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  1. My office is on a one way street. Two days in a row now I've heard honking and looked out my window to see someone driving the wrong way.

    1. Albert


      I can relate, as I used to work in an office building on 6th Street in Austin, a fairly busy, one-way street.  Every now and again I'd hear cars honking, look out my window (which faced the road) and see some idiot going the wrong way against the flow of traffic!

  2. Unless your comment or post is not sufficiently sycophantic, in which case it will be deleted and you will be banned. Just like that other VCS page. I expect I'll only get one post before I'm banned, so I'm saving it for a good one.
  3. Maybe not ethics, but Apple did have an established track record of actually making things. Functioning things. Something Fredtari lacks. Someone really need to explain the difference between a hater and a pragmatist to Dubs and the Pigeon Patrol. Wanting Atari to prove they can make what they promise before lavishing them with praise and handing them fistfuls of money isn't hate, it's rational behavior. Something they obviously aren't familiar with.
  4. It's not 100 percent people trashing something they don't actually have. It's 50 percent people trashing something they don't actually have and 50 percent gushing over something they don't actually have!
  5. Just setting them up to take the blame if (when) it tanks.
  6. I was focusing on games, not movies. But I admit, I oversimplified. I don't work in the industry, and I freely admit that I'm mostly talking out of my ass. The post I originally quoted emphasized the "PHYSICAL cost of making the game" as being the reason a new release on disc costs $60 and the point I was trying to make is that most of that cost is what has to happen to get the game to the point where it can be sold, costs that are the same regardless of whether that game is sold as a physical or digital copy. EDIT: As I think about it more, retailer markup is also a piece of that $60 price tag, but I don't know if a console's online store is any different than Wal-Mart or Gamestop to a third party developer. One day I'll learn my lesson and just keep my mouth shut when I don't know what I'm talking about.
  7. Manufacturing a CD/DVD/BluRay costs next to nothing, especially taken as part of the cost of a piece of software. Most of the cost of a game (at least a big AAA game) is paying the salaries of the hundreds of people who spent a year or more developing it (and the executives who took credit for it).
  8. Biff's games all look like something Shockwave.com would've politely declined fifteen years ago.
  9. I take that back. It appears I have been banned. I'm not able to comment on any posts. I was kind of hoping there'd be something in my notifications, but I guess not. Fortunately, I saved a screen grab of the offending post (I learned from the best, @Flojomojo). My first, and it would appear only, post on the VCS page. Done in one!
  10. I'm dying to know what important social media influencer banned you, but I don't get why you posted a pic of the VCS Facebook page. Speaking of the VCS Facebook, my comment on the Jack Black pic calling them "Infogrames Masquerading As Atari" seems to have vanished, but I didn't get banned. Also, anyone know who's behind this?
  11. Imagine how excited VCS owners will be when they start up their new un-console for the first time and see all their options!
  12. Tens of thousands of dollars? Maybe we should be nicer to Dubs. Considering how low Atari stock has gone, he might be the majority owner.
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