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    Classic Gaming, Star Trek, Hunting & Fishing, Old West, History in general, especially military history. WW2 and Civil war in particular.
  1. Hmmm... but no sale/release? Someone should consider doing stickied "year in review" threads every December.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, even the sarcastic ones. Good stuff in there, especially glad to hear Harmony 7800 is in the works. And yay for Halo. Firing up Stella now. I'm crushed that Knight Rider hasn't been released yet, I thought this was the year for sure Man, I loved Star Castle in the arcades, 2600 looks fun, but $32k? I won't hold my breath. If I win the lotto, I'll buy it for the community.
  3. Hello, I used to be very active on the forums (member since '04), and for the last 2 years I haven't been able to keep up. I've only been able to "poke my nose in" briefly, but I still collect and play some(any system, but mostly 2600 and Mame), and I'm always interested in significant finds/developments in the community. So I was hoping that someone would be kind enough to catch me up on the really significant headlines from the last 2 years. I did some searching, but with so much missing time, it's a little inadequate. Like: Swordquest Airworld been found yet? Status of the Red Sea Crossing thing Status of Pink Panther I have a Krokodile Cart, and I see that the Harmony Cart has released. How's that going, and are there any more flashcarts done now? (any system) Stelladapter - I've got 2. Anything new and significant like that. Other super-rare, interesting unreleased prototypes, previously only rumored games that surfaced. Amazing new homebrews. Anything else that an "out of the loop" Atariphile like me might really like to know. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.
  4. David Crane for the masterpiece of simplicity that is "Dragster". Add Pitfall, Fishing Derby, Freeway, and Gunslinger and it's a lock. Close tie in second to Steve Cartwright for Frostbite and Seaquest, and Howard Scott Warshaw for Yar's Revenge and Raiders of the Lost Ark. All 4 titles were just amazing. Honorable mention to Bob Whitehead for Boxing and Stampede.
  5. That was the golden age for video games IMO, never to be matched again. Every small town around my area had its own arcade springing up. Only place I ever saw Make Trax was in a small town arcade that had a cocktail table version. Awesome game. I played a cocktail Make Trax in a topless bar about 6 years ago... seriously.
  6. I was 17 in 1985 (hs class of 86). I grew up in a small town though, so our arcade didn't have many current games. They were mostly a little older. From what I can remember: Frogger Galaga Track & Field Ms. Pac-Man Frontline Haunted House (Pinball) Punch-Out Asteroids Centipede Joust Donkey Kong Kangaroo Popeye and a pool table After High School, I'd say '88/'89, some more good stuff came around: Double Dragon Golden Axe Rastan Green Beret Chelnov Paperboy R-Type Shinobi Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Super Mario
  7. "Back in the day" I really liked the slik stiks, but as someone else mentioned, they didn't seem to last long enough. Now I just stick to the original CX40's. They're tough to beat really, but I'll admit to not having tried a TAC2, and I never really did like the Wico sticks at all.
  8. Maybe.... just maybe. If you we're the most prolific atari coding guru that ever lived, and sold blood plasma weekly. It's too bad really, I'd like to see some guys making their living at this.
  9. When I was really young, I preferred the shooting gallery games like Wild Kindom and Stockade to pinball. Oh, and the "ten strike" bowling games. I can agree with Diner though.. good game. And Funhouse.
  10. Old stuff: Haunted House Charlies Angels Electronic Era: High Speed Star Trek TNG Theatre of Magic
  11. So...... how do you tell between repro and real on this cartridge?
  12. I was thinking a version of excitebike for the 2600 would be pretty cool. I'm not a programmer, so I have no Idea if it's within the 2600's "range". I was just kinda curious. I'm pretty amazed by what some of the homebrewers on here are capable of. I'm not sure how a good control scheme could be worked out for a joystick though. The game seems to need to use 2-buttons pretty badly. So maybe it would have to be a 7800 thing.
  13. Ok, so the joyboard didn't replace the joystick and mogul maniac sucked, but.... I have a joyboard and it's actually really fun and challenging with some games. Try it with Berzerk, Pitfall, and Yar's Revenge.
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