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  1. I have seen those tape/floppy drives that slot into the cartridge slot looking space on the side of the unit, but I have been having a hard time finding them on Ebay and when I do, they are always very expensive. Are there any other ways to do this?
  2. Probably should have mentioned in the original post that I can't run the RF signal directly to the TV, as the coax input is actually broken off because I would always rotate the TV around with the coax still connected to something, and it eventually snapped off, which is why I'm running it through a VCR in the first place.
  3. I'm currently running my 2600 through a box connected to the coax input on a VCR and running the VCR to a CRT TV using composite cables. Does this give any benefit in video quality over modding the 2600 to directly output composite? Also, before you say anything, yes, I'm aware that the switch box thingies are bad and I should get an RF-Coax adapter, but I don't currently have one and arm running other things into the box as well.
  4. So recently I've been playing a lot of 2600 games and I was wondering if there was an easy way to connect a 2600 to a more modern TV. My first thought was one of the many composite mod kits floating around on eBay for about ten bucks. I went to atariage to see if there was any info about those here, and noticed the retron 77 blog post saying it would be a way to play 2600 games thru HDMI, but it would be a whole different system and cost a lot more than the mod kit, so I still think I'll go with that. How hard is it to do those mods, and would any of you have anything else to say about them? Thanks.
  5. There's this cool site I found where you can buy games for a large variety of systems. For 2600 games, you'll rarely pay more than 5 bucks a game. Link is below if you want to check it out. http://www.otcvideogames.com/collections/atari-2600?page=1
  6. Do you have any pictures so I can see how exactly you have them stacked?
  7. I'm running into a bit of a problem. I have a Sears Tele-Games Center, but I have too many games for it. They won't all fit into the slots. I saw an idea on a different thread suggesting to use a big plastic bin, but I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas. Thanks!
  8. Just saying, if you want to play Pac-Man, go for Ms. Pac-Man instead. The original game was rushed to market to beat the 1981 holiday season and it's partially blamed for the video game crash of '83.
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