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  1. There are no instructions for this game anywhere except partial in control test. Two moves not covered: 1. How do you flip? No conscious button combos do it, but it sometimes just happens to me. 2. How do you get away from a zombie that is chewing on you? If I randomly press QWEASD quickly I eventually, sometimes, jump back and use a sword to cut its neck, then always fall over - one life gone
  2. 19.7 x 14.3 x 4.7 cm Also, I asked him about a discount on 10 packs and he said he can’t afford it and may have to raise the price as they’ve been the same price for 5 years. :shrug:
  3. Can we see a video of the Asteroids play?
  4. Here are some photos. The little extra thickness space was actually nice since the Bomb N Blast 2 box was bulging a bit from the contents inside and fit just right. Also, I just asked the guy about if there could be a discount for a pack of 10. Haven't heard back. I also have an Intellivision big box game from Cote Gamers (Fantasy Puzzle) and it fits exactly/snuggly in the vertical direction.
  5. That's the same place, only on eBay. I guess they add 25 cents for the eBay man. I try to get pics today.
  6. I have several of Cote Gamers' Big Box games (7 I think) and wanted to find box protectors for them. The box protector for GameCube Four Swords NTSC works really well. There is zero to maybe 3mm of space on any side. They are pricey, though, at $3.50 a piece. Can't seem to buy them in large discount packs like the more common 2600/7800/colecovision and intellivision ones. https://www.ebay.com/itm/332428237600?hash=item4d66445b20:g:S9MAAOSwA3dYXDYe
  7. Thanks. The vector hack speed text for 4-6 got missed on this revision. I decided to make the mushrooms smaller in this revision, to make things less crowded, so, I could make the text clearer and/or tweak the background contrast.
  8. I pushed the Kickstarter past the final stretch goal last night, $5000. 😊
  9. Hi all, So I posted this a week ago to let folks see what we had for Rollerpede controller overlays. As something of a perfectionist, I'd mentioned to Cote Gamers if they looked good enough and they'd said they didn't know, but could have a graphical artist try to spruce it up a bit, such as the mushroom and text, I believe, but it would add a couple bucks to the currently planned 60 euros (US$70) per game, which would include big box version, special arcade overview booklet, poster, fridge magnet and cartridge. We couldn't decide, so, they wanted me to ask you all what you think, so I've posted a poll. If you are interested in buying please respond. Current overlay samples below. I know alignment may need some final adjustments, so that is not currently in question. As shown on the overlays, on the first screen, you will have a choice between standard and vector graphics (a hack by slydc), as well as three different trackball sensitivities. There will also be the four difficulty levels four one or two players by choosing 1-8 on the next screen.
  10. Did you skip pole position on purpose?
  11. Here's the current design for the Rollerpede overlays. Planning for it to be ready for sale very soon from Cote Games. As shown on the overlays, on the first screen, you will have a choice between standard and vector graphics (a hack by slydc), as well as three different trackball sensitivities. There will also be the four difficulty levels four one or two players by choosing 1-8 on the next screen.
  12. Looks like you easily made it. Congratulations! Maybe voice can be a reach goal if you hit $4000.
  13. Oh, Canada..... 🇨🇦 

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Happy Canada Day!

  14. So, i've got parts coming in over the next month. I think some are low-key coming from China for the July 21-29th est. delivery ones (player 1, 2 , coin and pause happ-style buttons). I don't need ultra-high quality for the low use buttons and they came as a pack.
  15. I also assumed you wanted something new as a gift for her. If you have to open it up and mess around with it, might as well get a used FB8 Deluxe which has it plug and play out of the box.
  16. Then I guess recreational drugs really were a common part of work at Atari.
  17. How much are you looking to spend? They're not crazy expensive but not dirt cheap on eBay. Sometimes you can get a really good deal on Craigslist. I got a NIB Intellivision Flashback for $10 last year on Craigslist.
  18. Here's what I've got so far.
  19. I just took on this project, hoping to add GRS Tron sticks, spinner and LED trackball to a "cabinet only" purchase of the same Atari cabinet as the OP, since it looks so great; But, yeah, everything is off a bit from the original components. Under-board recessions too small, screw holes off, 2" trackball in 2.5 inch hole. Without a shop, this will take some doing. Oh, and the collection Sanwa buttons I have are too big for the button holes and are the short snap in kind, while the button holes are over 0.5 inches deep, so need to get some more buttons.
  20. Unfortunately, I think the released Pole Position looks like an unfinished prototype considering what could have been done. Turbo on the Colecovision had much better surroundings, but the cars looked very blocky because they were so tiny. Do racing games take a lot more resources than single screen or platformers?
  21. Maybe hold out for a U1MB modded one and have 1MB of RAM or at least the RAMBO.
  22. When was the last time you thought about Don Ho. Tiny bubbles in the wine...

    1. GoldLeader


      I was the singer in a kind of punk/metal crossover band called Anarchy Dragon or A.D.  One night I was watching David Letterman and (after mentioning Hawaii) he mentioned Don Ho,...Then he said something about (some event) being After Don Ho which he then said, "That would be A.D."  Quickly I grabbed a digital field recorder and backed up my DVR to grab a sample of Letterman saying "That would be A.D." as If he's introducing our band....I think a handful of tape demos have that at the beginning of a song...So,  That's the last time I thought about Don Ho ;)

    2. Swami


      Nice band intro! Mine was while watching a late night rerun of of a 30 year old television show (Mad About You) where he was mentioned. first time in over 30 years probably.

  23. I was thinking to try not connecting pins 5, 7 and 9 on one of those pass through a with capacities included at all and see what happens.
  24. Robb showed a video using one during the sales drive. May have been a slightly different model. So, don’t know that it was promised but it would be nice or indicative of an operational difference between the OG CV port and Phoenix one.
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