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  1. I'd lean towards the 65XE because I prefer the form factor for regular use but would miss the top mounted cartridge slot. +1 for the 800XL too. 🙂👍
  2. I suppose the Power Pack might have prevented many users from buying new games immediately with their ST but after that you'd think the interest for newer games would come. From a consumer perspective it's hard not to be happy with the games bundled in though and I played many of them constantly over the years when the ST was my main computer. 🙂
  3. What a great list! The applications that immediately came to mind for me were: Print Shop - that got so much use in our family for making things. An incredible piece of software to encourage people to use a computer. I remember making a lot of images and borders using the PS Companion (?) too. Micro Illustrator / Atari Artist - really got into graphic art thanks to these and both the Koala Pad and Atari Touch Tablet. I may not have been a terribly good artist but I enjoyed the process! Typesetter - a number of high school assignments were made with this and when I found I could combine it with pages that had Print Shop borders (yes, double printed) I was able to leverage both with great results.
  4. I have one of these too in my collection and I look at it as being an obscure item that might be worth a talking point or two when I show things off to anyone curious. 🙂
  5. I liked the original one the most but thought 6 was pretty good too with that metallic like sound at the end. Will add I'm not making comparisons to how the other platforms handled it as I never played the game before so going into this with fresh eyes and ears. 🙂
  6. Wow... This is looking amazing! Incredible work! 😁
  7. Best of luck with the repairs - it looks like a cool project! 😀
  8. I have many great memories of drawing in Atari Artist (?) when I was young so appreciate seeing this.
  9. I think I used FDT for a couple of years during my University studies when I was dialling in to work on projects. I remember it being incredibly slick which made my terminal sessions seem a whole lot more interesting.
  10. This might be wrong but I thought that there used to be demos that would flash the disc access light in time to music? Would not surprise me to think you'd see something like this in Llamatron considering it's from Jeff Minter. 😀
  11. While not a detailed tear down, this is a great video that does let you see inside and how Commodore made everything fit into the case:
  12. A guy I used to know had one of these when they were first released - even now I still think it was an incredible piece of work. Has anyone ever done a tear down of one? Curious how the internals are compared to a C64.
  13. I had no idea there were any other good paint programs beyond Atari Artist / Microillustrator but then I was a kid and just happy to be drawing pictures on a computer. I was lucky though to try both a Koala Pad and Atari Touch Tablet and both are amazing but I'd prefer the Touch Tablet if I still had one. Its size and dimensions were much closer to 1:1 with your screen and for me that helped a lot.
  14. Interesting hearing the stories of new C64 users as I'm one too! I got my first C64 more than a year ago to go with my A8 and first thing after plugging it in, the "black box of death" PSU fried the computer! At the time I didn't know about just how unreliable and dangerous they were. Thankfully there was someone in my area who could fix the C64 and I imported a modern PSU from a seller in Europe. Now both my 8bit machines share a place of honour in my games room. 😀
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