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  1. Ralph, Thanks for all the hard work. My email has been sent. Randal
  2. I had a similar experience when I was 17. I worked after school and on weekends so I could get mine. I remember that mine came with a special rebate after buying the console and two cartridges I got the Speech Synthesizer for free in the mail - direct from Texas Instruments! When that synthesizer came in the mail my heart stopped I heard the first spoken words. What I learned from this sent me on a career path of speech recognition ultimately working for a speech recognition company. Now, this is so much fun and delight to know that so many people are still very interested in the TI computer and supporting it with new hardware peripherals. This is place makes social networking fun.
  3. Based upon your advice I dug around my garage to find my old (non-working) C64. To my delight I found it, inside were the cables and found that the C64 already had a DIN connector, exactly like the TI, with a composite video and audio plug. No further out of pocket expense and it works beautifully. Thanks again all.
  4. Great responses! Thanks for the advice, now let me see what I can do.
  5. Advice needed; I've installed my new F18A and I am amazed how well it looks. My question is now how to get just the audio out? I still have the RF Modulator that came with the computer if I need to hack into that. What I would like to do is connect it to the audio jack on my speakers. How are you getting the audio out after you have installed the F18A? Let me add that I have the RF Modulator connected to a TV but no sound.
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