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  1. Well, you can certainly check out my Songbird website for a list of new cartridge and CD games for the Jaguar. Robinson's Requiem CD has been my post popular CD product, followed by Protector Resurgence CD (a CD expansion for the Protector SE cartridge). I also carry Telegames CD releases: Iron Soldier 2 and World Tour Racing. Have fun! The Jag CD has a very small library but there are a few neat games for it.
  2. The print run is going to happen. I may end up not printing boxes for some of my oldest games, because a) I don't think I would sell very many, and b) there is a limit of how many boxes I can fit per sheet at the printer. Stay tuned!
  3. Well, I often seem to be saying this, but "when I get a big chunk of free time" I'd like to add some features to this, including bankswitching for bigger ROMs, better menu to allow more games, and the difficulty switch support.
  4. Hands down, Protector SE is my best-selling Jaguar game. I think you will be very pleased with that one. Skyhammer and Total Carnage are likewise fairly popular. Zero 5 is a really impressive game visually, and fun too, but also really difficult on the default setting. I should add Loopz is a really nice puzzler for the Jaguar. Doesn't have the explosive intensity of a Protector SE or Zero 5, but it's a really well done game with multiple game modes and of course the hidden JagTris bonus game.
  5. Sorry you're not happy with the print quality! I agree there has been some variation over the years for the color, contrast, and card stock. However that is an official box printed by Telegames UK, as I get my stock directly from them. I think that particular print variation has been in use for roughly 10 years. Remember these games are not always available, and sometimes it is years between new runs. For example I am out of stock on some Telegames titles right now, and have been told not to expect any new stock in the foreseeable future.
  6. Well, that was painful. But maybe partly self-inflicted. I bought the Zero because I wanted WiFi and the ability to VNC into the desktop, instead of hooking up a separate monitor/mouse/keyboard. So I had to figure out which version of Raspian I wanted to install, which was non-obvious. I went with the full distribution but not the one with extra apps installed. It fit fine on my 4GB SD card, even though they recommended 8GB minimum. I followed some tutorials to change the config to support SSH and WiFi on boot, but that took a number of tries and there were non-obvious steps, like the fact that the "ssh" file gets deleted after the first time it is detected, but then you don't need it. So I kept putting the ssh file back on the SD card because I didn't know that. Then my Win 7 PC would not recognize a RNDIS device, so I had to search for a driver that would support that. Finally, I could get Putty to recognize the Zero, but didn't know what the password was! Had to search for that, too. Then I had to enable the VNC server, because of course it's there but not activated by default. Got that working, figured out the IP address using the ifconfig command for wlan0, manually connected in the VNC client, then I got a "Cannot display desktop" message from VNC. Found out you need to change the default resolution if you don't have a physical monitor hooked up. Three hours into it, I finally have the remote desktop displaying on VNC and I was able to download and install the Lynx tools. Maybe later I can actually connect a cartridge and try something. I mention all this just to warn people this may not be a trivial process, especially if you've never used a Raspberry Pi before (like me). I looked for simple "follow these steps to get your Pi Zero working" online tutorials, but instead I found pieces here and there and had to figure out the missing pieces myself. Onto the fun part!
  7. I just got my first ever Raspberry Pi Zero W. At the risk of exposing my total newbness, now what do I do? Does the Rasp Pi come with anything installed? If I need to install something on it, what do I install? I saw a little bit of information on https://atarigamer.com/pages/lynx-cart-programmer-pi-hat, but I'm really looking for a step-by-step guide. Thanks!
  8. Well, at some point, you'll be greeted by this story screen: Looks like mission #8 is the first jungle mission. If you have more questions on CyberVirus, we can start a new thread so we can keep this one focused on boxes.
  9. Cool, thanks for all the feedback so far! Still waiting on estimates from a couple of printers to see how feasible this will be...
  10. There are jungle levels in CyberVirus. In fact, the proposed box cover is original art I commissioned for the game many years ago.
  11. And here are the mockups for the last 3 of the 9 Songbird games I mentioned... but don't worry, more boxes are on the way after this.
  12. *, #, Option is the only standard way to clear the EEPROM data (128 bytes of saved game data). But I can't imagine that will help if your in-game racetracks appear corrupted.
  13. Desert Strike had a white spine with a blue logo. But yes, most games have the traditional grey "X" spine.
  14. OK, time for the next set of boxes... what do you think of these?
  15. To help with the overseas shipping: I will offer a discount if you pick up at least one previous Songbird Lynx cart at the same time (to help people fill out their collections while they're buying boxes). And I'll also publish a new Lynx game too.
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