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  1. I received mine quite awhile after ordering it (it seemed like a month). When it arrived there was a new label added by the post office showing my correct address. Not sure what it was before, but it was undeliverable when sent. You may be in for the same thing (a longer wait - was #23).
  2. Hi Gang, I recently updated the windows front end and 'sketch' for the cartScanner hardware. For those of you who have a cartScanner, please download and update via this link. There is a new .pdf in the instructions folder on how to update the cartsScanner hardware. Changes include optimizations (30% speed increase) and support for 64k Pixelboy 'Activision' cartridges (Jewel Panic, ArcoMage, Boxxle, *Space Shuttle still in dev, *Utopia still in dev, both possibly 64k). This should round out the support for existing bankswitch schemes. Thank you! John
  3. Thank you, @ChildOfCv, your suggestion saved my bacon but not in the way you'd expect. I went back over my code to validate that I was reading the correct range, which I was, but I had not set my start address for the read properly. After that was changed, it worked. But, for some reason, some pixelboy 64k games have eof data after the addresses that cause the shift to happen, thus causing my checksum to be different. I worked around that and now 64k games are read properly. This is good news, after some refactoring, I'll be uploading my revisions to the repo.
  4. 39,450 - Never played this game before, it's pretty unforgiving especially when you press the button, but the bandit gets you first.
  5. Fixed something that was bugging me - no access to SD card on the PI. So I added an extender by carefully using a dremel to remove a cut out on the case and also cut a slot on the extender sides, top and bottom so it can slide into the void. Here is the result: Here is a direct link to the extender: https://www.amazon.com/Extension-Electop-MicroSDHC-Compatible-Raspberry/dp/B07YYSP5F5/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1JTEQH3NYU07P&keywords=electop+micro+sd+to+sd+card+extension+cable+adapter&qid=1647552071&sprefix=electop+sd%2Caps%2C75&sr=8-2
  6. If you need help, please pm me, I'd be happy to assist! If you're using my image, coolcv is already setup for coleco controllers. Also, there is a gamelist.old in the the same directory as the gamelist.xml. You can pick and choose what games you want to add to the gamelist.xml just by copy/paste.
  7. This is correct, when you switch to any controller, there is something you have to do before turning the power to the 'dapters on. So with the coleco controllers, I hold down 0 and turn it on. You only do it once as the settings is 'remembered'. There are 1 or 2 games that won't play in the emulator as they are 'Phoenix Only' titles. Dead tomb is one of them: https://collectorvision.com/store/shop/colecovision/dead-tomb-exclusive-phoenix/
  8. Thank you to everyone that's helped out so far. I'm trying to get my head around the info in this thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/327053-activision-pcb-bank-switching-and-eeprom/?do=findComment&comment=5018713 I understand that after I select an address to activate the bank, I can then read 0xc000 - 0x4000 (omitting the last 0x40 as in the code above and replacing it with '00's). As an aside on this, I think that the padding changes to 'FF's above 32k, is this a unwritten rule? When mega carts are read (any size) this method works. However on the Pixelboy 'activision' 64k pcbs, this does not work. So as in the example in the mentioned thread, I can read the first 16k no problem, however switching to bank 0xff90, 0xffa0, and 0ffb0 then reading the next 16k (0xc000 - 0x4000) results with incorrect data (so much so that it isn't close to matching anything when I do a hex comparison. Does anyone know what I might be missing on this one? Thank you! John
  9. Those are some great tunes, thanks for sharing them. I liked the Def Leppard song - it's definitely cool that they retained their sound, it even appears as though the video is 4:3 using the same cheesy effects that were cutting edge back then. I love discovering new music like this... anyone else care to share their favorites? The Epoxies... too late for the 80's and too early for retrowave. Here's another gem that features saxophone. Ohh, the velvety tones.
  10. Back in the day I'd run home from school, dash into my room and get setup for some gaming fun... I'd play my favorite vinyl album on the turntable (or Eye of the Tiger 45 by Survivor on repeat), cracked open a huge tub of gummy worms, slammed a cartridge into the Coleco and played until my mom called me to the table for dinner. Nowadays, how to recapture that feeling? It's one thing to play 80's music that you've most likely heard before (and 100x over), but what about new music that captures the spirit of the 80's? With all the homebrews that we've seen over the years, how about some new music to go along with them? If you get a chance, fire up your Coleco, play some of my favorite albums (or some of your favorite music) - it definitely enhances the experience! At 1980 "Late Night Calls" The G "Wanderers" Let em' Riot "Years Later"
  11. Hi Team, I was finally able to get 64k and 512k tested and there's a bit of good news and insufficiently good news See what I did there? So for the good news, 512k reads properly so those of you out there with a Wizard of Wor cartridge can rest assured that it can be read. For the insufficiently good news, 64k does not read properly so I'll be looking to fix this in a future update of the software. Meanwhile, I will be looking to purchase a 64k cart so that I can use it to test things out as I go. Unfortunately, attempts read Boxxle, Jewel Panic, Arcomage, Space Shuttle and possibly Utopia(if it changes from 32k to 64k) will fail. Sorry if I missed any other 64k game. I apologize if this is disappointing (I know it is to me) but I will be working towards a solution when I can obtain a cart and update the code. Thanks everyone! John
  12. I am not sure if it's appropriate to post a link to my .zip file on Mega, so I wont. But, I do have available an image of my SD card for a pi 3b+ using 2600 'dapters. The image contains no roms, but does contain a backup file of my gamelist, box images and descriptions. All that needs to be done is to move the description into the gamelist.xml and add your own roms into the correct folder. If this post violates any rules that I'm not aware of, I apologize and request to please delete this post. Otherwise, PM me for details. To recap, this configuration will: Briefly boot with a picture of the flashback box on the screen. Has only a colecovision gamelist. Recognize and exit from a game back to the menu if the reset button is wired to the correct gpio pin (per the pdf). Pre-configured to use stock flashback colecovision controllers through 2600 'dapters. Take all the guesswork out of your flashback/pi conversion. Things you have to do that are not included in the guide: Configure the pi to use your own network. Determine how to mount each component inside the flashback. What I did which is not in the guide: Removed and threw away the plastic cover on the 2600 'dapters. Desoldered the joystick connector from off of the 2600 'dapters and soldered extension wires between the connector and the 'dapters. This allowed me to mount the connectors in the proper place and determine a different place to mount them.
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