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  1. Lost Classics has never released ROMs for any of their games that I'm aware of. I suppose you could try contacting them directly to see if they'd be willing to send it to you to use for your show. I remember seeing Alien Adventures for sale at PRGE and the screenshots weren't very impressive. I know screenshots don't tell the whole story, but they certainly didn't entice me to buy a game I'd never seen or played. I did pick up Landfill, the other game they were selling that year, and was not impressed with it.
  2. Yeah, they aren't going to bother hooking a console up, especially if they game play isn't going to appear on screen. Even then, they'd probably just feed pre-recorded game footage to the TV, or even add it after the fact. Same thing with the sound. Just added in post-production. I'm surprised they didn't use Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. Those are the video game sounds I pretty much always hear, even when they aren't playing a 2600.
  3. Thanks. I think I know why this happened. I'll see if I can fit in a fix. The plan is for Ms. Galactopus to be added to the AA store eventually. With bug fixes, of course.
  4. Behold the Heavy Sixers, my Atari-themed Super Mega Baseball custom team.



  5. You did me a favor. I can't fix bugs if no one finds them.
  6. It's in every level. It's just a lot more likely to get triggered in later levels because more babies are getting through, making it more likely that the one baby that will trigger it in that level will get through. Once you know how it works, you can exploit the crap out of it. I was able to pretty consistently get 20K+ bonuses.
  7. I've attached a new Ms. Galactopus ROM to this post that should fix the bonus issue. I'll leave it up to @Vocelli to decide what to do about the scores already posted. Thanks to @Rogerpoco and @Alasdair Campbell (BSc.) for bringing this to my attention (the video was particularly helpful). For those interested, here's what was going on. If what should have been the last baby in a stage hit the shield, the baby counter would go to 0 but the level wouldn't end. The next time a baby was shot or crashed into the shield, the counter would roll around from 0 to 255. This was a quick and dirty fix (I only had 2 bytes left to work with), but so far it's holding up. Anyway, thanks again guys. Maybe we need more HSC players over in the homebrew forums to help with playtesting and really put games through the wringer. msgalactopus-FIX1.bin
  8. You shouldn't be getting bonuses that high, especially if your shield is so low and you killed most of the babies. I'll have to take a look when I have some free time and see if I can figure out what's going on. Question for you guys: Did you destroy Ms. Galactopus or did the wave end because she ran out of babies?
  9. OK, now that you've been playing for a few days, here's a more detailed breakdown of what's going on in Ms. Galactopus. In the first level, Ms. Galactopus has 15 babies and it takes 5 shots to drive her away. Each level thereafter, she starts with one additional baby and it takes one more shot to defeat her. The end of level bonus is 25 x babies remaining x shield remaining. So in theory the maximum bonus for the first level is 1875 points (25 x 15 x 5), but in practice you're probably not going to get more than 1625 (25 x 13 x 5) since I don't think it's possible to clear the stage shooting fewer than 2 babies, giving you a total score of 2155 (500 points for shooting Ms. G. 5 times + 30 for shooting 2 babies + 1625). Since the number of babies increases by one each level, the maximum possible bonus does go up a little (125 points), but it also takes an extra shot to finish off Ms. Galactopus and she gets harder to hit. Level breakdown: 1: Ms. Galactopus moves all the way to the edge before changing directions, drops babies at regular intervals. 2: Ms. Galactopus changes direction randomly, drops babies at random intervals. Bonus Stage 3: Babies take 2 hits to kill. 4: Ms. Galactopus moves down if she reaches the edge of the screen 3 times without being shot. Bonus Stage 5: Babies zig zag as they move down the screen 6: Ms. Galactopus dodges your shots Bonus Stage 7: If you hit a baby when it is still being carried by Ms. G., it gains an extra hit point, up to a maximum of 4. After that, Ms. Galactopus continues to start each wave closer to the bottom of the screen and the number of babies increases, but nothing else changes.
  10. Thanks for choosing Ms. Galactopus for the HSC. I hope everyone enjoys playing it! There's a PDF of the manual attached to this post, but if you don't feel like reading it, here's the gist: Stop Ms. Galactopus and her brood from penetrating the Earth Defense Shield (the blue line under your ship) and destroying the earth. A set number of babies will attack, one at a time, each wave. Every time a baby hits the shield, it weakens. After 5 hits, the shield disappears and the next baby to get past you will reach earth and the game will end. Shooting Ms. Galactopus moves her closer to the top of the screen. Push her all the way to the top to finish the wave. Scoring: Shoot Ms. Galactopus: 100 points Shoot a baby galactopus: 25 points. At the end of each wave you'll get a bonus based on the amount of shield you have left and the number of baby galactopuses remaining. Tip: Drive Ms. Galactopus away as quickly as possible The more babies left when you finish a wave, the bigger your bonus will be. Ms Galactopus Manual.pdf
  11. I still haven't made the game that was the idea that got me wanting to learn to make an Atari 2600 game. I'm still building my way up to it. With each game I make I learn something new and get more confident in my abilities. And experimenting with things while learning has led to ideas I never would have had if I had just jumped in and tried to tackle my original idea from the start (and probably prevented a lot of frustration).
  12. That's usually the first game that comes to mind for me when someone says "name a weird Atari game." Mr. Postman is pretty trippy but kinda fun too. The actual gameplay in Deadly Duck isn't particularly strange, but you control a duck shooting at flying crabs that drop bricks on you, which is pretty weird.
  13. Begin grumpy old man moment


    If you're old enough to be grocery shopping on your own, you're too old to be wearing heelys.


    End grumpy old man moment

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      And why can't they leave their anti-gravity hover boards in their flying cars? Zipping all over the store like they own the place! Back in my day, we walked inside of stores and drove cars on streets. Now everyone is flying and hovering. Hardly anyone touches the ground anymore!

    2. doctorclu


      (Quietly closes browser looking for adult sized heelys...). :P


  14. Bumper Bash Demolition Herby Bank Heist Alien Eggomania Tapper Personally, I'd probably add Coleco and M-Network to the "well-known" list too.
  15. If you want to play them and support the creators, homebrews are absolutely worth collecting. If you want to make money, they probably aren't. Except for a few extreme cases (Boulder Dash, Princess Rescue) homebrew prices don't typically to go up because most of them are always available. No one's going to pay a reseller more for a game than they can buying it directly from AtariAge, Good Deal Games, Packrat, etc. Even with limited run games there's no guarantee the price will go up. It all depends on how much demand there is for a particular game. Since the homebrew collecting community is relatively small, often there aren't enough people trying to get a game to drive the price up. If you're looking to buy homebrews, go to the publisher sites first and buy from them when you can. That way your money goes back to the developers and the community.
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