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  1. so my daughter's friends came over today for the first time in months, and I recently hit an amazing lynx score (the stuff in the market place is actually less than half the score save the systems, the rest I'm keeping)

    and the older boy wanted to play games, I asked if he wanted to try out some multiplayer, he wanted to so while holding the lynx 2 I asked do you want the big one or the small one, he says the small one, 

    so I hand him the lynx 2, and he says wait what? then I take out the lynx 1 and his jaw drops.

    Then we played some of the lynx multiplayer games, battle wheels sure is  fun, as is xenophobe (probably the best xenophobe) and we had some laughs at pit fighter 

    1. Sauron


      If you have Warbirds that one is tons of fun to play multiplayer as well.

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