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  1. Correct, this is a cartridge-only release. Boxes generally require printing hundreds at a time to be cost effective, so not every game will come with a box. If I see interest in a box for this game spike up around the 100 mark, then I could certainly look into it.
  2. CyberVirus LOST MISSIONS is now available for the Atari Lynx on a professionally molded cartridge. This game contains 9 all-new levels from the original version submitted to Atari for evaluation in 1993. Mission text and objectives are completely different than the later versions published by Songbird. Available now from Songbird. Read about it and also get a hint on another upcoming surprise release in the Songbird newsletter!
  3. That's nothing. I sent a package to the UK in March. It landed in London, then promptly was redirected to Brazil! It sat in Brazil customs for almost 6 months, then it was finally sent back to UK a couple weeks ago. At least it did finally arrive with all items intact!
  4. I don't see it on their website, but Telegames UK has ordered a few units of both Biniax 2 and Xump. Feel free to contact them if interested in purchasing from the UK. They can of course request additional quantity as needed. Also more new Lynx games coming this year! Stay tuned... boxes go to print in a week or so.
  5. While I think it's fantastic all the latest Lynx circuit boards can include an EEPROM for saving game data on the cart, we do still need to keep in mind how a game will behave without EEPROM. Don't want any lurking bugs uncovered 20 years from now if an EEPROM fails!
  6. Yes, you could do that, if you have decent soldering skills and don't mind opening up the cartridge. You have to use a Philips screwdriver to punch two holes through the label in the upper right and left corners, unscrew both screws, then carefully use a thin flat-blade screwdriver on the two side notches (narrow edges of the cartridge shell) to gently pop the case open. There is a small 8-pin chip called 93c46 which is used to save data. Replace this chip and you're all set.
  7. Here's my cart plugged in. Lots of other Atari stuff nearby as I am beta testing several Lynx games as well. Definitely a cool game with decent animation and fun power-ups! Challenging, too, as I keep dying around the third stage.
  8. Thanks for the quick look at this, @42bs! 1166 is pretty close to 1151 and much improved from my first try. I did not realize the -e option could be used to define the "edge" color, which in this case was index 0 defined to be black. There was already a background sprite clearing the screen to black, so the bootscreen sprite did not need to set every pixel in the rectangle; just the non-black ones.
  9. Would the packing optimizations help (potentially) on sprites with lower color depth? I am trying to reproduce a boot screen for an old game which only had 4 colors in a packed sprite. The original sprite was 1151 bytes, but when I pack it with -s2 (for 4 colors) it came out to 1493 bytes. Full parameter list: sprpck.exe -v -c -p1 -t6 -s2 -i 146074 bootscreen.bmp Note that the game uses the boot-up linked SCB trick, so first SCB clears the screen to black, then second SCB only has a 146x74 image centered on the screen.
  10. No worries, I should be able to get a decent re-stock in October.
  11. @drludos, I'm not sure what exactly they used for the NES dev kit, but I'm guessing it might have been just a 6502 assembler along with burning EPROMs to try on a real NES. In the articles I've read about Color Dreams, I've never seen anything about a download & debug system. Even the early days of Lynx hacking was all pretty much one-way downloads to RAM or burning EPROMs... I can still remember that thrill in 1995 when I downloaded my very first Pong clone to Lynx RAM. It was so cool to think that something I had created was running on authentic Atari hardware! I was so excited, I didn't even mind the lack of debug capabilities.
  12. Interesting, I had not considered that. Anyway, the controller seems perfectly fine except for pause, so it's good enough for most use. Also, a big thank you to @grips03 who spent a ton of time helping debug these controllers! He actually first discovered this batch had so many problems, then after I got them back I performed additional testing on them to confirm for myself which ones were good or bad.
  13. Yes, that was a pretty unique feature, and the entire reason we were able to develop and test new levels for CM2: Buried Treasure! It was a lot of fun collaborating with multiple Lynx fans back then to design so many new levels for the game.
  14. A CM2 fan recently asked if an old interview I had done with Ken Beckett was ever published online after it was first released on the limited CM2: Buried Treasure CD for Windows PC about 20 years ago, and I realized it had not. In the spirit of better late than never, check it out in the Songbird blog. Ken and Scott talk about the NES version, working with Color Dreams, and how the Lynx port got released. Enjoy! https://songbird-productions.com/2020/09/09/throwback-interview-with-ken-beckett-creator-of-crystal-mines/
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