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  1. Wow. You obviously can't take criticism feeling the need to reply to this response.
  2. BC means "backwards compatibility". In this case with the wiimotes and Wii games that existed before motion plus. I know the Ultimarc Aimtrak (the most popular PC light gun, I think) acts as a mouse and has some means of spatially tracking x-y position, which I'd have to look into further, but it's up-to-date technology. However, I don't think it uses any means for 3D positioning triangulation, like the wii sensor bar or motion plus and not sure why. I know with the Wii menu, it seems like the pointer is never pointing where you think it should. I suppose this is because it lacks an auto-calibration for the menu. I mean, you can eventually get the pointer on the screen and follow it around, but it always feels disproportionate compared to gameplay after in-game calibration.
  3. I imagine, if you were to use it for a light gun, you would just use it backwards, like you do for the Labo kit experiments. Now that I think about it, I've heard the sensor bar doesn't do anything except have a couple IR dot sources on it to triangulate position with the IR receiver on the Wiimote. I've heard you could even replace it with a couple candles, so, in theory, you could use one of those usb dolphin bar type devices if there were programs to use them.
  4. What I read described an eating content in 1,2, Switch or whatever its called where you point it at the person's face and it tracks their chewing by the chin motion.
  5. They say kids liked the prequels, but adults didn't, but the kid who played Anakin in the first prequel got a lot of hate from kids his own age in school. He got so upset he said he wished he'd never made the movie and threw away all his Star Wars stuff. From Wikipedia: In 2012, Lloyd explained that his decision to retire from acting in 2001 was due to bullying at school and harassment by the press, both in response to his role in The Phantom Menace. The experience also led him to destroy all his Star Wars memorabilia.
  6. If it does have an IR sensor or transmitter, to what is it transmitting or receiving? It has to have a counterpart somewhere. It’s possible it works with other games besides Brain Games. Edit: I found out that it is an IR camera. Kind of like a Move or Kinect camera, except IR. It can still make out body images and hand gestures as well as some other types of features. It's not position calibrated to anything in any way, like the other cameras. It works by pointing it a something, like someone's face, and that image is transmitted via wireless to the general controller input in the screen module. So, the IR camera is really pretty different from the wiimote system.
  7. Yeah, you pay like $100 to get an extra 32MB-64MB of storage on your phone and it's not easily upgradable. There are a lot better ways to store games, which makes me wonder why people see loading up your phone with games as a better alternative to the Amico. And the phones where never designed for gaming. The best phone games shoe-horn their style to the phone, so trying play those games directly on a TV is where devices like the airbox and even the Ouya failed.
  8. Perhaps a better question is, then, if the Switch doesn’t need a sensor bar, did the Wii motion plus games and motion plus remote ever need one, or was it just for pre-2009 backward compatibility?
  9. One thing I learned from this was I looked up the game again on Nintendo's site and it has an E for Everyone rating for simulated gambling, so I don't think Amico has anything to worry about regarding games like blackjack and horse racing with the E10 limit.
  10. Tommy, for the board and dice games, you should include an Easter Egg where after you’ve played the game many times, you accidentally lose a piece and have to choose a poor substitute like a larger red translucent die or chipped blue die to go with the other four white dice, or a checker or chess piece to substitute for a monopoly piece, etc. 😆
  11. How to pack 5 consoles and a VCR/DVD player in a small space: PS2, modded to be region free, Wii U (under composite switch box), XBox One (under Wii U), Wii, modded to be region free, etc., XBox 360 (under the Wii) and VCR DVD player (under the XBox 360) ... and the Wii is GC compatible.
  12. These hecklers always think they're squeezing a gallon of blood out of a turnip. Pretending these are equal is laughable. I tried out all the bowling games for the Wii...all of them. The only one that had good on-the-fly speed and hook action was, you guessed it, the mini-game in Wii Sports Resort. All the others had endless Mii's, clothing options, ball options and locations, often bizarre locations, but treated the Wii controller swing like a button push.
  13. If not, how does screen/pointing/motion accuracy work? Wii remote needed a sensor bar for motion games. Every answer I see online says the Wii remote with motion plus needed the sensor bar for some motion capabilities other than BC, despite having two gyroscopes added. Now, people say the Switch doesn't need a sensor bar for motion control because it has the gyroscope, but I don't see how this is any different than the gyroscopes in the Wii motion plus or the PC LCD light guns and motion controllers that need a new calibration for every change in a human's position or height or need a sensor bar. Some people have said they thought the Switch had a sensor hidden in the screen module or the table-top cradle, although someone else said the motion controls worked with the screen in the cradle behind their TV. The other possibilities are that they are always restricting motion control parameters compared to the Wii or are always using a cursor and work like the PC LCD light guns that get off calibration depending on how close you are to the TV, if you move your body left, right, up or down. This can work like a mouse works by using a cursor, but you might find if you move during a game, you are pointing off screen to have the cursor in the center. This leads me to speculate that all these opinions may just be people talking out of their ass, so it would be good to get an informed conclusive answer.
  14. Switch joycons don't have D-pads, do they? Just the face buttons triggers and analog stick on each half.
  15. Here it is from 4 posts up, with a little background on David Pendergrass and Georgian Banov added at the end and the Ark image added at the beginning. Also some folks made a nice covers for the manual/cartridge a few pages back. I added the image of the ark to the manual now as it is well done and has most of the animals from the game. ARKYOLOGY manual final draft.docx
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