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  1. Got mine yesterday. What perfect timing. Got back from our trip overseas. Beautiful box artwork. Will open ours very soon. Hmm maybe i should have bought 2. Keep one sealed and one to open
  2. hi would love to be able to buy 1 qty if avail. PM or Let me know somehow when avail. Thanks.
  3. Hi we have one in beater loose condition but works well with the 1 game: Defender. It is missing the long silver joystick cover. Can live with it now but nest to complete the incomplete. Some alternatives we looked at was maybe culling the joystick cover from another ENTEX branded tabletop or handheld ie ENTEX Spiders, Stargate or Super Cobra. If you have these electronic games in bad condition or non-op even better as we just need the joystick part. Also would love to get the other 3 games loose or boxed: Space Force, Super Cobra and Turtles. I know this may seem like a tall order but am patient and will wait :-) Thanks.
  4. PM sent and was referred to this from CPUWIZ :-) 1 qty please if avail. Can pay ASAP!!
  5. Please count me in for 1 qty!!! Slight OT what are the chances of a small limited run of arcade quality spinner controller to use with this? :-) One can wish!!
  6. Wow, long time, Will. Welcome back. Thanks. We have been lurking here every once in a blue moon. Life have been getting alot better. Been house cleaning and found so much stuff we hoarded over the decades!!! With a 6 years old your priorities change constantly. Feel free to KIT with me on Facebook if you like. PM me for my info. KIT and glad to still have classic gaming in my blood. Passing all my goodies to our son. He loves the Vectrex more. Will be setting up the Vectrex Store Display finally!!!!!!!!! Now back to your scheduled program :-)
  7. Please add me to the list for 2 qty :-) Very late bloomer on this. WOW. Our 6 year old is gonna love this.
  8. Email sent from H1wsc8 AT comcast DOT net. Please add us to the list!
  9. Paypal payment sent earlier on for the ATARI 5200 lot especially the much needed controllers. Thank you very much for the quick boxing and shipping. We got the tracking number already! Dang you work fast!!! Glad to be back to this side of collecting. Coming full circle. All for our 3 year old
  10. Steve, Keep up the GREAT A+ work!! Jonesing to play our modded 5200 with the 8bit S-Video mod card + hacked 5200 Paddle Controller. I need to publicly say BRAVO and Thanks a billion for this wonderful offering!!! Worth every penny spent on this!!! We may buy an extra one :-) This is 20X times better then the other 5200 multi-cart we have or had. The other may end up to be a door stopper if unfixable. :-) Game on all!!!
  11. OMG Lee, Please do let us know when more comes avail. Put us down for 2. Beautiful. One to play and one to display!!
  12. Hi CPUWIZ we may have about a dozen or more of these controllers. Give me a week to dig them out and test them. I'll email ya when they become avail.
  13. Oh cool. Now it's time to talk to the manager @ our local Burger King. Just several blocks away. Need to get all the goodies now:-)
  14. IMHO the Sunnyvale are the editions to collect, play and display. We own both: 6 switch and 4 switch. We plan to sell off all the overseas made ones. Happy Gaming.
  15. As a collector and follower of classic games. Our newest video game system: ATARI Jaguar. [Loving it still]. We'll hold off on the X-Box, Game Cube and PS2 for now. OK back to the subject at matter. We'll buy one of these newbie ATARI thing-a-ma-gigs being a collector and completitst. Neat idea.
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