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  1. Just Dance 2020, still for the Xbone. Haven't recognized any songs on 2019 or 2020, though.
  2. These did go pretty fast for PBs concern about not selling out the larger amounts.
  3. How big is the box? LxWxH when all done? Also, What was your reason for using the USB encoder instead of the 12-in 1 usb board 1up makes?
  4. I did have to hunt to find my two starplex controllers and they are not the best quality.
  5. It's not just the Amico, they were all up in CollectorVision's junk about the Phoenix. To them, it had to be as good as the NT Mini or Retro AVS and cost less because it was "just ColecoVision" when they should be making an SMS/SG-1000 FPGA and other stuff. They were not ColecoVision enthusiasts and just coming in and trolling on it. some nut finished this big monologue about everything that was wrong with the console with how it could be “Phoenix: Sega consoles risen from the ashes!”
  6. I think there is something broken with the search engine. It often misses posts with a certain special word, like Nintendo, while finding other older posts with the same word. Meanwhile, Google will find them, but Google is not easy to make thread specific.
  7. I'm not sure it was a clear turn. Playstation 1 and 2 blew away NES and SNES. Consoles just sold better as better technology got cheaper. Same with PCs. Nintendo and so on also learned from Atari, Mattel and Coleco to control compatible games to do better quality control and stay more in their lane and not try to bet the farm on branch-offs like the Adam and Aquarius.
  8. It's going to be 70%+ casual gamers, non-gamers and moms, though, right? So nostalgia should be a drop in the bucket.
  9. I would love to do this, but without a shop to make the box I'm kind of stuck. There are pre-made fighting stick boxes, but I'd still need to make the holes for the trackball and spinner and the one's you can buy are pretty lightweight material. Does the GRS spinner fit well in a button hole? Good looking demo video, BTW.
  10. I've seen new 7800's ColecoVisions, ect. go for a lot less. Maybe a NIB heavy sixer.
  11. I agree. Posting in the CollectorVision section might be even better. I think they would prefer to keep it to no larger than the ColecoVision section(??) to keep it in the Community of ColecoVision enthusiasts.
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