only had A and B for rapid fire. I'm not aware of any games using the C button as a primary button masher. I would think three steps -- 4, 6, 8 -- would be plenty. In fact if 6 is optimal for Raiden, then one with just 3 and 6 would be enough so you could get a slow and fast rapid fire effect. Pretty sure my RFC did 5 or 10 pulses per second, but 10 may be overkill.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! But I have to ask: do you have this, that, or the other? Also note I have Jaguar ProController reproductions in stock as well as the last few Songbird T-shirts.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation!
  9. Now that we're derailing my own thread -- that is a very cool custom joystick! Nice job. Yes, my thought if I ever modify the ROM again would be what I said a couple years ago: add a controller selection screen at boot-up, then the player could pick regular or ProController schemes for each controller. If I ever got that far, I could add a third scheme for double-controller support, where you'd need the Team Tap to play two players with two controllers each. Now that would be crazy!
  10. That's correct for the regular controller: you can move and fire independently, but have to use the keypad for firing.
  11. Sorry, that was a mistake on my part. I was able to pack it to 5874 just as you said. It's still very cool to see so much improvement on the packing after all these years! Nice job.
  12. I downloaded the updated sprpck.exe file and ran it on the Super Skweek image identified on the other thread. The original graphic packed down to 5414 bytes in the original ROM. I ran the ROM on Handy and saved the boot screen as *.bmp format. Old sprpck.exe packed this to 7891 bytes (ouch!) 5874 bytes. New sprpck.exe packed this to 5441. So not quite as efficient as the original, but very close. Does this sound accurate based on current algorithms? Edit: sorry, I think I packed it as literal on accident. Old sprpck.exe packed it to 5874 bytes.
  13. Here is the code... seems like it is accessing 16-bit words. Is this the same code used on T-tris and SIMIS? Because I believe that matches what is on the PCB design by @karri. At least, I have been able to demonstrate that SIMIS saves data on this cart the same as modern games like Biniax. eeprom.m65
  14. I'm looking for an assembly version of the EEPROM library for the 93c46 serial EEPROM chip. I found some really old code from @42bs called eeprom.m65 which supports basic read, write, and erase functions. Is this the best/simplest one to use? Any issues or caveats I should know about?
  15. Total Carnage is a great port on the Jag, with smooth animation, big explosions, and lots of objects on-screen. The best way to play IMO is with a ProController -- that way you can use the shoulder buttons and red fire buttons to get most of the firing directions you need. Maybe someday I'll hack the ROM to enable better control schemes... would be fun to invert the Pro XYZ buttons to fire opposite directions, or even support four controllers for two players!
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