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  1. I also have a dom inside my 386.works great.
  2. Back in the day when the gus came out, i couldnt afford one but got two friends who did. One had a Gus classic the other one a Gus ace. Think he still has the Gus ace. I already told him not to get rid of the card because of its rarity. A few years ago I found 2 unknown green Gus clones. After years someone at vogons forum posted this about my card, (traded on for a sb awe32 with memory expanded and 2 voodoo2 12mb cards) User peklop wrote Little more info. I finaly found UltraWave specifications. In archived pages is not link from main product site, but still is hyperlink from different products, from ALS cards: page named 3D SOUND about True 3-D holographic sound with our RAM-BASED 16-bit multimedia wavetable synthesizer card http://web.archive.org/web/199701120501... -sound.htm Found older deleted Product page with only 3 ALS cards and 2 waveblasters but still with GUS: http://web.archive.org/web/199701120459... d&b-pd.htm d&b-pd.htm , d&b products Check new logo. J.J.L , again different company name? Image At main 1997 website is Ultra Wave deleted in prodct list. But when i go to any of six ALS based cards: http://web.archive.org/web/199706180654... 0wave.html Official specifications from website: ULTRA WAVE CARD True 3-D holographic sound with our RAM-BASED 16-bit multimedia wavetable synthesizer card * A Microsoft Windows Multimedia (MPC-II) sound card for music, multimedia and business applications. * RAM-based wavetable synthesis allows reproduction of an unlimited number of sounds with incredible accuracy. * It sounds far better than other low-priced cards; one of the easiest to install. * Support full-package drivers for Windows, DOS, utilities, lengthy demo programs, popular games and CD title. * A sound card for games, supporting Roland MT-32, Roland Sound Canvas, Adlib Sound Blaster and UltraSound games for the best. * A digital sound card capable of simultaneous recording and playback, with up to 32 simultaneous digital channels, full-mixing capabilities, and built-in interface IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM drive. * Optional BIOS for LBA function to control IDE channel one (primary address) and channel two (secondary address), so even older mainboards can support HDD larger than 528MB. * Full 16-bit general MIDI patch set comprising 192 instruments and sound effect. * Full 16-bit CD quality sound and 16-bit DMA to transfer sound data for recording and playback. * 16-bit stereo playback and 8-bit recording up to 44.1 KHz. * 8/16-bit playback in all Windows 3.1 WAV formats (i.e., 8-bit, 16-bit, mono, stereo, 11025 Hz, 22050Hz, 44100 Hz, 48000Hz). * Software setup for DMA, IRQ and game ports; enhanced joystick speed and sensitivity. * Full MIDI IN/OUT capabilities. * Plays WAV, MID, RMI, MOD, SND, ULT, POP and other sound files. * True 3-D holographic sound.
  3. I hacked a a500 keyboard to use it as a keyboard for my cd32. It works great. I can connect it directly to the cd32. You need to recap some audio caps, since they come installed wrong at the factory. You could swap the floppy drive with a gotek drive for ease of use.
  4. Need to find me a cpc-464. We had a Schneider version as our first homecomputer. I did find a gx4000 a few years ago and bought a flash card for it. Love that system.
  5. I wouldnt turn down a system. I have a soft spot for the underdog/failed consoles. I really like my cd-I it has the biggest library of games after my 2600 collection. I love my gx4000, because our first home computer was the cpc464. Amiga cd32 love it. Videopac yes.
  6. I never got the ace, but i always wanted one. Had a friend that bought the ace to put it alongside his sb16. Like you said best of both worlds.
  7. As a console the PS1 was also the first gamesconsole i bought in 1996 i think. I did buy a Sega Game Gear in 1994, but that's a handheld. Bought it because i was getting sick having to upgrade my pc every so often. I was doing a internship at a big electronics company. Got it from the money i got working there. Bought Ridge Racer, destruction derby and Croc as my first titles. In 1994 i did a internship in the UK and played Ridge Racer a lot in the arcade. So having it home on the console realy made me happy. I think i only bought about 15 games new back then. I don't really collect much for the system so i only have 31 games for the system now. Every so often i buy a title when it's cheap.
  8. Not a thrift find, but i got some games from an old collegue of my. All amiga cdtv and cd32 games and edutainment.
  9. Would love to get me a cpc464. It was our first homecomputer, the Schneider version that is. I have a gx4000, so i can play some cpc464 games that dont use the keyboard a lot.
  10. I did own a cdtv, but not back in the day. I sold it last year because i already have a cd32 and needed the money to buy a new mountainbike. I did upgrade the cdtv with a mod that allowed me to use normal amiga joysticks and mouse on the system. Didnt need it for the mouse since the system i had was pretty complete with a black mouse, keyboard and external black floppy drive. Since the cd takes up a bit of memory, you couldnt run 1 meg games on the system without a hack. I added a switch to the system that disabled booting the cd-rom rom into memory at startup, so the system booted straight into 1.3. It is a fun little system, but expansive and not easy to expand. If all you want to play is cdtv games, you would be better of buying a cd32. If you want to play a500 games and some cdtv games, you could also buy a a500 with a external cdrom, and you have a cdtv, without the hifi look.
  11. Any amiga mouse will work. I use a old amiga 500 keyboard as a keyboard when i boot a amiga 500 games bundle disc. Its a nice little system. I used to own a cdtv, but since i also had a cd32 i have sold it off since the cd32 can play cdtv games without any problem.
  12. My first upgrade to my philips p2230 12.5mhz 80286 was a 256k vga card. The monitor i needed i bought half a year later. Next upgrade was a adlib compatible soundcard. The last upgrade to this pc was a 40mb harddisk, that had bad sectors between 20 and 30 mb. So it had 2 partitions. One 20mb partition and a 10 mb partition.
  13. A home build covox adapter. Great to see the faces of the Amiga guys when I walked into the computer club with a pc and a stereo system then hooking them up and playing mod files on it.
  14. Its winter time so time to spend more time on my retrocomputers. Recently I ordered a oled screen for my gotek. And it arrived yesterday. So with a hot cup of coffee its time to build it into the drive. I first flashed the gotek with Kierf flashfloppy bios. After that I attached the screen and tested the device. Satisfied with the result I started modding the case. Cut out the screen bezel to fit the larger screen. Should have measured twice, cut once , since it is a bit to wide. Had to remove to studs on the inside of the gotek case to get the screen flush to the front, and then used hot glue to secure the screen. I had a old HP thin client where I took out the speaker and hot glued it to the gotek case. Then I used a jumper wire to test the eject button function, since I wasnt sure if I needed it. The outcome was I need it. So I took a old dvd drive I had and took the eject button and the micro switch out of it. The micro switch was attached to a pcb. I just cut the pcb to a smaller size, measured the pins and soldered two wire to it. Used the old bezel as a template for the gotek drive. Drilled and filed the hole so the front button of the dvd drive fitted inside and had a little clearance to move without sticking. Used a small piece of plastic from the old bezel to get the button to the correct highed and hot glued it in place. Next mod, place the gotek into a external case and add a switched to the amiga so I can set the external drive as df0.
  15. Zx spectrum. Really love jet pac, pssst, great escape and knight lore.
  16. A Schneider CPC-464, our first home computer. Still missing in my collection.
  17. Nintendo didnt save anything, at least here in the Netherlands. I was a kid back in the day and i didnt hear of the NES years later after it hit the market. Why, we where all talking about homecomputers over here. They where the smarter buy, you could use it for other things then gaming. Although most never got used for something other then gaming. So the whole Nintendo saved gaming is heavily over exaggerated looking from a European stand point.
  18. The computer used in wargames in the bedroom is a IMSAI 8080. Not a prop, Wopr is a prop, but its a mainframe prop, not a home computer. I would thrust this site over wiki http://www.starringthecomputer.com/computers.html
  19. Altos series 5 has a 8 drive, Exidy Sorcerer , altair
  20. Looks really great. Nice work. Hope you dont mind that i posted a link to your project on the videopac . nl forum
  21. Luckily i have overlays for all my vectrex games, and i really like them. Like others say, you dont really need them in order to play a game, but they just make the game look more compleet. Also they have labels for the buttons, so you know what firebuttons do. I really like that.
  22. Did you order the cap kit form console5? Cant find a console9 shop. Need some cap kits for my 2 vectrexs, but shipping costs put me off. 27 dollar shipping is a lot for a little kit. Did find a supplier in Germany, but his cap kit costs 29 euro. Can order at console5 since i also need some c64 power savers, but those are out of stock at the moment.
  23. Had a bit of difficulty trying to figure out the power output of the power board since nothing is labeled. According to http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/hardware/power_supply.htmlthe board I have is the top one, the ti99 one. If you would then convert the pin out using the second psu board and the connector pin out down the page, I would have wired the psu wrong and had blown out the ram chips. Using the scematics on the page and trying to trace back the leads I was finally able to wire my ti to a pc power supply. And it works. Next I need to modify the rf modulator so I can use component video instead of rf.
  24. I prefer to use my a500 with 500kb expansion and gotek drive. I dont feel the need for adding a harddisk to my amiga, although i now that at least the games that spanned several disks could benefith because of the disk swapping. For 90% of the games i like to play this is a good enough setup. That said i did have a 1200, but sadly it was broken and i didnt want to sell out a lot of monet to replace it. I think my preffered setup would be a amiga 600 with a compact flash harddisk. Nice small form factor and ide compatible. My collection of amiga stuff used to include the a1000, nice looking machine, but in standard config to limited. A amiga cdtv, nice looking machine, but not compatible with normal amiga mouse and joysticks, expensive. A1200, nice machine but very expensive, low powered psu. A amiga cd32, with a keyboard, nice to load games of cdrom, but the drive mechanisme is a bit to fiddly. Also expensive. So price wish i think the a500 is the cheapest way to get into amiga gaming.
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