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  1. KABOOM! Activision Boxing Fast Food Porky's is pretty much the only platformer I like. Fun and challenging. UltraSCSIcide is a fun homebrew if its still available from the AtariAge store.
  2. It took me about three hours to play against five easy computer opponents. The flow seemed ok once it started moving.
  3. I've had this for a few years and have used it only a couple times so I'm gonna let it go if anyone wants it. I've played Risk on it a few times but that's extent of my explorations with it. The disk drive came from another person on Ebay and has been modified somehow, hence the additional switches on the front. I don't remember what the guy stated they were for but the drive loads programs from disk so I didn't investigate any further. The computer has a box, not an awesome one, with inserts and original power supply. All the plastic has the typical yellow "patina" and doesn't appear to have any smokers residue on anything. In addition to Risk there are four other floppies with random games, and floppies for Questron and Coil Cop. I loaded Coil Cop but not the others. I haven't tried any other peripherals like joysticks of cassette drives. There are also two serial cables and I'll throw in a RCA cable for the video. $150.00 is my price + shipping from 32506. I'll box it up and get a weight and dimensions here shortly. Willing to entertain other reasonable offers as well. Open to trades, but I'm really trying to raise some tuition funds for my last semester of college so money is tight.
  4. I agree. Horrible may be a bit generous though IMO. I hate them and refuse to use them.
  5. Its funny that the answering machine is $40 more than the $60 Vader on the page before. The Vader has somewhat retained its value, where the answering machine is a total doorstop replaced by a service that everyone has but no one uses.
  6. The last CRT I saw at a store was at Toy's R' Us like five years ago. It was shaped kind of like Lightning McQueen from Pixar's "Cars" movie. I think it was a 13" or 20".
  7. Funny. Gmail couldn't read the "Omega" symbol, and I got this. --- Ω --- quoted a post you made
  8. I use a clear dry craft glue. If I don't have an end label, I make one with a Dymo label maker.
  9. Many people follow a particular YouTubber because they personally identify with their style or personality. It has little to do with gaming. The same patterns are repeated by people who adamantly watch any particular news channel or web feed.
  10. Unlimited time to play, collect, mod ecettera.... Given enough time all other limitations can be overcome
  11. If the console is on and your "storing" it with a game paused for a week or two or three. Then In.
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