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  1. picked up a atari flashback 2 today, not amazing or anything, but I still like it.

  2. so I went to gamestop to trade in a bunch of wii games (seriously game stop currently pays way too much for a bunch of nintendo first party wii games) but behind the counter there are copies of final fantasy 8 and resident evil 3, I ask did someone trade it.  the guy said some couldn't get anything and asked them to toss them for him.  He asked if I wanted them and I was like oh yeah I do

    1. joeatari1


      Good save!


      Safe GIFs | Tenor

  3. the track "que sera sera" from katamari damacy does a wonderful job of calming my infant daughter, when nothing else seems to work though she'll stay calm through lonely rolling star as well , she might cry more after but those 10 minutes are bliss

    1. digdugnate


      Katamari Damacy in general had a really neat soundtrack.  Our kiddos were pretty small when we owned a copy on the PS2; it seemed like they dug the soundtrack.


      It's cool to hear that it helps your kidlet! :)

  4. so a constant low baller messaged me on ebay mad that I blocked them from bidding/sending offers.

    1. joeatari1


      Damn it man!  Why'd you block me!  I really want that Neo Geo AES for $100!  You gotta sell it while you can, nobody else gonna bid on this thing.

    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      heh, imagine that, an auction site where people bid low or attempt to get a low price. man... ban them all. Only Big Coin rich COLLECTION graded people should exist there!!! [email protected]@k super duper RARE VINTAGE HIGH BALLERS only need press that button!!!   How dare poor peons plead a case or DARE to attempt to haggle and deal    :)    The shear audacity of a person to even consider an item could possibly be less than msrp or asking price more than once!  Maybe just don't set up best offer, or state the price is firm, perhaps setting a reserve or higher starting price... you know, like it's been done on other auction, bid, or sales platforms going back to the classifieds in the newspaper days. Maybe it costs a couple pennies more or some sort of fee to set it up that way, THUS causing a person not willing to pay for that set up to field such atrocities !!!   Did I nail it? Did I get the perfect ranter of the year award?  Armies of Low ballers unite and Make ebay Cheap Again. :mwah ha ha ha ha!!  evil laughter !!!  The MeCA movement lives!! Make eBay Cheap Again!     OK, I think I get the Academy Award now... thank you thank you!  I'd like to thank....

    3. thanatos


      I hope he wasn't wanting any HOLY GRAIL!s or LAUNCH EDITION!s


      So you can still get messaged if you block a bidder?   That seems odd.



  5. SO I picked up a 360 at the salvation army, tested it, worked, good, but just booted whatever lego game that was in the drive.

    Go to try something else, bam parental lock.  I tried microsoft's reset solution, no dice.  I go in for one final try , randomly mash the buttons with my eyes closed, open them and there it was the parental control settings.  Suffice to say I disabled them all promptly

    also I picked up an hd 4:3 tv from sanyo, kind of neat

  6. https://www.ebay.com/usr/daus-s3vdae8h4 generally I'll take about 25% off my asking my price on ebay if you want to deal directly here, I'll generally go about 40% off my ebay prices
  7. I found an addams family cd-i movie in the slip case while looking through a box of stuff, I'll take it as a silly excuse to hook up my cd-i 

    1. Frozone212


      I hope you bought lots of spaghetti


  8. I hate sergio leone's movies, I'll just watch a few minutes I say, then several hours have passed.

  9. Like the titles says, hockey of the lynx 13 shipped, I'll have a pic up shortly, but not much to see, it's a cart only copy of hockey
  10. a warning light came on on my car, oh it's a good one, 

    low battery for the tire pressure sensor

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    2. x=usr(1536)


      Those aren't oil leaks.  It's just marking its territory :-D

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      sea foam shouldn't be in there for too long

      it's a game of cleaning 'just enough'

    4. x=usr(1536)


      Re: Sea Foam: one-third of the can in the tank, one-third of the can down the intake, and one-third of the can in the crankcase about 100 miles before doing an oil change.  That's been my usual strategy for years, and it seems to work well.

  11. shipped to the US c64 carts 28 shipped for the lot clowns omega race donkey kong radar rate race story machine visible solar system vic 20 carts on hold 35 shipped for the lot adventure land voodoo castle cosmic cruncher pinball jupiter lander alien 2 copies donkey kong plus sargon chess 2, unpictured Ti-99/4a carts 35 shipped moon patrol pole position super demon attack ti invaders x3 moon mine foot ball parsec car wars munchman early learning fun x2 household budget ti writer both combined (ti and vic 20 carts) 60 shipped
  12. Picked up a microvision with 4 games yesterday for 13 dollars at a flea market, works too, now I can rock on to the first 4 bars of anchor's away when I start up sea duel

    1. Rogerpoco


      I want to live where you live, and go to the places you go, ten minutes before you get there.


  13. picked up atari corp blackjack, might not be a new game but at least it is a picture label and a hard to find one as well.

  14. glad you took them, always sweet to get something to someone that wants it rather than be forced to toss it.
  15. gets tossed thursday night, if anyone wants them, let me know
  16. that certainly would be an unlikely situation , like I don't know if it would even be possible
  17. ships from New York, shipping not included intellivision 2, working good controllers with an atari 8 bit psu, intellivoice, and all the pictured games with it (I forget what they are but they'll be in the picture) 50 tower of doom 25 turbo 40 Snap on sticks 15 Channel f buttons 10 lot of 2600 games, all pictured 30
  18. man korea's ban on japanese imports resulted in some of the best stuff (topped by brazil, but that's only because how absolutely nuts brazilian clones get) plus everyone should remember, korea is ntsc so those of us in the US can actually enjoy the stuff. When I was in korea I showed my students an original atari and played it a bit. They thought it was the best thing ever. man I miss teaching there.
  19. I recently picked up a lot of stuff that had a bunch of mmo retail packages, complete in box wow base+first 3 expansion in retail packaging, everquest evolution and everquest 2, in full retail packaging, ultima online retail disks of 1, 2nd age and 3rd dawn everything is in really nice condition, but given they're mmos not exactly useful doom 3 and resurrection of evil are also included, doom 3 is disks and case, resurrection of evil is complete going to see if anyone want these before I toss them, all or nothing, but the weight gets pretty high like 7 pounds or so, in New york, so nearby it will be 12 dollars to send them all , but further across the country and we are looking at a large flat rate box gets the best price to places like california and Washington at 20
  20. shining force cd is great, eternal champions cd is great
  21. picked up a box of ds/gameboy stuff at a garage sale today, most of the cases turned out to be empty (no big deal as it was cheap) but it had zelda minish cap (real not a boot) and zelda oracle of seasons so really nice stuff to add to my collection

    then pokemon black 2 sealed! yeah I'm going to be  selling that, 

    1. jhd


      I have encountered people (and stores!) selling empty game cases before. That is why I always check before I make my purchase. I'm happy that you found at least something worthwhile. 

    2. masschamber


      believe me i always check cases at stores but this was 25 bucks with a ds and minish cap, it was already golden

      but yeah at like the salvation army or a thrift store, always check cases, as a good chunk of the time they are empty

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