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  1. An update, for any high tech people who care but I got an email from Analogue last night from their engineers confirming that the SD card slot on their machines can only read up to 2MB/s. That's a little disappointing for speed but it is what it is. So I guess I can stop shopping around for any U3 SD cards.
  2. This is good to know. My first thought was scanlines and how OLED would theoretically make them look great. Not that anyone cares but I thought I'd share this. My wife and I had a date night this last weekend. While waiting our 1 hour wait at Chili's for a table, we went to the stores nearby to browse. I went into Best Buy because their website said they had a LG CX on display. I was very impressed when I saw it. The young salesman came over... I tried my best not to giggle under my mask as he did not know anything. Here are some examples... Me: So what is this "NextGen TV?" Him: Oh, that means it has a much faster processor. Me: Reads the ** at the bottom of what it really is. >_> Me: So is this TV susceptible to image burn-in? Him: Oh, no worries. These newer TVs come already pre-burnt in. Me: Does your company still offer calibration services? Him: No, we stopped doing that. Me: Why? Him: These new TVs come right out of the box not needing calibrated. Me: *in my head* Rtings would like to have a word with you... Him: If you want a really great TV, you should think of getting this 8K TV! Me: Why? There isn't even any 8K movies or streaming services for it. Him: Heh...
  3. This is where I mentioned to him that I was casually asking if anyone had experience with OLEDs on retro games, particularly FPGA consoles. I can go all over the internet and get information on OLEDs... OLEDS and gaming, etc but it's all modern. There is one video I saw of someone running an NT Mini on an older OLED. It's something I'm interested in and curious about that I can't find much on. I figured I'd ask. Worst case, nobody answers There were things like scanlines, which I would have assumed would look awesome on OLED and questions about the pixel degradation with 4.3 aspect ratios that @XtraSmiley went over. While I have on issues dropping $1500-$2000 on a new TV, I just wanted to be sure of some things. I always do a lot of research before any large purchases so I don't have any unfortunate surprises.
  4. Your opinions matter to me because you have hands-on experience. I see so many videos about OLED TVs but you don't see many at all with retro gaming, particularly FPGA retro gaming. I can go into a store and view what one looks like showing off 4K colorful content but I can't go anywhere and see what a Super NT will look like on it, unfortunately. But thank you for the info on the black bars, that's good to know.
  5. Let me word differently. Maybe he can "tell" but to him, it's not so WOW as it is to others. There are people who I've talked to who prefer QLED because of the peak brightness. It's not that they do not understand the benefits of one. The perks of the other are not enough to tilt the scales for them personally. Me personally, I do like what I see on OLED display models. The deep blacks and vivid colors are impressive. Yes, I'm aware that the peak brightness doesn't hold a candle to QLED. Now, you say that it's usage over time for burn-in. What about the black bars on the sides from the 4:3 aspect ratio? Those pixels are not getting used. Does that mean over time, I'll have a good images on the sides but dimmer in the middle?
  6. I can't speak for your usage. I know it's not the screen but my wife, daughter and I all have Iphone 11 pros and they're on theirs constantly and after a year, have decreased battery health while mine still says 100%. They both say "I'm not on it that much."
  7. I think I've heard of this before but never really paid much attention to it.
  8. To be fair, he said "to him", nothing sticks out. That's a fair statement. Some people look at a pair of TVs and don't really notice nor care about all the technical things that many others notice and care about. I can see 1hr a day and not worrying about burn-in. I may spend a few hours at a time gaming, so that's a concern to me. No, I'm not planning on pausing a game and leaving it for hours or anything like that but it's something for me to be cautious of.
  9. I guess overall. But wow, reading all that, you seem to know your stuff. I think your last sentence that I quoted here kinda answers my question in general. I know that there are QLED and OLED panels out there with good specs all around in terms of input latency, motion blur, etc and I'm eye-balling a couple specific models, namely the Samsung Q80T and the LG CX. As far as image retention, is it really that bad now-a-day? I know that's a known thing with OLED but I can't believe it wouldn't be getting better. I thought the same thing before but it's weird... if you run a NTSC game in PAL mode, vice versa, it messes with the game speed. I would think... that if we played a game with a native 60.08hz refresh as 120hz, it would run in turbo. If some technological miracle could prevent that and just allow it to run 120hz and appear smoother, i'd be all over one of the 120hz TVs that have 5ms lag.
  10. Have you used it on a OLED and non-OLED? What do you think of the OLED's quality? I have a "man cave" that I've been building and I'm going to be moving my Analogue consoles from my livingroom into the cave. I'll be buying a TV for the room and I'm debating between OLED and another QLED. Cost isn't an issue. I use a QLED in my livingroom, so I know what it looks like but if retro games look more impressive on OLED, I may teeter in that direction.
  11. Exactly. Has anyone tried using these FPGA consoles on a OLED TV? I've been curious about that and don't find many videos on it.
  12. I didn't call the Mister project garbage. I said some implementations. At first, I thought "Why do I have to keep reiterating this?" but if you only read that one post, I could understand. If somebody thought that the NT Mini Noir's Genesis core was garbage, that's their opinion. They're not saying the NT Mini Noir itself is garbage. The product itself is fine, it's just not for me personally.
  13. FPGA technology is getting better and better, so who knows what we'll have around the corner. I'm excited to see where it goes. Not sure if something better than FPGA will come out or if we'll get FPGAs that can do flawless 4K (or more).
  14. I've never seen nor ever heard of that issue. And I referred to "some" implementations, not all. But I clearly stated more than once and even elaborated on my definition of "garbage", that it's from a personal view. I did not state opinions and clearly label them as "facts." Huge difference, I'm afraid. I've also clearly stated that if it's your preferred platform, good for you. I hope it works out to your wildest expectations, meets all your needs and lasts you for a long time. Different strokes for different folks is a lost concept to some.
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