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  1. I know someone had a quantity of these on Ebay in 2008. Any know where they came from/what they came with?
  2. Anyone seen these before? I have APBA Backgammon, Space Battle and Space Hawk.
  3. Excited to mark some of these off my list!
  4. I am 11 orphans away from have all 125 CIB. I also need Fathom overlays and Congo Bongo manual. World Series Baseball, Hover Force, Slap Shot SP Hockey, Spiker (have manual), Stadium Mud Buggies, SP Decathlon, Thin Ice, Tower Of Doom, Championship Tennis, Turbo, Venture.
  5. Thanks John! I've had all 125 for like 8-10 years I was just double checking today. Should have picked up the remaining boxes back then when I thought they were too expensive, lol.
  6. I just put my games in to CMart 125 checklist order and I was freaking out for a minute because I thought I didn't have the ECS Baseball game and thus not all 125. I do though, just a loose cart with a World Series Baseball label. I think I need about 10 boxes or so to have all 125 complete. Of course one is Spiker!
  7. Still in my possession but I've been working on a trade for awhile. I'll let you know if for some reason it becomes available.
  8. 4jays? I think they are in the Bay Area.
  9. Glad you are coming back Al. Super excited for the show!
  10. Mine was missing some parts because the tube wasn't taped shut and I never received them after Rev Rob siad he would send them.
  11. Asking $375 + shipping. Tested and working, excellent label and cart.
  12. OK, I definitely know who you are then. Not sure I ever had you matched up with your AA name.
  13. I know you online and I'm sure I know who you are in person but I have yet to match those things up. Introduce yourself again next time we see each other. Lol, I should have said it is my name backwards and robotized!
  14. I really need to inventory and photograph my collection better. I just never find the time. I eat to get a bunch of those box protectors too. I have my Intellivision collection out on a bookshelf but most of my other collections are just in file boxes. Games take up so much more room when they are ony one deep on a shelf. I'm putting my house on the market this weekend actually and the looking for something bigger. My girlfriend has a massive collective of vintage rubber face plush toys and other stuff so we need a large house to display our stuff.
  15. An ex of mine came up with it a long time ago. I like it too. It's been my name on Ebay and video game forums for years.
  16. In my experience getting a FDS to function correctly is much more complex than just replacing the belt. The motor speed may need to be adjusted and the head needs to be lined up just right. The disks often don't work and sometimes have been recorded over with a different game. I decided to part with my collection last year because it was just too much trouble. I've owned maybe 10 disk systems and spent hours upon hours tinkering with them. Never again!
  17. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/calif-serial-killer-richard-ramirez-dies-19349065#.UbIf0etlQ7A
  18. Awesome collection. I really need to get some of those box protectors too.
  19. Congrats! Nice stuff that you don't often see for sale.
  20. The ones I remember seeing on EBay years ago were bagged like that with a bag just bigger than the manual. I can't remember if mine was sealed in a bag or not but it isn't now. I have just the cart and the manual. Mine has the full game name on the label.
  21. Thanks! I had a chance at the others too but I probably shouldn't have spent the money I did, lol. Trying to sell my house and buy a bigger one soon. I need a basement to fill with arcade games and other awesome junk.
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