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  1. Wichita WindSurge isn't a terrible name the same way New Orleans Baby Cakes was a terrible name, but it's still a terrible name.

    1. thanatos


      Watch out for the Cleveland Steamer!

    2. D Train

      D Train

      Baby Cakes was worse than terrible, it was tone deaf.  People hated it/were embarrassed by it.

    3. D Train

      D Train

      duplicate post.  arggh.

  2. Some do. But they probably all own and love Pitfall II, so don't listen to them. Use what you need to use to make the game you want to make. If that means 32K and an ARM co-processor, go for it. But it can also be fun to see what you can accomplish in 4K.
  3. One person did. Post #11. It's easy to bag on Donkey Kong. Only two screens. Ugly "gorilla." But it's a pretty amazing feat. A high resolution, asymmetrical playfield when no one was doing that. And no flicker. Plus, it's a fun game in short bursts. Coleco's reputation is worse than they deserve. Carnival is a very good port, it's just missing the bonus stage. Venture is solid. Frontline and Roc n' Rope are serviceable ports. Zaxxon is barely recognizable as Zaxxon, but is kind of a fun game in it's own way. The only real stinker is Donkey Kong Jr.
  4. There are a lot of Activision games I'm not a fan of (Barnstorming, Skiing, Dragster, Bridge, etc., etc) but they're all, purely objectively anyway, well-made games even if, subjectively, they don't appeal to me. I'd call Activision the most overrated developer, they made some great games but also a lot of mediocre at best games, but I'd save the title of worst for someone else.
  5. It's hard to single out one company. Data Age released three absolutely terrible games (Sssnake, Bugs and Airlock) but redeemed themselves somewhat with a couple of mediocre games (Bermuda Triangle and Journey Escape) and one pretty good one (Frankenstein's Monster). Similarly, Apollo and U.S. Games put out some real stinkers but released some pretty good games as well. Mythicon sold $10 budget games, so it almost seems unfair to expect them to be on par with "full-price" games. Froggo, Panda and Zimag just repackaged games from other developers, so you can't fully blame them for the quality of the games, though you can blame them for trying to cash in by re-releasing games that maybe shouldn't have been released in the first place. For all the grief Mystique gets for Custer's Revenge, Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em is a solid Kaboom knockoff if you can get past the subject matter and a couple of the Playaround games are pretty good as well. Ultravision maybe? They only released two games (Condor Attack and Karate), but they're both pretty bad.
  6. They should've made a special version of the game for the video that flashed BUY THIS GAME.
  7. Here's a gameplay video from when it was originally released back in 2013.
  8. 404 Page Not Found Is this the same quicky cash-in Polybius someone was selling at PRGE a couple of years ago or a new quicky cash-in Polybius?
  9. Found this: Interestingly, the next post in the thread is by you. Maybe you had this somewhere and forgot about it.
  10. This one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/AIR-RAID-Atari-2600-Video-Game-Cartridge/264515193706?hash=item3d96558b6a:g:TkcAAOSw5K5duJ6v Yeah, he never claims anywhere in the listing that it's real and it's a pretty obvious fake. I'm sure that'll play into his defense when he inevitably gets reported for selling a counterfeit. He could've at least spray painted it blue and glued a PVC t-handle to it...
  11. Many casual gamers aren't going to buy a console, no matter how "casual friendly" you make it. When they were buying Wii's by the bucket load, mobile gaming barely existed. Now there are tons for free or nearly free games that suit their needs and work on devices they already own, or they're still enjoying their Wii and see no reason to replace it. I don't think you're giving grandma enough credit when it comes to video games. Today's grandparents are our parents, who had video games in the house starting in their 20's and 30's and even if they didn't play games with us, at least saw enough of us playing to understand how video games work. Heck, even after it was just them in the house, my parents bought a PS3 and played Little Big Planet together and my dad got one of those fancy steering wheels for playing Gran Turismo. My parents may not be typical, but they're probably closer to reality than the hypothetical grandma of your examples.
  12. My girlfriend is about as casual of a gamer as there is and she loves Mario Kart on the Switch.
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