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  1. I didn’t say you did. It is interesting you ignore the question, oh, demander of answers.
  2. I guess you think the PM and CEO at Analogue must really suck since they announced the delay of the Pocket from October to December in mid-September, six weeks after Intellivision. I mean, a couple weeks from this July time they should know there was a delay vs eight weeks. And no gift at all from them or apology video from the CEO for their third delay. And communication? What communication from Analogue?
  3. It doesn’t really help since nothing you say actually makes sense if you could get outside your own ego.
  4. This may have been answered before, but the physical media appears up for preorder on several foreign sites but how are people on the USA supposed to preorder it before it before it is all bought up by those in other countries; Or how is this working?
  5. I don’t care if it’s not for me. What they are doing is the same as what they are mocking him for. And you try to defend it, so I lose interest in your opinion. I no longer care what a troll cares about mine.
  6. And you guys are coming off as paid shills for Nintendo. Or maybe paid shills is not as fitting as hired goons.
  7. You'll forgive me if I don't assume you're a reliable source for video game console production advising.
  8. ...and the pain-line controller. It does have one of the best centipede ports, though. Double co-op trackball.
  9. Yeah, that’s all you were doing. 🙄
  10. This goofy argument about Nintendo not Amico has been regurgitated so many times I can’t help but think it’s just an excuse for Nintendo fan boys to White Knight for their ersatz best friend as a child. I mean, we’re really off the he topic of if the Amico will launch in Dec-Jan.
  11. I would hazard the site is called Atariage and that was primarily the 80s. I don’t think you can say it is just reimagined intellivision games but reimagined 1977 - 1987 games. The 75% covers all the 1st - 3rd gen fans as well as possibly 4th, although 4th may not see much SNES and MD games for a while.
  12. They worked but I had two of them die. I still have a TOM+ that works. I had one where I did an update and lost functionality with one of the controllers and then it did not work with the updater anymore. The Rys Mk II may or may not be better. BTW, the Amiga and Atari computers have the same controller port and should be interchangeable with the same controllers. I think the C64 ones are basically the same as far as gamepad, but can be a problem to use Atari/Amiga adapters on a C64. there is a very good one on eBay if you look up “Amiga CD32 Atari PlayStation Adapter PSX” from the UK (set to “Worldwide”). Unfortunately it only works with PlayStation 1/2 controllers and is a little pricey with current international shipping. Sold by *amiga*collector*.
  13. We found the TOM2 to be not the most dependable device, but wondering, we’re you able to find the updater app and the instructions for it or did you just have to wing it out of the box?
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