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  1. mikejmoffitt on the shmups forums clued me into a service mode setting that can be adjusted on the 20L5 that corrects this issue. It's not specific to the McWill mod - other VGA signals can be affected. I had to increase the "CLP P DLY" from 200 to 217 and this corrected my problem. It looks absolutely fantastic now!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I would expect the PVM to have trouble by default with an RGBHV signal, but both the Kenzei and 203rxi should be combining the sync into an RGBS signal. My PVM is also a multi-format monitor, so it supports 480p. Does anyone have a similar setup who has had success? Thanks, Steve
  3. Hi there. I recently purchased the McWill Lynx mod and had it installed. The screen replacement is incredible and even more impressive than the Game Gear version. However, I am running into an issue with the VGA output and I'm hoping someone might know the cause. When I hook the Lynx up to a ViewSonic CRT monitor, the picture is fantastic. However, when I hook it up to my Sony PVM-20L5, the image is much darker with artifacts. I've tried two separate approaches for combining the sync. The first was to connect the Lynx up through an Extron 203rxi. The second approach was through a Behar Bros. Kenzei through a Sync Strike and finally the Extron 203. Both approaches produce the same distorted output. You can see a comparison here: https://imgur.com/a/cEfM7sc Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Thank you for your time. Best regards, Steve
  4. I'm interested in a cased unit. Thanks!
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