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  1. I suddenly felt old. In a quiz for fifth graders (11 years old), one of the questions was which invention came up with the keyboard, long before computers.

    I.e. a typewriter, which supposedly would be something ancient for people in the 21th century.

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    2. carlsson


      In 1978, it must've been regular Apple ][. The ][+ came out in June 1979, the //e came in January 1983. 🙂


      But still that was ahead of times to have multiple Apple computers in kindergarten.

    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      In 1st grade (1988/1989) I got to use a computer for about 20 minutes.


      Then I didn´t get to use a computer in school until the end of junior high (1996/1997) when we were taught how to use MS Works for a few hours.


      In high school we were taught how to use Excel, and we got to use one of the computer rooms with internet to do research for projects every now and then.


      That is all the formal computer education I have. :) 


      I don´t know much about computers, but it is amazing I know the little I do.

    4. carlsson


      Regarding computers in schools, at least over here but I've also learned in other countries it was quite common to have custom school computers, models that rarely existed outside of the educational world. Often it was for security reasons to not get rogue software into the classroom, as well as protecting manufacturers of educational software from real world competition. Sometimes it was disguised as some specification that needed to be fulfilled and no existing computer models could do that.


      I suppose the US was relatively free of that since you had real world Apples, PC compatibles etc but not everyone were as lucky. While the BBC Micro in the UK was available in the real world, it also appeared a bit overpriced (or perhaps over-engineered which drove up its price tag). Other models like the Swedish Compis were quite spectacular cases of nepotism, one party favoring the other at the expense of the existing industry. I mean a CP/M based computer with monochrome hires display on a 80186 in 1984/85, that on purpose was made to NOT be MS-DOS compatible. Supposedly schools had 1 week to say no to purchasing full labs of those machines, and the survey was sent out on the Easter break, meaning the computer administrator/teacher had to spend the Easter break to write essays and fill out forms to not bind the school to buy the dedicated school computer, instead of e.g. regular IBM PCs or something else that would run many forms of software.

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