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  1. Mat, balance board or wiimote. You’re just walking in place, but people seem to love the scenery and environment. Reminds me of when Sheldon said he wanted to go for a walk in Big Bang so he had his old west character stroll through an old west town in some gunslinger game.
  2. Just me, but I assume by obscure consoles, he was referring to 1st and 2nd generation consoles and concurrent arcade games that seem to be becoming more passe amongst angsty gamers born in the 80s, 90s and 00s as they seem to be "boomer" consoles to them now. I find it funny, because they'll be joining us before they know it. LOL.
  3. That is *very* possible. The dead horse beater above is just not very well informed. This is why we can't have nice things. Also, on a related note, if someone wants arcade accurate, they can get that in MAME. I'd like to think I can get some ColecoVision nostalgia from more than just the box.
  4. A Turducken. He stuffs the cabbage in the rabbit, and the rabbit in the fox, and he eats all of them. That’s not the answer. It’s an answer. - Key and Peele, Fargo, Season 1.
  5. My horn can pierce the sky!

    1. ClassicGMR


      But the lower horn is where the action is!

    2. Swami
  6. Might try this next. Although, you apparently need a Wiimote made before 2011-2012 and may need to be a MotionPlus... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=809591460
  7. I tried the WiiMote with the dolphin bar in MAME with slither with analog speed and sensitivity set to 2 and it almost worked well. What I found to be the problem is that it moves in a direction at a speed proportional to how far you are from its calibrated center of the screen and doesn't stop moving that direction until you move back past the cal center and then it starts to move the other way. It doesn't recognize absolute position, just absolute speed based on position. I assume this is because MAME still recognizes it as a gun, since the mouse cursor in the GUI screens in MAME still works perfectly as a mouse. No idea why. There are some wiimote to mouse programs for pc that don't use the sensor bar, but they are from 2010-2012 and I can't get them to work with the Wiimote in Windows 10. The were made for Vista or Win7 and I have XP on one laptop and Win10 on my other 2.
  8. Like I said, what is the Analogue Pocket's problem then? Why has it been delayed a year?
  9. I got the dolphin bar and tried the Wii Remote Plus with CoolCV slither and Operation Wolf. It moves in the right directions, but it is jerky and laggy even with the mouse at lowest sinsitivity. It is not playable. I am going to try a couple MAME trackball/mouse games with analog sensitivity as low as possible and see if it works better. It sees the inputs from the Wiimote as Gun B0, B1, Y1, X1, etc., so, that does not bode well, as it did the same for the Sinden. It seems odd that the Dolphin bar setting is "mouse+keyboard" but MAME is recognizing it as a Gun.
  10. They are emulation on old processors and Mobos. The FPGA hardware Analogue Pocket, which is more current tech, has been delayed a year so far and possibly into 2022. I find it surprising we don't hear more about that.
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