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  1. I really wish they'd made the expansion module #2 in a better box. About the only NIB you can find for those is new in very rough falling apart box. I know there's a few mint NIB but not very many.
  2. The small jump lands me in the water with no jump at all 4 out of five times...and I've had this game for a couple years. Well, maybe three out of five times.
  3. I have found jumping seemingly broken. The only “good” way seems to be to press up twice in quick succession. The first time pp pointlessly jumps straight up and the second time some fixed distance in the direction he is facing. Also, another hint is you can walk into a small gap if you catch a brick that fills the gap at the the same time. As as far as being finished, the randomness of the second stage makes me doubt it or the vigilance of the designer/programmer.
  4. I’m kind of assuming that is who these people are visiting the site with pictures of piles of eight bit stuff, asking how much they are worth or how to get top dollar. Or those $45,000 BIN lots on eBay.
  5. This isn't journalism at all. It's a guy yelling at folks on a street corner.😆
  6. Cat People!

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      sorry the reptilian and cat people are currently embroiled in war to see who can eat the most of each other....

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      Cat People got no reason to live.

  7. I talked a bit with Dan Kramer. He could tell me they developed the proportional trackball for 8-bit missile command before the joystick mode trackball around 1981 to 82, which is the reverse of the order they came out, based on the serial numbers. He also said he wasn't aware of any planning for the ST mouse for 8-bit missile command in the trackball design, but wasn't really in on the programming of the game. He also said he wasn't aware of when or what order the different versions were released. Why they decided to go with the joystick mode only version is as unknown to him as it is to us. It is clear they only sold 10,000-15,000 joystick trackballs and hundreds of thousands of the dual mode CX22. Not sure what kinds of numbers for the CX80 yet. One could theorize different scenarios like that they decided to go with the dual trackball mode version for the 8-bit computers because of missile command and possibly planning to use it for mouse based computer software to compete with IBM and Apple which were coming out with mice around that time, '82-'83. Also, that they planned to release a 2600 only model with joystick mode only (explaining why the JS only mode has a top that says Atari 2600 Pro Trak-ball) and decided to cut corner and make only one case bottom and soon after decided to just sell one model. This would mean the Atari 2600 versions made it to production first, but the dual mode was in the pipeline since the case bottoms were dual mode. This is just conjecture, of course. Dan did say this theory sounded spot on and releases weren't well organized, but did know for sure. So, maybe the 2600 folks were given a JS only board for some reason and started making JS only trackballs until the dual modes started coming out - again, just guessing, but not unreasonable If the CX80 was designed so the 8-bits could have their own trak-ball, why would Atari waste the effort on a selling a different looking dual mode? I've never seen any evidence to support the CX80 was the international version (again, why?), except hearsay that some regions of Europe had most of their CX80's converted to ST mice by retailers, but not CX22s. Anyhow if anyone clearly remembers if the two different CX22's and CX80 came out at the same time or different times of the year or different years that would be great information on the history of these great devices. Also, anyone know of any CX22s bitd that were modded to ST mice, in contrast to the theory it was only the CX80s?
  8. I don't suppose these are still for sale somewhere?
  9. Just for the sake of definition, dumping a rom doesn't necessarily mean sharing it with the world. Even if someone doesn't want to share a game with the world, it should be dumped and saved in a way that it is safeguarded against disappearing forever. The original cart can go bad due to bit rot, the hard-drive the lone collector dumps and saves it on can be bricked. It's not the end of the world, should it be lost, but I believe the possessor should have the decency to maintain and safeguard the games structural integrity. And, I just think it's really, really weird for someone to sell an old game to someone with the requirement that they not dump it or share it.
  10. Small city in Northern Pennsylvania where the tv show "the Office" was set.
  11. " She'd be like a six in New York, but she's a seven in Scranton" - The Office
  12. I mostly side with you on this, given their years of reasonable business, but I can also understand some people being a little freaked out by pre-orders from individuals or group funding, where you send your money and may have to wait months to get or not get the product while the folks who took the pre-orders are very likely spending most of the pre-order money.
  13. I bought some of these Intellivision controller joystick attachments off eBay based on a guy recommending them on the facebook intellivision page. They came from: 0711games https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Controller-Sticks/252948707498?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The buying process is a little wacked because he doesn't include shipping to the USA, for some reason, but will do it if you write him. Then you have to put the item in your cart, then write him again and he will allow the shipping to USA option. I guess they are okay. Basically, you remove the paper from the bottom of the piece, which looks like a wide based chess pawn, and stick it to the disc with the adhesive on the bottom. However, it comes loose without much effort, so I will have to super-glue it on. Testing it out, it had some difficulty hitting some of the various three angle points, because you have to push pretty firmly and that makes the stick come off. I don't know why it wasn't just made with a base like the original disk - would be so much better.
  14. If I'm correct, the top two buttons are both fire 1, so it is ambidextrous with fire one and you have fire 1 and 2 on the screen. I didn't think it was literally Colecovision controller style.
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