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  1. Thanks everyone for ringing in on my question. I tried the game on two working (original - non modded) CV's and it appears the first 'setup' screen is corrupted, so judging by that my dump was good
  2. Does the dumped rom work in ColeEM? Reason why I ask is that I dumped it, tried it out and the screen is corrupted. I have yet to try the game on original hardware (That I have to dig out of my attic) -- the dump of the (yellow label game) worked just fine.
  3. 75645 71,905 44,745 ((still having a time with flight controls! and lost 3 guys for getting stuck when dropping a bomb.)
  4. If you need a break, yes it's imperative you get the tips, I think it's 1,500 points? that turns the patrons attention to the 'show', so you can clean up glasses and serve any new patrons that pop out of the holes - then plan what you are going to do next.
  5. 69,625 - This one was never my game! It took me awhile to figure it out, but the word 'SODA' is in the window! (It looked like SOOR and was confusing!)
  6. This guy is putting all you other coleco game developers on notice
  7. That newsletter was difficult to understand how to order anything except the SGM. There are no links to pre-order anything except for the SGM. Clicking on the SGM pre-order puts 4 things in the cart, a beige and black SGM plus warp-warp and bosconian pre-order. Removing the SGMs and attempting the pre-order the games just return that they are no longer available. It's mentioned in the newsletter the Pac man and others will be available to pre-order in may, some to club members only (I paid for the membership) but there hasn't been any communication for any pre-orders whatsoever or any other communication since the april newsletter. What am I missing?
  8. 20,105 - I previously had an 18k game going with a life left then the 'corruption' came and wrecked it. One area of improvement for me is to isolate 'known good' sections to keep the baddies from getting me.
  9. What about this one?? https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/te-connectivity-amp-connectors/5530843-1/2310824
  10. You have risen to the top as a Colecovision Celebrity in just 18 posts. Exceptional job - can't wait to see what you come up with next. If you decide to self-publish any of your games, I'd be happy to assist (as a volunteer), you've given so much to the community!
  11. I was using it to measure how this would fit on a pcb... though nothing to get excited about.
  12. It is a loose cartridge slot... good eye.
  13. Thanks!... I might make another run, but to hit the 70k mark, I'd have to get through that rack and probably 1 more. It's crazy as they keep adding little 'gotchas' like the shaking you off the hippos and the shark fin on the row before the life preservers. Definitely an awesome game, I was using Game 2 for practice to get the hang of the later levels before making a run on 1!
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