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  1. Wow, so I went to check why my NT mini noir wasn't here yet and I found an article that said it was postponed until November and listed upgrades it was getting. Will the old NT Mini have all the same functionality/capability or will this be a big improvement?
  2. I was hesitant to order another one but I'm glad I put in my order when I did.
  3. That's likely the magnetic field of the Earth interfering. The electron beam is steered using electromagnets and fixed magnets are used to correct screen geometry. The mask/grill itself can become magnetized, which is why so many TVs have a built-in degausser. Try turning the TV on and off a few times in the suspect location to trigger the degaussing and see if that helps. You may have to wait a while between attempts because it won't let you do them back to back (degaussing coils get too hot and you get no degausse or a very small one on subsequent attempts). I've seen some screens that have a degauss button. If they don't, you can do it manually like that?
  4. I don't doubt it at all, there is some weird stuff that goes on with retro electronics. I bought a 19" Sony Trinitron TV that I replaced the random off-brand TV I was using. The screen was slightly tilted. If I oriented the TV to face West instead of South, the screen straightens out. Turn the TV slowly back the other way and you can watch it start tilting back further and further. I don't remember ever playing a Wii game in a sunny room, so that's interesting.
  5. Yeah, I mentioned a page or so ago that I finally got 2 of them recently. Now, I can use my NT Mini while relaxing back on my couch with my feet propped up while still maintaining that authentic controller feel and no worries about interference. Which by the way, I've noticed a couple times with the wireless and sometimes with my PS4 but I think its because my high powered router kicking out 2.4GHz signals. It's weird how some of those devices mess with others. My kitchen is between my livingroom and my kid's room and when I run the microwave, his PS4 stops talking to the internet.
  6. That's a good point on the turn-based. Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior are fine for wireless. Good catch
  7. Am I the only person thinks the NES controller was best? Maybe because that was my first console so my body imprints it as default lol
  8. I try to do that as much as possible. I have my NT Mini in my livingroom and used the wireless controller it came with because a normal cord wouldn't reach. After procrastination, I got my extension cords yesterday and used an original OEM controller. I prefer the original, authentic feeling and yes, the responsiveness is nice too. In my game room where my original consoles are, all OEM corded controllers.
  9. I saw a video somewhere of a guy measuring the input lag of a CRT, which was believed to be 0, to actually be 8ms. I don't remember what I searched for when I found it but trying to search directly for that, I cannot find it. But thank you for confirming. I knew that one day, HDTVs would get as low as CRTs. In 2008, 40ms was as low as you were going to find. Eight years later, that was cut in half. Four years after that, almost half again.
  10. If it were me, just some actual screen captures would be in my marketing. Show off how crisp the image is. Oh well, you're probably right. They're doing it to build nostalgia.
  11. Thank you, I was eye-balling the TCL ones but I know sometimes, some veteran gamers find some displays that you don't hear about often that fit certain needs much better. What's the deal with OLED and burn-in? I've not heard about that. Are they prone?
  12. That just boggles me. Their products are marketed as hardware simulators, something better and more sophisticated than emulators and aiming for reference quality. To show off emulator footage? 😕 I should have guessed since the colors in Kid Icarus are not right, despite the option for other palettes.
  13. That's a very strange thing to do. If you're wanting to market your products, why not show their performance off instead of something of much lower quality?
  14. Thank you. I currently use a Samsung KS8000 that I've had for a couple years. The NT Mini looks amazing on it and back then, 20ms input lag was considered "excellent" but now, I'm seeing TVs nearing the 10ms mark. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. They do not have to be 4K, 1080p will do just fine.
  15. I was referring to the video you watched. I think it was the one I remember where they mentioned LG's OLED TVs where you could stretch/skew the image. They used the 5x option and then used the TV's toggles to fit the image perfectly within the screen. I was asking because I'm curious to the performance of that, if there are any noticeable artifacts or any kind of shimmering. I'm trying to get the purest, largest, cleanest and most responsive picture out of my NT Mini through HDMI.
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