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  1. I think you may have got fucked here... Do a request on his info, http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQtZvbQQsofindtypeZ9 Tell him if he doesn't send you a refund you will call paypal and tell them to look at the dispute on how he told you that you had to close the dispute for them to give you a refund. They could have sent you the refund by just ending the dispute on their own terms. Also tell him you have his full contact info and you will contact the local BBB ( if he has a bike shop / if there is one near there ) and contact the local PD. Oh and when you do get your refund leave him a negative, if i remember correct he cant come back after may 1st with negative for you. - ouch he already has 46 negatives this month.
  2. The carts without resistors and such look like plain ROM chips that were taken out of carts and used with the 24 pin socket. Never seen a dual chip pirate such as that one before, You would think it would be just 1 EPROM. Dunno whats up with that one. Cool looking bootlegs!
  3. $100 side deal. LOL +1 Id say pics or it didnt happen but with your past id say its very possible.
  4. Ill get some pictures of the 2400 box i have (its a 2600 with photoshopped 2400's over the 2600's made for some toy company out of Canada or something i cant remember) EDIT: Best i can do for right now.
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-2600-Games_W0QQi...1QQcmdZViewItem Wow. Anyone else check her ended items? http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcI...amp;completed=1 Looks like we will see plenty of resales on ebay soon!
  6. Fack. I just bought 10 72 pin connectors from them... They were sent out first class mail also, looks like ill be looking for a beat up bubble mailer.
  7. l3ushwig


    Take it apart. If there is a normal masked rom it means its pretty much legit. If theres an EPROM it means its pretty much a fake. OR Take a normal cart and weigh it on a sensitive scale, then do the same for coke wins, if its noticeably heavier most times its an eprom.
  8. Not a problem, Just trying to help the new guy out. I wont be bidding, im still trying to get rid of all my stuff.
  9. This should be in auction central forums where you posted the link to the 6 switch. Also you should check out my last post in that thread and get pictures of the end label up of waterworld here so you can attract more bidders. For a minute there it sounded like you weren't the auction owner.
  10. Ill bet that that auction doesn't go over $45, Cant even tell the condition of the box. The only thing that will bring in some money is Waterworld, And good thing you posted the auction here because the auction owner spelled waterworld wrong which means it wouldnt have sold for much. I wonder if the end label is still there on the waterworld, without knowing some people might not want to bid on it.
  11. IMO it was probably someone from here... Who's one thats involved with atari collecting and is going to drop a very lage amount of cash on a collection without being on such a site as this that deals only with atari. Just doesn't make sense to think this person isn't from this community.
  12. Heres some 300DPI scans, I hope they arent too big. If they are i can redo them. I did a 2400DPI of one of the scratch off asteroids, kinda cool to see it zooooomed.
  13. Heh i wonder if thats a solid gold pong unit inside. But you got to wonder how many of them are out there...
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