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  1. Yay, now my Mother has locked herself out of her online banking for the second or third time this year. It means free lunch for me tomorrow trying to fix it.

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    2. x=usr(1536)


      Dumb question, but have you thought about getting her to use a password manager?  My mother was doing similar stuff.  Got her to start using Lastpass, problem solved.


      Then again, a free lunch is a free lunch, so... :D

    3. carlsson


      The bank doesn't use simple passwords. It uses QR codes + personal passphrases ideally entered on a different device than the one you're accessing the website on. As it turned out, everything worked as it should once I followed the same procedures she uses to, and it worked for her too today.


      Possibly it was a random website survey popup that interfered twice with the login process earlier in the week. Those random "how do you like our site?" popup surveys can be a PITA even for experienced computer users.

    4. frankodragon


      Oh, yes.  I really loathe those pop-up messages even with adblockers activated.  Especially those that lock you out of a website with adblockers active.

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