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  1. A small update. I changed the scoring. Instead of being worth 250 points each, the astronauts are now worth progressively more each one you find (50, 100, 200, 400) and the value resets to 50 when you die. ShatteredEarth20210226.bin
  2. This may or may not count as "in the wild," but a few years ago I found a copy of a Hozer-made hack (I can't remember which one) in a tub of games at a retro game swap meet.
  3. That's one of the many problems with grading. Unless you're dealing with something super rare, all you're doing is falsely inflating the value by creating a fake sense of importance and handing over a bunch of money to do so.
  4. Asking $850 for something and actually getting $850 for it are two very different things.
  5. Just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Jim. Ohio is not in the midwest.
  6. I've shifted to focusing more on history as my collection has grown to the point where finding games I'm missing is more difficult (as is justifying paying the exorbitant prices those games command) but I still want to experience something "new." Learning the history of the games and the people who made them is one thing that scratches that itch.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Having lost several family members to cancer over the years, including my mother not long after I started working on Ms. Galactopus, I have to admit that I teared up a little while reading it.
  8. Pink Panther works on the UnoCart. There's a special ROM that works with the Harmony Cart, but I'm not sure if the original ROM works.
  9. There are quite a few. atariprotos.com is a good place to find info on unreleased games. If you're not as concerned with playing homebrews, the UnoCart and the PlusCart are other options for playing on original hardware. They'll play all of the original games, but aren't as compatible with homebrews as the Harmony Cart (they work fine with many homebrews, just not the ones that use extra hardware like DPC+). The PlusCart lets you connect to wifi and download games directly without having to copy them to an sd card.
  10. They've been able to get by without any for years, why would they change that now?
  11. I may have found a bug with the HSC Seaquest ROM. Several times a diver appeared but no sharks appeared to chase it. If the diver made it about 2/3 of the way across the screen, it would turn into the enemy sub shots. I haven't seen this happen in the standard Seaquest ROM.
  12. My PlusCart arrived yesterday and I've connected it to my WiFi and played a few games, but when I try to connect to my PlusStore account, this happens when I click toggle status: Did I miss a step somewhere? EDIT: Never mind. I just tried again and it worked. This is an awesome device. Can't wait to dig into the High Score Club!
  13. Can't be Pitfall Harry, he's third party. Obviously it's the Adventurer from Adventure dressed as a Pong ball. I would also accept the disembodied eyeballs from Haunted House.
  14. There have been games where I've found myself 45 minutes into the opening tutorial level with no end in sight and I've just shut the game off and never come back to it.
  15. I'm aware of that. I wasn't saying Tod Frye could've made Ms. Pac-Man in 4k. My point was simply that the best case scenario in 1982 would have been a game that looked a lot more like the Ms. Pac-Man port than Dennis Debro's, which would have been impossible at the time. It's pretty cool that it's now possible to do things in 4K that couldn't be done in 8K in the 80's.
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