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  1. ... and I also added some basic documentation for Lua scripting here: https://github.com/MarcinZukowski/atari800/blob/better-yoomp/data/ext/README.md#lua-scripting I think I'll pause for now, and see if there's any interest in pushing this further from others... Any ideas are welcome
  2. If anyone is interested, I added a signficantly richer Lua support. Now extensions 4 out of 6 games I previously played with have been fully ported to Lua: Yoomp!, Zybex, Alternate Reality and Behind Jaggi Lines. River Raid and Mercenary are still in C, as they are the longest and hardest. But what's out there can probably already do quite a bit. Example for Yoomp! here: https://github.com/MarcinZukowski/atari800/blob/better-yoomp/data/ext/yoomp/init.lua
  3. I'm working on this in spare moments. For now, I added a bit more Lua support, so far I managed to port the Behind Jaggi Lines extension 100% to Lua. If someone's interested, it's here: https://github.com/MarcinZukowski/atari800/blob/better-yoomp/data/ext/bjl/init.lua Work in progress, as they say...
  4. That's exactly a part of the idea. It's possible to partially change the visuals (see Yoomp! in the video) or even completely (see River Raid). Same for sounds. The problem is, one usually needs to do quite some reverse engineering. Except for Yoomp! (where I, obviously, had sources), all these games took some time. Just accelerating things is relatively easy, as it's easy to find where the time is going, see the note about it. But actually e.g. extracting where do elements go on the screen, is not easy, and for River Raid it took me a few good hours, and it's definitely not complete (e.g. tank missiles or helicopters shooting I still didn't do). But it can be done. MULE is a great idea, and probably wouldn't be terribly hard to do. Maybe when I find some time... But first, I think the best investment would be to make the extensions easily scriptable. Probably I'll stick to Lua for now (even though I hate the language), but eventually I see JavaScript a possibly better option. Lua embedding is already partially done.
  5. From my side, the intention was never do port this to anything physical, it was just playing. But I bet some things that one could do on the emulator could _also_ be done with e.g. VBXE or some accelerator...
  6. Playing a bit more. This is fun
  7. Someone suggested also changing sounds - here's a little example with some random sounds replacing the "fire" sound in RiverRaid:
  8. Just wanted to share some fun I had with the atari800 emulator in the last few weeks. The idea is that we have per-game programmatic extensions in the emulator, that can e.g. make the games faster or look differently. But there's no limit, we could e.g. easily add additional levels to games, change logic, etc. You can see the results in this video (in Polish, but with English subtitles). More info in my repo on github, also all the code is there. I will try to polish it a bit and consider merging into the official atari800 repository. Curious what folks think... P.S. Cross-linking the polish AtariArea discussion
  9. eru


  10. Yoomp! only uses TRIG0, but also uses SKSTAT ($d20f) for SHIFT detection. Since the game starts immediately, it would suggest either of these pressed. Or START press is detected, but I doubt CONSOL ($d01f) is influenced on XEGS. No idea.
  11. Wow, I admittedly did not believe NRV can pull it off. But, it's great to admit I was wrong. Congratulations! Now, I have a dilemma what to do with that one thing...
  12. Well... you definitely know how to build attention Still waiting, I'm very curious.
  13. NRV: I'm following this thread, and I think you are spending too much time here on things that are effectively details. I would strongly encourage you to invest your time into further development of the prototype, and only once you see if/how the entire engine fits together, start polishing things. Good luck!
  14. Hi NRV, Just wanted to wish you good luck with the project. Having what you achieved so far is a nice first step, but the biggest hurdles are in front of you. I do have some experience in writing similar stuff, so a few notes: do not underestimate the complexity of ray-caster your texturing routine (around $4000), if I get it right, does not allow smooth horizontal scaling of textures - wonder how you plan to manage this, as sticking to drawing full bytes will produce very weird artifacts the GFX mode that you are using, while looking very good, sucks wrt performance. So for a fast-paced game, go for 9++ (4x stretched GR9) or something else If you manage to make the entire thing (free-walk wolfenstein) work with 5 FPS with this graphics, that's already an achievement. Good luck! eru
  15. Hey Bryan, I'm curious - do you still have the code doing GR9 shifted by 1/2pixel around? We would like to verify it, perhaps with some tweaks we can come up with code that works on all machines - that would rule, opening very cool possibilities. Thanks in advance!
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