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  1. teaching students about the value of insulation, 

    along with taking advantage of a 401k and the power of  compound interest I'd say it is my most important lessons

    1. Austin


      Lessons I wish I learned when I was younger.

  2. Even though it was unreleased I'd have to go with sweat , I'd say the entire super charger library is really impressive double dragon, commando, rampage and kung fu master's ambition seems impressive to me
  3. I generally like atari's picture label games because they have nice art, but I find that nice text on the text labels appealing as well

  4. I like the blue they used on the sega cd box
  5. does this one have music too?
  6. I wonder how many 2600s have been modded  in dome way

    1. save2600


      Inserting cartridges might be tricky with a dome sitting atop it! 

    2. malrak


      At least 3.

    3. GoldLeader


      For me,  1 in 4.  (So far).

  7. I have a channel f board with (probably) bad ram, and a channel f with unknown problems, most of the chips are socketed, I might be able to fix it.
  8. I think I have a parallel port interface
  9. how about all of the games priced 10 dollars or less for 80+shipping?
  10. I seemed to have misplaced my gakken tv boy... I wonder how many times that  phrase has ever been said in English

    1. GoldLeader


      I was gonna have fun with my TV Boy! ...And after that maybe I'll play some video games 😉

  11. I'll take offers on everything but the console set as I think it is a really good deal
  12. so are any of the games on your release going to join Football and have anything resembling music, cause that title screen sure looks like it would go nicely with some
  13. finally bought a limited run game, I'll take river city girls on a card

  14. I wouldn't say anything is lame, Rare stuff only comes from 3 things, buying it back in the day, lucking out and finding a cheap one, or dumping a bunch of money on it. Not really an accomplishment. though I will tell you finding something super rare is quite a lot of fun
  15. got a huge intellivision lot today, unfortunately no new games (granted new games can't really happen unless it is learning fun 2 or spiker's) but I got to upgrade some games to CIB and got some sears box variations

  16. prices do not include shipping, from the US first up, intellivision model 1 in box tested and working, both controllers are good includes about 30 complete/boxed games (plus 2 cart onlys) basically all the games in the picture with the boxed system are included, 100 (includes the 29 complete/in box games in 1 pic on the couch, includes vectron with manual and reversi with manual,also the extra add has treasures) individually priced games super pro decathlon, with box, but something about the box doesn't sit right with me (texture and stock doesn't match my other late intellivision games or my personal copy of super pro's box, but I bought it like a decade ago so maybe it was just from a different print run so maybe it is authentic,), so consider it cart only 35 thin Ice cib 35 thunder castle cib 35 hold shark shark, no manual 20 super pro footbal cib 20 super pro basketball cart only 10 world championship baseball cart only 5 championship tennis 5 dracula cib 40 donkey kong jr cib 30 zaxxon cib 20 beam rider cib 25 except no insert locomotion 10 mission x 10 dreadnougth factor cib 35 tower of doom cart and manual 25 hold world series baseball cart only 30 mr basic cart only 5 I'll parse this shortly Triple action complete in box rough $1 space Spartans complete five major league baseball complete one Tron maze a tron complete five Astro smash no overlays one Donkey Kong complete one rough bump and jump complete rough box 5 poker and blackjack complete one poker and blackjack complete one space Battle complete 3 sea battle very rough complete one frog bog very rough complete 2 Tron deadly discs rough complete 3 snafu no manual 3 microsurgeon complete 10 tennis complete one Mission X Komplete 10 Nova bat last complete time microsurgeon complete 10 dragon fire complete 10 Donkey Kong complete 3 Atlantis complete 5 ad&d complete five hold Star Wars complete five Carnival complete 3 demon attack complete 5 burgertime complete 5 mousetrap complete 2 ad&d the treasures at arum Carmen complete 10 hold Motocross complete 10
  17. eli's ladder other than that a few of the late neo geo games like matrimelee and sengoku 3 (my brothers said it was silly to spend 125 dollars on a game, I told him we should buy more copies of them)
  18. well when the run is ready, make sure my name is on your list, if you need any cartridges I have like 10 or so spare commons.
  19. I have tons of stuff I need to sell, ebay made listing with the app unnecessarily difficult just because it doesn't let you use the flash with the camera anymore.

  20. got back from the flea market today, got a mountain  of 7800 games, nothing new for me (I have the complete library) but I got fatal runs box and manual out of the deal, so I should turn a profit and got one major box out of the deal (plus some less substantial ones) plus there was some sort of expansion card selector in the box, anyone hear of a comp bh-1 or know of an 80s computer  company with a cube containing 3 p's as a logo?

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    2. masschamber


      I do thoroughly scour flea markets, garage sales, junk stores etc,

    3. AAA177


      What is the best way to search for flea markets in any given area? Is there a website dedicated to something like this? And is there any way to narrow down ones that have older games for sale, perhaps even by system? 

    4. masschamber


      my main rule is talk to every seller that has reasonable prices or stuff from the era, you'd be surprised out how many times I've  gotten flea  market sellers to bring the games they have next time, by talking to them.  Other than that, hit everything

  21. my daughter has decided that when she is annoyed with me she'll exclaim "Daddy, you're impossible!"

    I think that is a funny thing for a 3 year old to say

    1. Blindseer42


      She should play Battletoads lol

    2. digdugnate


      they are so awesome when they're young like that.  I have stories about my kids for days!  Enjoy these times :)

    3. save2600


      Kids *can* be cute. Too bad they grow up!  🤣

  22. if space destroyer has ram chips then that seems like a possible culprit as that is exactly what ram issues looked when I had a bad ram,
  23. bought a copy of xenophobe 2600 from venezuala several years ago, arrived today.  Never saw that  coming

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    2. ChildOfCv


      Hmmm. Well, that beats the 433MHz remote I bought from Shenzhen in June, that arrived last week.  According to tracking, it made it to LA in July, BTW.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      Well, I ordered a Thunder Force 3-in-1 cart from a Chinese seller a year and a half ago and it still hasn't arrived. I did get refunded though. lol

    4. Shawn


      It would be fun to see pics of the date stamp on the postage.

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