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  1. It's also arguably a piece of junk. The Retron isn't what you were hoping for, that doesn't mean it's garbage. A case could be made that it's the best option on the market among devices that allow you to play games on your TV using ROM images.
  2. Yet you're 100% enthusiastic (your words, not mine) about the Flashback Portable, which has an inferior emulator, inferior video output and build quality rivaling a Happy Meal toy.
  3. Yeah, I know it’s just a hack of Ms. Pac-Man and yeah, I know there are several homebrew ports out there, but lately Pac-Man Arcade has been my preferred way to play Pac-Man on the 2600.

  4. The Retron can also play games from an SD card and since it uses Stella, is compatible with a lot more games than the Flashback. And the Retron is upgradeable to make it compatible with even more games (Galagon, for example). Sure, it's fun to actually plug a cartridge in to play (when it's one that works), but I mostly just look at the Retron as a convenient way to play games in Stella on my HDTV.
  5. I’ve been binging The Simpsons, which I haven’t watched since “Who Shot Mr. Burns.” It’s been interesting seeing the flashbacks to young Homer and Marge move from the 70’s to the 80’s to the 90’s.


    I’ve also made the realization that when the show started I was a few years older than Bart. Now I’m a few years older than Homer.

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    2. KaeruYojimbo


      It amazes me how vividly I remember some of these episodes even though I haven't seen them in 25 years. Those first few years were some of the best TV ever made.

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @digdugnate   You are absolutely right to feel that way. I graduated in 1989, the year the Simpsons started showing on regular series broadcasts.  After watching all the shorts between commercials on the Tracy Ullman show in 88-89.  I was a huge fan from the beginning and didn't miss Sunday nights from season 1-12 or so.   Really the show started declining after about season 10 I'd say. By that time the writers at the show had undergone huge turnover and many of the original writers were not there.     Everything for the past 20 years has been for the most part crap and the show is a mere shadow of it's former self.

    4. GoldLeader


      I'm still a fan and never stopped watching...But if you're used to south Park (being offensive and poignant), or maybe the rapid fire pacing of Family Guy, or the smart, offensive bent of Rick & Morty...Well Simpsons hasn't done anything wrong IMO,...Just that other stuff is (at least) more attention grabbing.  I hate to say Better because I like them all for what they are,  and Simpsons still throws in jokes that come out of left field every so often and land in a funny peculiar way...Sometimes one after another in the best episodes.

  6. Has anyone here played Creature in the Well? I added it to my wishlist when it was released so I wouldn't forget about it, but never got around to buying it. Not a straight-up pinball game, but describes itself as "pinball inspired" and looks a bit pinball-y in places.
  7. Do you mean enemies just bouncing back and forth, or moving to the edge, dropping down and then moving to the other edge, etc? It seems like it would just be a matter of using a variable for the enemy direction and determining where the drop down point is. Something like: Somewhere before your game loop to initialize the enemy position. Use whatever variable you have available. x = 1 player1x = 15 player1y = 25 In the loop player1x = player1x + x if player1x = 140 && player1y = 25 then player1y = 50 : x = -1 if player1x = 15 && player1y = 50 then player1y = 75 : x = 1 if player1x = 140 && player1y = 75 then player1y = 25 You'll have to experiment a little to figure out what the best x and y values are, I just picked some numbers.
  8. Nice! I really like this so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. I have a couple of suggestions. First, vary the point value of the enemies, making faster ones worth more. Second, if those big rock things are supposed to be stationary objects you're riding past, they should move at the same speed when there are more than one on screen.
  9. I don't think I ever played it long enough to realize the moon even moved.
  10. There was some debate about this in one of the other threads. I know they think they aren’t for whatever reasons, and some people here give them special status because they’re former Activision programmers, but they’re pretty much doing what AtariAge does, which is produce commercial quality games for a no-longer commercially supported console, and AA is considered homebrew. If they’re doing this as their primary source of income and not as a hobby or side hustle, microbrew might be an appropriate term if you want to stick with beer analogies.
  11. Yeah, thinking about it, the main reason Dragonquest Builders worked for me is it's a game I'd probably enjoy without the building, so it didn't matter as much that it was very limited and the free building mode felt like an afterthought. If building is your main interest, I can see why you wouldn't like it. I had high hopes for that one too, but I completely gave up on free building after trying it once and I lost interest in the exploring/missions part after a couple of worlds. I also tried Portal Knights, but building is even less a part of that game than Dragonquest. In the end I just come back to Minecraft because it seems to have the best balance.
  12. Have you seen Dragonquest Builders? It’s not as blocky as Minecraft, has a pretty good story mode to play through or you can just build stuff.
  13. Actual quote from my girlfriend: "I love dogs. I just don't want to live with one." Back to the subject, I'll give a game I didn't initially like another try or two if the overwhelming opinion is that it's good, but I won't force myself to keep playing it if my opinion doesn't change. But I sometimes do that with games that are overwhelmingly considered bad too, just in case everyone else is wrong .
  14. I'm interested if you still need people.
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