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  1. I think one with an external power source for external ground is more likely to help. Maybe some work without it but it seems to help.
  2. My problem with games written in the 80's being homebrews is that games like Happy Birthday, Extraterrestrials and Red Sea Crossing were made by some guy in his home and sold much like Homebrews are today and in numbers on the same scale. I guess the difference would be they were directed at the public while homebrews began as directed at retro fans; First at conventions, then on websites. I suppose you could say "first as programs in fan magazines in the 80s". The computers vs consoles angle is an interesting one. Some computers were almost hybrids, as computers like the C64 and Atari 400/800 had so many game cartridges, like the consoles did, they differed from Apples and IBMs.
  3. There's this weird semi-comprehensive collection of 10,000 files in archive.com called atari 2600 nongood that has just about everything through the end of 2017. Thing is, it has every posted version of the major and minor homebrews, like all versions of development of a game from version 1 to version 22 or whatever. In the meantime, I have this. It gets a little light in 2020 and 2021...just too many games. If anyone wants to supplement it with stuff from the last year and a half, please do. Prof_Ima_Stud_Atari2600HBs.zip
  4. The one actually used is more accurate for the gameplay. It shows the EM2 being used, which may have been the main reason for the change, and chasing the blue car with you being chased by the white car and generally no actual characters from the show making an in person appearance. Maybe group testing revealed people were confused by the cover vs the gameplay.
  5. When are these coming? I thought one was done.
  6. Wow! A lot of enhancement. Looks good, though.
  7. I saw this on eBay. It just cracks me up every time I look at it or read the description. Girl looks like she's out of a 70's sitcom.



  8. I was just curious. How big did these two ROMs end up being? It sounds like they started at less than 16k and 32 24k and the one in the first post was 32k, but more was done (of course, some of the 32k could be empty code).
  9. Yeah, I always saw Pac-man as the addict raiding the monsters' stash or the monsters are a delusion the drugs keep at bay. Although, you could make it a more heroic story, like the monsters have taken humans to another planet as slaves and the pellets are blood oxygenation pellets. Pac-man has broke into their storage facility and is stealing the stashes so the humans can rise up against their oppressors. He finds food sometimes, too.
  10. old VCR - its a $5 or less coax cable to composite adapter. Goodwill or Craigslist
  11. Talking major film releases, is any major release film worse than Freddy Got Fingered?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Watch Fireproof and get back to me.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Hate to say it but i enjoy Freddy Got Fingered and pretty much anything with Tom Green in it.  He's a hilarious dude and i wish he were still in movies. 

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      @Rick Dangerous yeah it's a stupid movie but the clips I have seen are so stupid it's funny. Also Tom Green's Bum Bum Song cracks me up. The Tom Green Show - The Bum Bum Song ("Lonely Swedish") - YouTube

  12. Some won’t blink at spending that on a single rare game, which usually means it’s a bad game or some H-fold vs V-fold business.
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